[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 1-2 First Impressions


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both Rong Zhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi.

Episode 1


The drama starts off with Chuyu interrupting the court telling the emperor how its unfair he has so many concubines while she only has one. The emperor agrees with her and gifts her pretty men. In the next scene the emperors two uncles are meeting with someone from jianghu to send someone to kill the emperor, which is Zhu Que.  On the way back Chuyu’s carriage, which is pulled by a bull gets out of control. Chuyu falls into the water while Zhu Que swims up to take her place.


The princess, who is replaced by Zhu Que wakes up to find a guy sleeping next to her.  Zhu Que questions who he is, he tells her hes Rong Zhi one of her menke and he was trying to keep her warm. Rong Zhi notices that the princess doesn’t remember anything so he leaves to call the physican to check if shes fine. The physican tells her she might of hit her head which caused the amnesia.


Zhu Que hosts a party to see all the menke in the manor. During the party two men are absent, both being sick. Liu Se starts to complain that its unfair Rong Zhi gets special treatment while the rest doesn’t. Zhu Que agrees with him and takes away that treatment, which shocks everyone. Liu Se then brings up the bull accident and the child that caused it. They test to see if the child was really innocent and Zhu Que lets the child go.


Zhu Que goes back to her room and finds a message telling her to hurry up and take charge of the manor. She then goes to Rong Zhi’s place and finds Heng Yuan and Jiang Yan talking in his room. Rong Zhi notices her and eavesdrop with her, she pretends to leave after realising Huan Yuan (the one who was absent at the party) isn’t sick. After she leaves they drop the act and reveal that they are plotting against the princess. The two tried threatening Rong Zhi to join them but he doesn’t want to, telling them even if the princess does find out nothing will happen to him.


After the two leave, Zhu Que jumps down from the roof with the help of  Yue Jie Fei and leaves. Rong Zhi notices that she heard everything. Zhu Que notices that there might be more men inolved in the plotting so she takes out all the information of these menke. She finds out that Huan Yuan is the son of a official from a previous regime, which makes him a criminal, while Rong Zhi’s information is blank.

Episode 2


Zhu Que cuts her wrist as an excuse for Rong Zhi to write for her. She gathers all the menke again and starts sending them away with written recommendation letters to other officials. Zhu Que sends Jiang Yan off, before he left he asks her to forgive Huan Yuan. She tells him that if she wanted to harm them she wouldn’t of let them go that easily.


Rong Zhi knows that Zhu Que wants to send the men who are plotting against her away, and at the same time attract those that remain. He tells her that she has changed, the old princess would’ve just killed them. After awhile, one of the men gives Zhu Que the names of all the people involved in the scheme in exchange for freedom. Using that, Zhu Que sends away the rest of the men only leaving a few who wants to stay. Huan Yuan accuses Rong Zhi of telling the princess, but he tells him he didn’t.


Zhu Que questions Rong Zhi why he doesn’t leave and he tells her because he is the one she like the best. He then reveals that he suspects that she isn’t the princess but then passes it off as a joke. Zhu Que enters her room and finds Mou Xiang lying on her bed and tells him to get out. Mou Xiang reports back to Rong Zhi telling him that the princess has changed too much. Both suspect that she is a fake.


Rong Zhi sneaks into Zhu Que’s room and finds marks on her bed and goes to question her. He starts listing all the changes in her but Zhu Que brushes it off stating hes saying nonsense. Rong Zhi then asks which clan shes from and that he won’t harm her if she tells the truth. Zhu Que refuses to say anything, which causes Rong Zhi to check her body for a injury mark. He sees the mark and she calls for Yue Jie Fei, who starts attacking Rong Zhi. Rong Zhi is injured but leaves after knowing that she won’t do anything to him. Zhu Que locks You Lan up for letting Rong Zhi in her room and lets Fen Dai (who is from the same clan as her) take her place.

iiangelx3: So far I am liking the drama and for some odd reason I really like Rong Zhi, so I’m really looking forward to how the two leads develope their romance. The drama is starting off pretty fast and so far theres only slight changes from the novel.

6 thoughts on “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 1-2 First Impressions

  1. Done with the first two episodes. I am really happy with them. I was laughing so much and I am glad they kept some of my favorite parts so far.
    Acting is good for an idol drama and I like both leads so far. It is a bit too bright but it is too be expected.

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  2. I really want to watch these episodes but no time so far I am only ten minutes in ;;;;;; maybe this weekend. I read positive reviews so far which made me excited. I am a sucker for these type of stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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