[2017 in Review] Top 10 TV ratings and Online Views


Ranking Dramas by Average TV Ratings

Rank Drama Average rating CSM52 (%)
1 In the Name of People 3.661
2 Nothing Gold Can Stay 2.564
3 Because of You 1.930
4 First Half of my Life 1.876
5 Nothing Gold Can Stay 1.756
6 Princess Agents 1.741
7 Ode to Joy 2 1.614
8 Ode to Joy 2 1.584
9  Love Actually 1.315
10 The General and I 1.314


Ranking Dramas by Online Views (higher than 10 billion)

  1. Princess Agents  >46.2 billion views
  2. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms >40 billion views
  3. In the Name of People >28 billion views
  4. Fighter of the Destiny >26 billion views
  5. Ode to Joy 2 >24 billion views
  6. The General and I >18 billion views
  7. Game of Hunting > 16 billion views
  8. The First Half of my Life >15.9 billion views
  9. Nothing Gold Can Stay >12.9 billion views
  10. Lost Love in Times >11.1 billion views
  11. Because of You > 10.7 billion views
  12. Detective Samoyeds (web drama) >10 billion views


* First column of numbers are average CSM52 TV ratings. The second one is douban TV scores and the last one is total online views as of November, 2017. This serves as reference for the TV ratings, as for the online views I used Vlinkage numbers. For the dramas that aired earlier in the year, the exact number of views won’t be known until Vlinkage releases their official list. I expect their numbers to be a bit higher than the ones I used, while the numbers for the dramas airing in the second half are very accurate.

** The Glory of Tang Dynasty would have made the list for online views if it was not split into two seasons. Both seasons combined have over 11 billion views, but this ranking does not combine seasons.

*** The other two big named dramas for 2017 are Tribes and Empires and Nirvana in Fire 2. In the long run, they will probably have high online views but we won’t know until next year.

I confess to starting a lot of these dramas, but I was only able to finish two and a half from this list. I was looking forward to most, but lost interest. Happy holidays!

6 thoughts on “[2017 in Review] Top 10 TV ratings and Online Views

  1. Lol. Like you, I think I started most of the dramas on the list but never got to finishing them. Ode to Joy 2 is pale in compared to the first season but still enjoyable. Still gotta finish Nothing Gold can Stay. But it was pretty good and funny from what I’ve seen so far. hahaha


  2. Wow Nothing Gold Can Stay and Ode to Joy occupied two slots each. I wonder if we removed one of their entries, which two other dramas would enter the list?

    Surprised with Love Actually doing so well even though it didn’t have much fanfare. Also, how is Nirvana in Fire 2 faring in online views? TV ratings seem to be very low.


    1. I dont know since ranking tracks all channels that air the dramas and those dramas aired on two channels simultaneously. So all lists with numbers that I saw included them.
      Joe Chen is the lead for Love Actually and her dramas usually get good ratings. It had bad reviews but people tunned in to watch.
      I believe only iqiyi has streaming rights for Nirvana so their numbers can seem slow when compared to other dramas that air on multiple platforms plus only 6 episodes are out. As of today, it has almost 1/3 of a billion. I think it will take a little over two weeks before it reaches its first billion. Unless it picks up pace. I would wait a bit to see how it is doing. I was pleasantly surprised by its quality so it could get some positive word of mouth.


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