Cosmo Beauty Ceremony 2017

A while back in the entertainment updates I’ve been covering the lineup and was determined to cover this event. Unfortunately, Dilireba Dilmurat cannot show up due to filming conflict. I think at least some folks did show up and they look awesome 😀

Celebrity Guest List: Chen Man, Chen Yan Xi (Michelle Chen), Chen Yi Han (Ivy Chen), Deng Lun, Gao Wei Guang, Han Geng, Han Qing Zi, Hu Yi Tian, Huang Bo, Huang Jing Yu, Hui Ruo Qi, Ji Ling Chen, Jiang Xin, Jin Chen, Jing Tian, Li Bing Bing, Li Qin, Lin Yun, Liu Jia Ling (Carina Lau), Liu Tao, Liu Yi Fei, Lu Yan, Pan Ye Ming, Qiao Xin, Song Wei Long, Tang Yan, Wang Kai, Wu Xin, Yan Xi, Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Yao Shan Shan, Yu Ming Jia, Zhang Bin Bin, Zhang Jun Ning (Janine Chang), Zhang Li, Zhang Tian Ai, Zhang Xin Zhe (Jeff Chang), Zhang Yun Long, Zheng Yuan Chang (Joe Cheng), Zhong Han Liang (Wallace Chung), Zhou Mi, and Zhou Yi Wei

As usual I can’t cover everyone. It was mostly awarding those in the fashion industry like most fashion-related festival/event. This particular event was on December 18, 2017 in Shanghai. I will be grouping everyone according to their names, sometimes who they showed up with, and carpet pics + some separate individual pics (only a few have them). I’ve tried to include the brand for some, but it’s bit hard and Cosmo weibo doesn’t really give me the brand names lol.

Anyhow, let’s get started! ^___^

Carpet (Before the Award Ceremony)

Yang Mi in Dolce & Gabbana

Jing Tian in Jenny Packham

Tang Yan in Reem Acra

Liu Yi Fei

Bridgette Qiao in SEEN

Janine Chang in Paula Ke

Li Qin in Vivienne Westwood (couture)

Wang Kai in Yves Saint Laurent

Michelle Chen

Mao Zi Jun

Jin Chen and Mike D’Angelo

Carina Lau

Li Bing Bing

Joe Cheng

Vengo Gao

Zhang Yun Long

Han Geng

Huang Jing Yu

Zhang Tian Ai

Lin Yun

Wallace Chung

Zhang Bin Bin

Wu Xin and Pan Weibo

Ji Ling Chen and Han Qing Zi

Song Wei Long

Zhang Li

Yuan Shan Shan

Chen Yu Qi

Hu Yi Tian

During Award Ceremony

So here’s a bunch of pictures taken of various stars in random order. If there is someone who showed up during the ceremony and was not mentioned before, I’ll list the person’s name.

Time to spot your favorite stars 😀

Ivy Chen

My Sunshine reunion!

Secrets Hidden by Time reunion as well~

If the pictures weren’t enough, here are some videos as well! Sorry for the weird titles, I’m trying to avoid being flagged for spam lol.

4 thoughts on “Cosmo Beauty Ceremony 2017

  1. So much prettiness in this one post! Thought Yang Mi’s and Liu Yifei’s dress fit them the most. Bridgette’s dress suit caught my eyes. It had an interesting design. unfortunately there’s less to look at in men’s fashion. hahah Zhang Vin looks dashing tho! >.<

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love that you tried to name the designers ! Much appreciated . I think that it’s important to wear the dress and not to let the dress wear you – case in point Yang Mi and Li Qin. The former lacks the attitude (imagine Wang Zi Wen in it) and the latter the stature. I thought Jing Tian, Tang Yan am Zhang Tian Ai looked good in their dresses – demure but not coy for JT, elegant and well tailored for TY and princess but not spoilt for ZTA. Lovely!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thought Yang Mi looked lovely in her dress for the individual photoshoots but yes she doesn’t seem that happy/confident during the ceremony. Li Qin needs more confidence too, I felt the dress overwhelmed her.
      I really like Janine’s hairstyle the most 😀


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