2017 Sina’s Best Performances Short Films

Every year Sina selects 10 outstanding actors and actresses to participate in their annual “Best Performances” films. This year the 10 selected actors and actresses are Huang Xuan, Zhao Liying, Zhang Yishan, Ni Ni, Lei Jiayin, Ma Li, Wu Xiubo, Pan Yueming,  Zhang Zhijian, Ma Yili. These actors and actresses participated in the making of 10 short creative films (with the help of 4 promising directors) at one minute each. The film was released on December 18th.

Zhao Liying and Huang Xuan’s video combined. Huan Xuan’s video titled “Wishing” and Liying’s video titled “See You Again”

(Can I just say…we need this couple to be in a drama together!!!)

Zhao Liying’s Interview

Zhang Yishan’s video titled “Did You See Yourself?

NiNi’s 1 minute video titled “Dissecting Yourself”

Lei Jiayin’s video titled “Mermaid Prince

Ma Li’s 1 minute video titled “If I’m Not By Your Side One Day

Wu Xiubo’s video “Walker

Pan Yueming’s video “Secret

Zhang Zhijian’s video “Sniper

Ma Yili’s video “Phone Call

Sorry I couldn’t embed all the videos to this post. Liying and Huang Xuan’s video was easiest to find on Youtube, the rest were not so easy so I just linked it to the site. Here’s the link to the all the Sina’s Best Performance videos and pictures if you want more.

I thought Liying and Huang Xuan’s video was most interesting. If they made a movie out of that, I probably would watch it! (or I could just be bias >.< ahahha) Ni Ni and Zhang Yishan’s video was a little eccentric. Interesting theme though.

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