[Discussion] Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Tribes and Empire: Storm of Prophecy aired November 21st. Starring Huang Xuan, Shawn Dou, Zhou Yiwei, Janice Man, and Xu Lu, this is a story of power struggle and prophecy (as the name suggests) between tribes.  This is one of the dramas that I most look forward to! Super excited to catch the first few episodes. =D I’m gonna try to do a recap for this drama but…. (Fingers cross) 80 episodes scared me. It’s been awhile since I try watching a drama that long.

You can watch the drama here on Youtube (un-subbed). Not sure if Dramafever or Viki is going going to pick it up  but hopefully some nice people will sub the Youtube version. I’m 2 episodes in and I like it so far. Especially with the tribal scenes and the subtle tribal customs that they so kindly throw in there. Can’t wait for the main story line to kick in. =D How is everyone liking it so far?

Opening Themesong

Official Trailer with English sub

Behind the Scenes

New Character Posters:

Minor Characters:

Gorgeous countdown posters:


24 thoughts on “[Discussion] Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

  1. I have to agree that there were many questions unanswered by ep.75 so there is definitely a need to 2nd part. I interested in SFHY’s storyline the most because the other 2 main leads’ storyline are a bit boring. The acting is superb tho. Zhou Yiwei’s SFHY was excellent. I was impressed with the young actors too. 🙂 I have to say so far in term of production quality (cinematography, ost…etc) like many said it can be considered one of the best. One of my favorite scenes is the battle scene between MuRong’s army and the normadic tribes.


  2. I’m very disappointed with this drama. I think if screen-writer had intention to write multiple plot-lines he should have made it proportionally which he didn’t and in fact it killed whole dynamics. I don’t enjoy when in the drama focus is being made on some charters for certain episodes and than they shift others. And even more, when they are background characters. I know that makes support for whole story but in this case it was just an unnecessary addition to the main plot. Who was That Man? We did know much thing about Pan Xi. Problem with that prophesy wasn’t solve. There are so many details that were overlooked and they just wasted that time on showing Muru cavalry scenes, Yue Li’s dramatization or ministers that nobody cares about. After 50-60 episodes I felt that they are tangled in sub-plots and side charters that left no room for main leads. I would close my eyes on all this if drama had culmination. I was waiting for it in final episode but felt it obviously not gonna happen. They just gave a start to new plot-line in the end and cut it up. I really think there should be more episodes but they had to cut ending for the sake of promotion.


  3. I too felt that the last few episodes had changed the tone somehow. It’s as if, the story took on a second life or they had lost direction or focus. It also felt that they were rushing to an ending, only unsure what ending they were rushing to. I too hope for a season 2 and a culmination of all the questions this series asked, yet failed to answer.

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  4. With Tribe and Empires-Storm of Prophecy-I was overwhelmed with “episodes 1-68”- felt mislead and devastated as to the “drama to end” with “such an ending” meaning all the articles, write-ups about the characters with actors and actresses plus 75 episodes (never ending this day & time) no sufficient evidence to support a “part 2” or s/b “2nd seasons” -the story “ending (lasts ep 69-75)” left an impression as to the writer and the director had a disagreement (or as if the writer ran away with the book & scripts) the director had to finish the last 7 episodes meaning it took a turn to “waste” (not worst, a waste of all that beautiful work done by the actors, actresses, stage sit-up etc. meaning a lot was involve making this storytelling)–hoping for a part 2 or 2nd season to this drama to “clean up the ending” -all my opinion/thanks to this site of discussions toward this drama


    1. I agree, this was a spectacular show and enjoyed all of it except for the last few episodes. I also felt that suddenly the story had taken a left turn and we were being led down a winding road to nowhere. Although the ending, did excite expectations of a season 2, I felt that the director/producers had lost sight of the bigger picture and had failed to satisfy the viewer. I was truly disappointed they had failed to finish even one of the storylines. So many unanswered questions and left us with nothing but frustration. Not a good frustration either.

      I know that separate seasons is something new to Asian theatre, but I’ve seen other dramas where they successfully concluded season 1 and did manage to satisfy the audience and set expectations for the season 2. Was such a big disappointment. I also watched the rating drop dramatically, all due to the ending as it was. Especially sad, when you consider the fine performances, costumes, and settings.

      I would like a season 2, but if I were one of the actors, who had to watch his/her hard work basically go up in smoke, I’d question any future involvement with that director.


    1. @Rosemarie Cola, you are not a long with this drama ending the sad part is 75 episodes and a wast of an ending meaning what really happen & as a drama watcher I know we (drama watchers) never hear the truth


  5. I fear it will be a drama that starts on a high note then fizzles out because of the cursed “flashbacks.” I have lost count of the number of times they showed the scene King stabbing his royal consort. Or the number of times they referred to the Mystical book.


    1. yes, it seems the director believe the audience has the memory of a gold fish. Hopefully someone will do a cut without these. They don’t last long, but the interrupt the flow of the drama a lot.

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  6. I saw the first episode and was pretty impressed with the graphics. I really liked the world in Novoland so I know I will like the world here. I am really happy the DF got rights to it. It is looking good so far ^^


  7. The tribal scene was so cool, everything’s AMAZING, loving the cinematography and how they captured certain moments, the fight scene and the kids turning their backs like and now curious about what happened to the little spirit child at the end.

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