Entertainment Updates: Sweet Dreams, In New York, The Great Expectation, Cry Me A Sad River, China Lifted Ban on K-ent

Lovely new stills from drama Sweet Dreams starring Dilireba and Deng Lun.

Hotel employee, Ling Ling Qi is a sincere, kind girl who’s always happy to lend a hand to others, but she also has low self-esteem, which has severely impacted her life, making her unable to do her best at work and fulfill her dreams. She’s also afraid to express her feelings for her colleague that she’s been harboring a crush on, Bai Hai. One day, Ling Ling Qi and Bai Hai takepart in a company’s high tech experimental bracelet test to improve sleeping patterns. During the test, the bracelet malfunctions, leading Ling Ling Qi’s electro brain waves to be keyed into Bai Hai’s dream sequence, which allowed Ling Ling Qi to enter Bai Hai’s dreams. Drama focuses on how the two characters help each other fix their own personal problems within their dreams and real lives.

Li Yifeng attended filming ceremony oversea in New York for his new drama “In New York with Maggie Jiang.

In New York, this fashionable international metropolitan city, countless people who each have their own dreams meet or miss each other every day. Xu Tian and Sheng Xia are two of them. Xu Tian’s big dream is to become a famous lawyer. He’s rough on the outside, meticulous in his thinking and eloquent and makes use of these talents of his to survive. Sheng Xia has opened a small clothes store inManhattan after graduating from university. She dreams of opening a store with her own designer clothes and her own brand name on Fifth Avenue one day and works very hard towards this goal. Sheng Xia has a boyfriend of three years who wishes to marry, but she always rejects him using her need to focus on her business as an excuse. In reality, he’s just not the right one for her. When Sheng Xia finally gets the chance to present her clothes in a fashion show, an accident happens and she unintentionally hurts Xu Tian in the process. From then on, the dreams of these two as well as their feelings are intertwined.

New stills for Chen Kun’s upcoming drama, 脱身者  )Lost In 1949 – tentative English name?).

More stills for the anticipated drama The Great Expectation starring Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng.

A small town man brings along his mother and his best friend to the big city to find work. Their temporarily lodge with an old buddy of his, who is at the time the center of conflicts between union workers fighting for their rights and unscrupulous bosses trying to crush their protests. The man learns to navigate the political landmines and climbs up the society ladder. Yet, he is privately dissatisfied withthe man he has become. He later finds a purpose in life and a cause greater than money and power.

Behind the scene for Chen Qiao En and Zheng Kai’s new drama, New Horizon.

New stills for drama Cry Me A Sad River starring Ma Tian Yu and Zheng Shuang

It tells the love story of childhood friends Yi Yao and Qi Ming. Major changes have been made to the original story of the novel which included heavy topics such as rape, teenage pregnancy and suicide. The drama will focus on the feelings between the couple instead.
(Source: CdramaBase)

Movie News

A glimpse into Louis Koo‘s new movie, Dynasty Warriors, and costumes during the filming ceremony.

Celebrity News

Yang Mi and Mark Chao reunited at Michael Kors- The Walk runaway party.

Yang Mi and Chiara Ferragni graced the cover of Vogue. 

Zhao Liying uploaded an adorable picture of her head as Ming Lan (from The Story of Ming Lan) on weibo stated “Ming Lan not Fat Lan”


In addition, Liying was announced as the new global ambassador for jewelry brand Longines! (Joining Eddie Peng as ambassadors)

Sun Li and Deng Chao wishes their son happy birthday with a strong face squishing kiss. (LOL!! Look at his face!)


Apparently it’s a family tradition. The daughter receives the same face squishing kiss too on her birthday last year. >.<


Sun Li and Myolie Wu reunited at the after party of some fashion show. The two were in the drama Nothing Gold Can Stay together. It’s nice to see them so close in real life! =D

Good new to those who are into K-entertainment, China finally lifted the Korean entertainment ban after the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) dispute almost a year back. For a little background, the ban not only prevented Korean entertainers from performing in China but also channels from broadcasting any Korean related news and events. Not only that, the government also made it harder for Chinese agencies to sale tour packages to S. Korea. The ban was seen lifted when the first K-pop girl group, Mamamoo, was seen performing at the Sichuan and the show  was broadcasted on TV channels. With the lift, many Chinese channels are now contacting South Korea entertainment industry for a list of dramas and variety shows to import! This means that some dramas with Korean actors that were put on hold might actually see the light of the day now. =D

More info (Huffintonposst)

Image result for mamamoo


6 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Sweet Dreams, In New York, The Great Expectation, Cry Me A Sad River, China Lifted Ban on K-ent

  1. I think they shouldn’t change Cry me a sad river, this would be a good drama to talk about taboo issues but😩 Sweet dreams sounds lovely😍 Tong Liya looks gorgeous/handsome and I cant wait to see her again ❤ also need Mark and YM & ZLY and Eddie in another/dramas

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yuck as Chen SIcheng

    Why adapt a story that you are going to completely change@ Ma Tianyu and Zheng Shuang’s drama? they are just going to turn it into a boring romance.

    Zhang Han was the biggest victim of the Korean ban with 4 dramas unable to see the light of day. What was the drama that they aired after they digitally replaced the lead female? People were complaining it was like watching a ghost story.


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