TengXun’s 2018 TV Drama Lineup

One of Minglan’s set stills posted on Single’s Day (The photo is of a wedding lol)

Hello~ Another lineup from another station. What I think people can take from this is the announcement of upcoming dramas (sequels included!) and perhaps get excited for the new year to come? 🙂

I tried to include MyDramaList links to show you guys the synopsis, cast, and other information since there are too many dramas to write it all out lol.

Upcoming 2018 Shows:

The Story of MingLan with Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng

Legend of Fuyao that stars Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan

Ever Night with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren

Fights Break Sphere with Wu Lei, Lin Yun, Li Qin, Carman Lee,Chen Baron

The Untamed (New show with no casting and also no poster lol)

Secrets of the Three Kingdoms with Ma Tian Yu, Elvis Han, Wan Qian, Dong Jie

Novoland: Eagle Flag  with Liu Hao Ran, Xu Qing, Jiang Shu Ying, Lei Jia Yin, and etc.

The Song of Glory (Again new drama with no cast, but it’s related to Princess Weiyoung)

Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber with Jia Qing and Zhang Zhe Han

Wuxin the Monster Killer Season 3 (Whyyyyyy) with Elvis Han.

Three Lives Three Worlds – Pillow Book (No casting yet), The Eternal Love Season 2 Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie , An Oriental Odyssey with Wu Qian and Zheng Ye Cheng, Queen Dugu with Joe Chen and Chen Xiao

Deep in the Realm of Conscience (Hong Kong drama) with Steven Ma, Nancy Wu, Annie Liu and many more, Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost with Yang Zi and Deng Lun.

Da Bong Bei Dou with Xu Ke and Huang Can Can, Cinderella Chef, Legend of Chusen Season 3 ( oh gosh why)

Our Glamorous Time with Zhao Liying and Jin Han, Cry Me a Sad River with Zheng Shuang and Ma Tian Yu

Only Side by Side With You with William Chan, Bai Bai He, and Li Xian

Suddenly This Summer with Bai Yu and Bo Guan Jin , My Story for You has Luo Jin and Zheng Shuang as leads.

Country Love 10, New Horizon with Joe Chen and Zheng Kai

Affair of Half a Lifetime** with Jiang Xin and Joe Cheng, The Evolution of Our Love starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Zhang Tian Ai, Memories of Love with Wallace Chung and Maggie Jiang

** For this one it’s the wikipedia link to an older drama version but similar storyline. The newer version plans to have 40 episodes.

Here to Heart with leads Zhang Han and Janine Chang, Sweet Dreams that has Dilireba Dilmurat and Deng Lun, As Long As You Love Me (Updated casting: Dylan Xiong/Xiong LiQi, Lan Yu Meng)

Pretty Man with Xiong Ziqi and Li Xi Rui, Return the World to You with Yang Shuo and Gulinazha

The King’s Avatar with Yang Yang and Song Zu Er.

The Brightest Star in the Sky with Huang ZiTao and Wu Qian

Sonic Youth (webdrama) with Elvis Han and Xu Lu

Sand Sea with Wu Lei and Yang Rong (taken place 10 or 15 years after The Lost Tomb, Kennedy Xu’s novel)

Candle in the Tomb‘s Third Installment, Line Walker 3 (Hong Kong)

Age of Legends stars William Chan and Ma Sichun

Upcoming dramas from Daylight Entertainment:

All is Well with Yao Chen and Ni Da Hong that will start filming in January 2018.

Young Army Soldiers that will start filming in December 2017, but casting is not yet announced.

Da Jiang Da He (no casting and plans to start filming around February 2018)

Which drama are you guys excited for? ^___^

28 thoughts on “TengXun’s 2018 TV Drama Lineup

  1. Never thought I’d see Guli Nazha and Yang Shuo together. All of these dramas are making my head spin. Just hope they don’t try to outdo each other in terms of # of episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm went to the drama weibo and seems like Dylan Xiong is the main lead (I have updated the post by the time this comment is posted lol). Seems like Baidu page should update. I went to check Wallace weibo and doesn’t seem like he is related to this drama. Thanks for pointing this out.


  2. Gah! So many dramas to look forward too! >.<
    King's avatar! Song Zuer is going to play Su Mucheng? Can't really imagine it yet. Sad to hear that they will have a season 3 for Chusen…plz let that drama rip already. hahah Can't wait to hear from the casting of pillow book too!

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  3. Loved 1st WuXin. Dropped the 2nd one half way through. But the drama did quite well in view counts. Maybe the 3rd one will return to the fun spirit of the 1st.

    I remember reading in spite of the book author’s objections, the production company that licensed Legend of Chusen’s TV rights wanted to make another one before the licensing expires. Didn’t finish part 1. Sort of finished part 2. Not interested in part 3 at the present.

    Looks like 2018 will be another year heavy on web-only dramas for me.

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      1. Saw a image on a weibo showing fans of one novel (don’t remember the name) jumped off a tall building while The King’s Avatar novel fans waited in queue. The way Chinese TV/movie production companies manage to ruin good source material boggles the mind.

        Waiting to see how web drama The Guardian (镇魂 by priest) turns out.


          1. Don’t worry. Image is just a cartoon. Sorry. The word “cartoon” didn’t appear in my mind earlier.

            As for The Guardian, priest was involved in the screen adaptation so… Remains to be seen whether “friendship” will be enough to justify Demon King’s motivations. Also kind of a shame the ancient morbidly obese black cat won’t be so fat and will be in human form much more on screen than in the novel.

            BL novel Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (魔道祖师) fans also feel like jumping off the ledge after hearing its screen adaptation is under negotiations.


  4. I’m very excited with The King’s Avatar. I love the novel and anime, also Yang Yang! I also want to watch zhao liying’s drama but I’m more excited with her modern drama Our glamorous time than Minglan. I also want to watch My Story for you (Luojin & Zhengshuang)

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    1. Zheng Shuang looks pretty lovely for My Story for You and I’ve read the positive reviews on the novel (well it’s the author’s own love story). Haven’t watched the anime for King’s Avatar, heard about the novel, but I’ll wait and see how it’s shaping up. Can’t decide which drama I prefer Our Glamorous Time or Minglan 😅 I’m not a fan for either of her male leads lol.


  5. Really exited for Legend of Fuyao and Heavy sweetness and absolutely unhappy about Sword and Saber. Somebody stop Yumama.

    I wonder what they are going to with 3l3w pillow book and who’s gonna be in main leads.

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