Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Rule the World, Martial Universe, Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost, Beneath the Embroidered Uniform, The King of Blaze, See You Again, The Way We Were, Game of Hunting, Never Gone, and Celebrity Updates

Everyone and their friend are dropping teasers/trailers left and right 😂

Drama News

Story of Minglan starring Zhao Liying, Feng Shao Feng, and Zhu Yilong dropped a light-subdued trailer and released two stills of ZLY (Minglan) and also two stills of FSF.

Here’s an English-subbed trailed by XDramasX from Cfensi of Rule the World that stars the leads Raymond Lam and Tang Yi Xin with their upcoming premiere on October 30, 2017~ Click on cc for subs (can’t do it on mobile).

Martial Universe starring Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai, ,Wang Li Kun, and Wu Chun released their trailer and a new poster plus two character age-transition photos.

Some gifs from Youku~

Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost starring Yang Zi and Deng Lun released an angst-filled trailer.

Beneath the Embroidered Uniform with Allen Ren Jia Lun and Tang Song Yun revealed more stills.

The King of Blaze with Chen Bolin and Jing Tian featured the bts of the two leads. They are wearing parkas because they are filming in Iceland (the filming in China wrapped up a week or so ago). Chen Bolin questioned Jing Tian when she asked who is cuter. He said it’s obvious. Jing Tian then replied saying it’s Lin who is the cuter one. Lol

See You Again that stars Tang Yan, Shawn Dou, and Yang Shuo. My understanding of the plot is that Tang Yan’s character (31 year old woman) named Shi Jian (which means Time) got into a plane accident that helped her traveled back in time to when she was still in college and Shawn Dou’s plays her future husband (Ye Jia Cheng). Ye Jia Cheng doesn’t believe she is his future wife and was firmly rooted in the “Not Getting Married” group. So she has to court her future husband while helping her ill mom and friends. However, something happened to her future husband and it became tragic?! O_O So she went on the same plane that caused the accident and travelled back to the present with her alive husband… Apparently, the ending was confusing in regards to the novel and the bulk of the story of of course occurs during the college days.

The Way We Were that will star the real life couple Tang Yan and Luo Jin had other stills of Luo Jin posted (I’ve missed it on the last update 😅). The story centers around four students who are studying abroad. Luo Jin’s character will have a girlfriend, but will separate due to family differences. Then Luo Jin met Tang Yang’s character who rose to the top through her own merits. Eventually, she got involved when she was a witness to the dad’s criminal activity (believed it’s either LJ’s dad or both of their dads…yikes). They will overcome obstacles to be together 🙂

Game of Hunting starring Hu Ge, Chen Long, Sun Hong Lei and many others will have a premiere date of November 5 and released character stills/poster for both the men and ladies.

The ladies~

Never Gone, starring Elvis Han and Yang Zi Shan, was adapted from a novel written by Xin Yi Wu– You’re Still Here. It was shown previously the stills of the younger cast (their younger days) so now here’s the adult stills (college to present).

Celebrity News

So there’s a HD version of Guan Xiaotong‘s facechat with Luhan lol.

Remembered I’ve mentioned game Swordsman Love endorsement by Zhao Liying and Lin Geng Xin? Well here are some pics from the press conference.

Here’s the wonderful dramapotatoe‘s uploaded video of the interview and translations!

EDIT: Full interview with eng subs

The preview of short movie:

First part of the short film (Lost Town):

Zhao Liying turned around when a fan called her name ~

Hu Cong Mi Suan‘s uploaded faceless artwork the drama Oh My General.

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Zhang Tian Ai!

Aww, Happy Birthday to the lovely Ariel Lin on October 29!

Liu Shi Shi for Madame Figaro.

Gulinazha is the spokeswoman for Puma.

Zhou Dong Yu for Modern Weekly.

Wu Yifan‘s Harper Bazaar China spread.

They posted a teaser below which is also part of the spread.

Other photos of the spread:

Hu Ge‘s for Elle Men cover~

He is also on the cover for Bazaar Men’s November issue.

Wallace Huo with hair lol showing up to HUGO BOSS event. I’ve been covering his drama where he has tiny hair so it’s been a while xD

Zhao Wei looks stunning in red for Tokyo International Film Festival.

Tong Liya for Instyle Magazine~

OPPO released their advertisement featuring William Chan, Dilireba Dilmurat, and Li Yi Feng.

22 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Rule the World, Martial Universe, Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost, Beneath the Embroidered Uniform, The King of Blaze, See You Again, The Way We Were, Game of Hunting, Never Gone, and Celebrity Updates

  1. SO MUCH, I don’t know where to begin but I’m ready for all the shows and ZLY looks amazing (want her white dress), my friend and I were just talking about Princess Agent and look at our OTP just being themselves and being adorable. Finally, TY is back, and as always with her leading man, but the one with Shawn sounds really confusing lol. I’m being bias but Liya looks AMAZING,, OMG I LOVE HER SEDUCTIVE EYES 🙂


    1. I think the second part of the Shawn one was pretty weird lol. She traveled back in time during college, but because something happened to Shawn, she traveled to her current time.
      Liya is gorgeous.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea. Maybe. Summary is that the faceless male discovered he traveled in time to this ancient town. Eventually it cut to the scene of ZLY. She disguised herself as one of the members of Emei sect. At the wooden stadium, she wanted to kill the leader of martial arts for revenge (her family got killed), but that got revealed. Faceless male coincidentally saw and wanted to help the maiden out. Unfortunately, this leads to a tragic end for both as they got captured and killed.


  2. So I am not feeling the trailers. MingLan looks like a boring ancient family drama focused on human relationships, etc. Not my thing.
    Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost: the trailer made me sad, I had high hopes for this drama and I just feel like they wont do the story justice. Hopefully I am proven wrong.
    Martial Universe: CGI galore and not even interesting imo


    1. Seems like her. I agree it’s a bit random when placed with the other people lol. I’m not sure how popular she is individually, but occasionally Victoria Secret Models have their own photoshoot and that gets covered by Chinese websites (ex: Sina C-Ent). So I will say models do get some coverage in China.


  3. Commentary:
    Martial Universe- Look at those cgi lol. Wu Chun’s scruff looks better than Yang Yang’s scruff by a bit imo.
    Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost- A lot of the Chinese audience loves melo LOL.
    See You Again – Idk where Yang Shuo would fit into this plotline. He’s a CEO that has a cold exterior apparently. Probably that pinning second lead for 2/3 of the story lol.
    Those puffs on ZLY’s sleeve for her white dress looks a bit awkward, but she glows overall.
    Everyone else looks fabulous 😀


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