Entertainment Updates: Oh My General, The King of Blaze, Beneath the Embroidered Uniform, The Way We Were, Cry Me a Sad River, Sky Hunter and Celebrities Updates

Hello~ Another weekly entertainment update 🙂

Drama News

Oh My General starring Ma Sichun and Sheng Yilun is hyping up the October 25,2017 premiere (on Youko) with more stills and lovely posters 🙂

The King of Blaze with Jing Tian and Chen Bolin released more stills!

Beneath the Embroidered Uniform with leads Tan Song Yan and Allen Ren Jia Lun released the two leads giving moony eyes at each other lol.

The Way We Were starring Tang Yan and Luo Jin featured mostly stills of Tang Yan~

Following Ma Tian Yu, Zheng Shuang also wrapped up filming of Cry Me a Sad River 😀

Spy Hunter is a new drama with director Li Lu (In the Name of the People) alongside screenwriter (and author) Zhang Yong (The Disguiser) and will star Qin Junjie, Xu Lu, and others. Lu Yi will guest-star as an antagonist. The drama will be the third in the trilogy (of Zhang Yong’s books) that consists of Imminent Witness and The Disguiser.

Celebrity News

Through the great spy skills of fans, they found Guan Xiao Tong and Luhan have filmed at the same location and shared the same type of hoodie.

On the set of Sweet Combat, the couple giving each other that love stare lol 😉

Someone saw Guan Xiao Tong face-chatting with Luhan~

Speaking of Guan Xiao Tong, she shot a pretty in pink pictorial for Icon-F~

Bea Hayden or Guo Biting shot for Icon-F as well.

Zhang Yixing (Lay) unveiled his second wax figure from Madame Tussauds at Shanghai!

Then these pictures were posted with the caption “Boss Zhang” on weibo lol.

Want more of the adorable Wu Lei? Well, there are even more pictures of Wu Lei (Leo) for Ok! Magazine released ~

The lovely Liu Tao for Bazaar.

She along with Zhou Dong Yu and Jiang Shu Ying are rocking the red lipstick for Lancôme’s lipstick campaign.

Hu Ge spotted at Hong Kong airport.

I guess I wanted to share this because of this picture (below) alone. Hu Ge starring at an ad featuring Hu Ge lol.

After HK airport, he was found at Shanghai Wild Animal Park!

Li Chen for L’Officiel Hommes October spread.

A couple days or maybe a week or so there was Macao Fashion Week which some stars attended, including Fan Bing Bing 🙂

Liu Wen!

Some folks have photoshoots for Modern Weekly including:

Liu Hao Ran with his clown concept ~

Lin Yun

Jiang Chao

Someone mentioned Chen Xiao looks great with a moustache so here’s more of him lol.

OPPO hitting it big with several celebrities’ endorsement~

Yang Mi

Yang Yang

William Chan

Dilireba Dilmurat


Li Yi Feng

I’ve been meaning to post this. It’s a video of Dior’s Love Chain campaign and is endorsed by Zhao Liying, Angelababy, and Carina Lau! Carina’s response cracked me up 😂 😂

Someone boarded the same flight as Angelababy and saw her being attentive to her son. The son was noted to be quite well-behaved ☺️

An updated ranking chart of C-Entertainer Brand Value was posted~

Top 10:

  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Luhan
  3. Angelababy
  4. Tang Yan
  5. Dilireba Dilmurat
  6. Wu Yi Fan (Kris)
  7. Yang Mi
  8. William Chan
  9. Fan Bing Bing
  10. Yang Yang

Congrats to all ~ 🎉🎉🎉🎉

-Throws confetti-

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