ELLE Style Awards 2017

Another award show and so lots of pictures and red carpet! ELLE Style Awards was held on October 13, 2017 with many stars attending.

I will sort the pictures based on each celebrity in attendance and will mention two winners that I know of at the end of the post. I’ve tried to cover as much as I can, but I might have miss a few.

Sneak Peak posted by ELLE:

Celebrities Who Showed Up:

Nai Cha Mei (Milk Tea Little Sister~)

Wu Ke Qun

Zhang Zilin


Zhang Yunlong

Xu Ruyi

Xu Lu

Yuan Shan Shan

Sun Jian

Sun Yizhou

Zhang Hui Wen

Tomorrow Boys (Directly translating their group name so… 😅)

Chen Xiao

Dong Jie

Li Bing Bing

Yuan Quan

Ma Yi Li

Yuan Quan with Ma Li Yi

Qin Lan

Huo Bing Qing

Li Xian

Liu Tao

Liu Wen

Jing Tian

Ni Ni


Ni Ni reunited with Angelababy!

Some of the ladies sitting together~

Dilireba Dilmurat


Yiyang Qianxi (Jackson Yi from TFBOYS)

Those two sat next to each other (albeit not that close in proximity)! They both trended on weibo~

Congrats to Dilireba who won the “Idol of the Year” Award!

Jackson Yi also won a similar award too!

Well that’s a wrap folks!


6 thoughts on “ELLE Style Awards 2017

  1. -With facial hair Chen Xiao is looking like Nic Tse. He should consider keeping the stache, gives him that rugged manlier charm to break out of those boyish looks he seems to be forever stuck on

    -Li Xian is my new C-actor crush. Glad to see him here and as usual he doesn’t overdo it yet finds a way to stand out

    -Ni Ni is a total goddess. Somehow Angelababy looks like a little girl next to her. Her outfit not helping either

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