Entertainment Updates: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, Legend of Fuyao, Oh My General, Letting You Float Like A Dream, Cry Me A Sad River, Our Glamorous Time and more

All aboard the entertainment news train~ So many celebrity updates~

Drama News

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace released a bunch of character and set stills. It’s starring Zhou Xun as Ruyi who later became known as Lady Ulanara while Wallace Huo plays Emperor Qianlong. The show will depict the tragic life of Lady Ulanara’s rise as Emperor Qianlong’s wife and palace intrigue with the various ladies from the harem. Show will premiere in 2018. There might be some pics that are a bit old 😅 as I find there are a lot of characters to keep track of.

Legend of Fuyao starring Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan released even more set stills.

Oh My General weibo posted this poster saying that something is happening~

Turned out Oh My General starring the leads Ma Sichun (Sandra) and Sheng Yilun (Peter) will definitely premiere exclusively at Youko on October 25, 2017!! I will update the October airing post to add this show~

Zhu Yilong and An Yue Xi are the leads for the upcoming drama, Letting You Float Like a Dream or Granting a Dreamlike Life [mydramalist’s title]. It depicts a diary-type story where someone came back from studying abroad and finds a diary. In the diary would tell of past stories and characters that have deeply woven connections with the main leads (modern). In the past, An Yue Xi will play a singer and Zhu Yilong will play the adopted son of a rich businessman. The second lead, Fang Yi Lun, is also a singer at same workplace. This seems to be a drama that will weave in more than two timelines.

Second male lead


I’ve been meaning to get to this drama. Cry Me A Sad River that stars Zheng Shuang as Yi Yao and Ma Tian Yu (Ray) as Qi Ming released some posters. It depicts a poignant childhood love story.

Senior Qi Ming~~

Zhao Liying introduced on weibo that Meng Rui is her cousin. It’s actually a casting announcement as he will be playing Zheng Chen (Lin Qian’s cousin) in Our Glamorous Time. It almost sounded like she was introducing her boyfriend, but it’s not 😂

Found some bts pics from Our Glamorous Time shooting (not sure why the first two are smaller than the rest >.<).

Yay, a hundred days of filming completed for the drama!

There is going to be another adaptation of The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre!(whyyyyy)

Celebrity News

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy celebrated their 2nd anniversary. He posted a picture on weibo that showed their child’s cute tiny fist~

Sun Li and Deng Chao took their son to a NBA game on October 7 (NBA game appreciation day)~

Wu Lei (Leo) also showed up to an NBA game (Golden State Warriors) and threw in some hoops! Chen Bolin showed up as well~

Elvis Han attended a NBA game too!

Wu Yifan (Kris) will release his newest track, Deserve, on October 12 (Beijing time) that will be available on Spotify and Itunes. Pre-order is available for those in China.

Zhao Liying will be on the November cover of Cosmos Magazine (her first one ever)!

There were a few celebrities whose birthdays were on October 6!

(Belated) Happy Birthday to Tang Wei!

Also Happy Belated Birthday to Zhang Yixing (Lay)!

And also to Feng Shao Feng!

Happy Birthday to Liu Hao Ran who turned 19 on October 10!

Hu Ge for Emporio Armani.

Here are some pics of Liu Tao attending the Paris Fashion Week for Hermès.

Ma Li Yi and Yuan Quan posed for Elle. They both starred in The First Half of My Life.

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