Feature: Ma Tian Yu

Someone kept requesting a feature on Ma Tian Yu. I have tried my best, but since I don’t follow him as closely and I have never seen his work, I don’t have as many tidbits as I would like.

Ma Tian Yu (马天宇) was born on July 12th, 1986 in Dezhou City, China. He is an actor and singer, who graduated from Beijing Film Academy. He made his debut in 2006 during the My Hero competition. He was the regional champion for Wuhan and came in sixth place on the final competition. He won Most Popular contestant during the competition. This is the same competition in which Li Yi Feng won Most Popular contestant the following year. 

He made his acting debut in the film Evening of Roses. From what I have seen online, he is regarded as a good actor and he is quite popular. I was shocked to learn that he is also a singer and that he has been acting for a long time. For some reason I thought he was a very young actor. I will only mention his most relevant acting roles.

Relevant TV Roles: 

  • The Vigilantes in Mask (2010)

  • Scarlet Heart; cameo (2011)
  • Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky (2012)

  • Sword of Legends (2014)

  • Singing all Along (2016)

  • Ice Fantasy (2016)

Relevant Movie Roles:

  • Evening of Roses (2009)
  • Love without Distance (2015)

  • Surprise (2015)

  • The Founding of an Army (2017)

Upcoming Works:

  • Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Sad with Wallace Chung

  • Secret of the Three Kingdoms

  • Cry Me a Sad River with Zheng Shuang

He has participated in some variety shows like Let Go of My Baby.


Ma TianYu is considered very polite and private.

He has worked with Zheng Shuang in three dramas and they are considered to be really good friends. There has been some rumors about them being more than friends, but they both have denied it.


He recently graduated in August of this year.

And his nephew was born in September of this year.

I hope this was a decent introduction to Ma Tian Yu. If you have additional information please leave it in the comments.


20 thoughts on “Feature: Ma Tian Yu

  1. He graduated? In which subject?


  2. His nephew. So cute. which sis son is he? Are both sis married?


    • I don’t know. I didn’t even know he had more than one sister. I pretty much added everything I know about him into the feature, I don’t really know much but it was a request. ^^


  3. Singing all Along (2016)
    Isn’t it Yuan Hong on the photo?


    • omg you are right, I just googled Ma Yian Yu and the TV drama to add each picture, so I didn’t look too closely. I will change it.


  4. He is 31 years old but he is blessed with such good health and good genes, he can easily pass for an 18 year old! Maybe that’s why you thought he was a younger actor. He is so versatile and multi-talented, he can play almost any part flawlessly! He ranks as one of my top Chinese actors for this reason.


  5. Ray is particularly skilled at playing multiple roles in one show and known for displaying a deftness in portraying a wide range of characters. Recent example is 2016 guo jingming fantasy drama ice fantasy where he played flawlessly four different characters of ying kong shi, li tian jin, yun fei and sword fairy. He has published two books also. Many don’t know but he is also active in charity work and organises yearly donation drives to rural villages in china.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I think he’s graduated in real life but for his drama ‘Cry Me A Sad River’.


  7. He is the most beautiful, kind, generous, humble, down to earth person in the world. Words are less to describe him.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ommo so useful feature. Can some update more deep information about him?


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