Milan Fashion Week 2017-2018 for Spring/Summer

Hello folks~ So this month we have been bombarded with so many fashion weeks and of course lovely pictures. Since I’m a bit short on time, I’ll be featuring one fashion week and that is the Milan Fashion Week that took place in Milan, Italy from September 20-26 2017; a very recent fashion week. There won’t be much commentary as the images will speak for themselves 😀

First off, Crystal TianAi for Hogan.

Liu Shi Shi for TOD’s.

Liu Wen

She walked for TOD’s.

Tang Yan for Bally.

Lin Yun for Ferragamo.

Bridgette Qiao Xin for Furla and Bvlgari.

Yao Chen for Etro.

Wang LiKun attended for Yoka and also did a photoshoot around Milan.

She’s sitting with Zhang Li.

Guli Nazha for Fendi.

Dilireba Dilmurat for Dolce & Gabbana. Goodness there were so many pictures of her 😅

Getting ready for her runway walk, sort of lol.

Dolce & Gabbana after party

I wasn’t able to cover everyone who attended and this post alone is already overloaded with photos, but if you want to add more images for this post feel free to comment and I’ll update this post. I’m not really into fashion myself, but I love looking at aesthetic pleasing pictures lol. For the most of this fashion week, I noticed people were wearing colorful,vibrant prints with zazzy designs like music notes, assorted flowers, and fun geometric patterns. This is quite befitting for the fashion week’s theme 🙂

6 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week 2017-2018 for Spring/Summer

  1. Dilireba looked pretty in those dresses, I just wish they had used a less dark lip color on her. It would fit her better imo. Liu ShiShi looks so pretty with short hair.
    So many fashion shows. ^^

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