Happy Birthday to Yang Mi (2017)

Happy birthday to Yang Mi who turned 31 on September 12th!!


Yang Mi BTS filming for Legend of Fu Yao

September 12th is Yang Mi’s birthday. She posted on Weibo thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. She also wrote that she used her birthday money to buy a hot dog! >.<

Birthday wishes from family and friends:

Husband Hawick Lau: Every year, there’s a gifted and artistic little girl celebrating your birthday. Mommy Moommy. Happy birthday Yang Mi

Angelababy Huang Xiao Ming: Your money 2 best friends. From the 82-year-old Huang Xiao Ming.

Zhang DaDa: Without me you’re only Mimi. With me, you’re Da Mimi. (Which is Yang Mi’s nickname)

Ma Tian Yu: Old friend. Happy birthday! PS. You didn’t show your whole face! (pointing out that Yang Mi covered half of her bare face)


Dilireba: Happy birthday. (Something about giving you my little heart. not sure about the rest of the translation..)

Fan Bin Bin: My dear Xiao Mi. Happy Birthday. Best wishes.


Tan Yang: Dear Mi, happy 18th birthday! Always beautiful. Best wishes for you!

Other celebrities that left messages: Liu Yifei, Chen Xue Dong, He Jiong,


Yang Mi became the first global ambassador for Michael Kors!

It’s been a busy year for her! Looking forward to her next drama Legend of Fu Yao! >.<

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Yang Mi (2017)

  1. Noemie bday card she made for yang mi is cute. Wish ym the best and congratulations on the mk. She deserved it.

    Hawick also wrote on the comments saying happy birthday wife .


  2. I didn’t know FBB is close with YM
    She really have a busy year. Hope she can rest more in the next year
    I remember she weren’t feeling well often this year


  3. Reba said: I always support you, giving you my little heart

    Anyway, Happy birthday for Yang Mi! I grew to love her after TMOPB. Such a strong and smart woman.
    I’ll always support you too. Wish you the best and happiness, pretty fox!


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