Update: 2017 Bazaar Charity Night

Bazaar Charity Night took place September 9th in Beijing. It assembled a lot of popular celebrities, business leaders, public media, and fans to celebrate helping others through donations.

When I first saw this list of course my first thought was Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruoyun will finally appear on the same screen together. As one of the most adorable couples of c-entertainment and now that they are finally openly dating this was going to be the highlight of the event for me.

Blue Team 

Captain: Wu Xiubo

Members: Zhao Liying, Li BingBing, Yao Chen, Guo Degang, Tong Dawei, Guan Xiaoyue, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Jane Zhang, Shawn Dou, Tang Yi Xin, Zhang Ruoyun, Massu, Huang Yu, Ren Jialun, and Hu Bing.

Yellow Team

Captain: Huang Xiaoming

Members: Angelababy, Li Yuchun, NiNi, Jing Boran, Liu Tao, Zhang Yixing, Jolin Tsai, Victoria Song, Yang Shuo, Jing Tian, Wang Ziwen, Jiang Xin, YangZi, Chen Dong, Li Zhiting, Qiao Xin, Lin Peng Peng, Ady An

Red Team

Captain: Deng Chao

Members: Fan BingBing, Li Chen, Lau Jialing, Yang Yun Lu, Luhan, Li Yandi, Zhou Dongyu, Guo Caijie, Angela Chan, Michelle Chen, Qin Hailu, Wu Zun, Guo Biting, Xie Yilin, Zhang Yunlong, Gao Yunxiang, Jiang Jinfu, Zhang Vin, Zhang Dada

I believe last year the blue team raised the most money let by Huang Bo. The rest of the captains are the same.

Red Carpet

Couples ❤

NiNi and Jing Boran

NiNi’s dress is gorgeous and they both look happy and in love.

Zhang RuoYun and Tang YiXin

They are so cute!!! I love this couple so much.

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming

Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu

Tong Dawei and Guan Xiaoyue

Ady An and her husband

Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen

Zhang Yixing

Chen XueDong

Yang Mi


Li Zhiting

Victoria Song

Deng Chao


Jane Zhang

Wu Xiubo

Su Mang

Jolin Tsai

Li Chun

Yao Chen

Xing ZhaoLin

Jiang Xin


Zhang Vin

Gao Yunxiang

Shawn Dou

Ren Jialong

Wang Ziwen

Michelle Chen

Jiang Jinfu

Zhang Ziyi and Li Bingbing

Zhang Ziyi with Huang Xiaoming


Guo Biting

Zhang Yunlong and Qiao Xin

Qiao Xin

Angela Zhang

Lin Peng Peng

Liu Tao


Fan BingBing

Ady An and her husband

Jing Tian

Zhao Liying

Fans watching were making fun of Zhao Liying since she was surrounded by couples.

I am melting. I adore all three of them.

poor Liying

Thankfully she found Chen Xuedong who was also single surrounded by couples


But most of the night, she was just eating. Fans were saying she just went to eat. While everyone else was socializing ZLY was busy looking for food.

cuties ❤

Ode to Joy ladies

Angelababy and NiNi singing

YangMi with Zhang Vin and Zhang Yun Long both from her studio

YangMi talking with Fan BingBing

Yang Mi, Guo Caijie, Guo Biting, Xie Yilin

NiNi and Jing Boran

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo

Zhao Liying and Shawn Dou

Lay and Luhan

I will update as more pics and info comes out, but I think I got most of it 😀

Note: There has been some controversies regarding how much money some celebrities donated and if they donated any money at all. I just find the whole thing very petty. It doesn’t matter how much money these celebrities have in the end they have no obligations to donate to charity. The fact that they were part of this fundraising event should be enough proof of their good intentions.

36 thoughts on “Update: 2017 Bazaar Charity Night

      1. Ohhh, that’s why he was absent? So hard working and dedicated towards his work. No time for charity even. Hope he will be able to attend next year’s event.


  1. Seems like a lot of people are interested in the pictures from this event. May I ask a question to all of you? I don’t mean to call out them specifically, but the picture above of Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming together is so blatantly obvious I’ll say their names. My question is what gives with Chinese married couples going out in public sans wedding rings? Can somebody please explain if possible?


    1. I cant see Wallace’s hand well but Ruby is wearing her ring as far as I can see. I also don’t think newer generations feel like they should wear their wedding ring all the times. At least that is my personal opinion on wedding rings nowadays.


    1. I’m not usually into gossip but I definitely believe the rumours Hawick and Yang Mi are not in a real marriage anymore and are maintaining the marriage for business and appearance purposes only and co-parenting for the sake of their daughter but are pretty much living separate lives otherwise.


      1. I’m not surprised about those things in showbiz either But in this case, what benefit does YM have to delay her divorce with him though? She only keeps getting richer and makes more money so she will loose more the more she wait, no?
        Her daughter is the only reason for that rumor to be true. But after reading some stuffs about her YM seems to start keeping her life private to protect her daughter and family as well. She didn’t want to give people more reasons to hate and attack them. Instead of her private life she wants people to focus more on her works…


        1. The rumor is that if they get a divorce they would need to split their assets, which includes their company. In this case, they wouldnt be able to promote any of their artists until everything is finalized which could take up one year. So they decided to stay together to maintain their business since it is doing good. Cant talk about how truthful it is but that is the big rumor going around.


            1. All of these are rumors but the reason they have a lot of divorce rumors is that people think he cheated on her due to some paparazzi pictures.


  2. The couples are so cute!!! And those photoshoots are gorgeous 😀 You can really see which couples are still in their honeymoon phase and which ones aren’t. 😛


  3. Zhang Ruo Yun and Tang Yi Xin are seriously cute together. Interesting how lots of people confuse Zhang Ruo Yun and Zhang Yun Long. Yang Zi’s dress is nice but I think it overwhelms her. ZLY’s dress has just got too much going on. Am really into TYX, Qiao Xin and Liu Tao’s dresses.. Sooo pretty!


  4. Yay ZRY and TT first public outing as a couple and they look so so cute re together ! Love ZLY’s hairstyle and her Dior looks good on her. Not so much on ABB though unfortunately.

    I also like Yang Zi’s pale dress and Yang Mi’s monochrome one. What is Jing Tian wearing and her hair!! Poor girl . And Zhang Bin Bin!! Love him too.


  5. We saw so many couples that isn’t usual seen together, last night but poor LiYing ahahas, I hope she’ll find someone soon.

    I really like NiNi’s outfit, she seems to have good fashion.

    TYX and ZRY are soooo cute together!


  6. where are celebrities like feng shao feng, tiffany tang yan, crystal liu, ma tianyu, luo jin, alina zhang meng, li yi feng, zhang shuang, william chan etc…..


    1. They weren’t part of the ceremony. Some like Feng Shao Feng and Crystal Liu raised money but didn’t participate, the others I don’t think participated in any of the activities.


  7. I CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THE COUPLES😍😍😍but Yang Mi and ZLY were the best not even talkinf about their outfits its their sensual attitudes idk how to describe it lol and OMG TY and LZY(love her hair) together❤❤ my Ah bi and Lu Zhen frenemy memories❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What is Victoria Song wearing? Haha

    FBB’s fringes gown is ugly lol

    I’m also not digging the strapless dresses by Tina Tang, Jing Tian, etc.

    I know it’s charity night, but I rather have real singers than ppl who don’t sing well (ABB, YM, etc.) lol

    Poor LY! At least she added color to her wardrobe lol I’m glad she didn’t wear a dress showing her clevage. Look at ABB’s dress – not very fitting because there’s not much there.


    1. I liked NiNi’s dress and the flowery dresses so I was happy. Overall it was better than last year imo. ABB and ZLY must have deals with Dior, they keep wearing Dior and I am so tired of Dior dresses.


  9. thanks for the compilation!! The couples are so cute together! especially Tang Yixing and Zhang Yunlong. Such a cute couple. >.<
    Lol. that gif where Wallace points and Ruby immediate poses for the camera. hahah
    Liying needs to find herself a guy. hahaha she must be so lonely surrounded by couples. Absolutely love her new bob tho. She looks so much younger with that hair cut!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. She does look so much younger with short hair. She needs to take a break from her crazy schedule .Tang Yixin and Zhang RuoYun are adorable ❤ I can't wait for them to get married.


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