[First Impression] Nothing Gold Can Stay

Title: Nothing Gold Can Stay (那年花开月正圆)

# of episodes: 75

Release date: August 30, 2017

Starring: Sun Li , Chen Xiao, and Peter Ho

Where to watch: Youtube (raw)

Synopsis: Zhou Ying is sold to the powerful Shen family by her foster father, yet successfully escapes by sneaking into merchant Wu Ping’s palanquin. The Wu family agreed to take her in after witnessing her remarkable business acumen. Shen Xingyi, the pampered young master of the Shen family will end up falling in love with Zhou Ying. (source dramalist)

Episode 1

Zhou Ying and her dad performing on the street and puts on a fake show to earn money. Zhou Ying sees a scam happening and follows up on with by pretending to be the younger sister from a struggling family. She scams the young master into buying her cheap jade. Her dad went to gamble and lost a lot of money. As usual, he sold her off to a rich household and tells her to find ways to escape and meet up with him. In the Shen household, Zhou Ying works as a maid for the 2nd son of the household. Because he spent too much money on a girl and caused a lot of trouble, his dad finds out and he whips him. Zhou Ying nurses him back to health.

Episode 2

Shen Xingyi makes Zhou Ying his personal maid under the condition that she gets to eat and play all she wants. The two gets along well and play all day. His mother and grandmother tries to set Xing Yi up with a maid so that he won’t cause trouble outside and under his request, Zhou Ping was picked. She refuses to be with him. He ties her up and punishes her. Wu Ping arrives at Shen manor to negotiate on a business deal. When he leaves, he finds Zhou Ping hiding in his carriage. He helps her sneak out and settles her in his household for a few days.

Episode 3

Yong Mei comes to visit the Wu family. With Xing Yi’s men still watching the entrance, Zhou Ying can’t leave the Wu manor. When she learned that her foster dad left already, she decides to be a student at the Wu school to earn a living. Wu Ping arranges for her to clean up the school to that she can indirectly learn. She quick with the business lessons and starts to make a business out of helping the students with their hw. Wu Ping’s dad finds out but sees the potential in her therefore allow her to officially be a student of the school. In the mean time, the business deal to make medicine patch was given to the Wu family and Wu Ping suggests sharing the deal with the Shen family to mediate the two families.

Episode 4

A fraud happens to the medicine patches and both families suspect each other as the mastermind. Shen Yuesheng sneaks into the Wu family’s storage in the middle of the night to find evidence. The next morning, Wu Ping found him dead in the storage. The investigation is underway. Wu Ping’s dad found a suspicious bag in the storage and orders the caretaker to sneak it away. Wu Ping comes back as deemed innocent and he tells Zhou Ying to leave now since her contract is still with Shen family. She feels bad for lying to him and therefore tells him the truth about her background.

Chexmix: Surprisingly, I’m liking this drama a lot! The first 5 minutes captured my interest already and Zhou Ying’s character kept me watching (with minimal fast forwarding I might add!). Just by reading the synopsis, you would think it’s one of those typical story where the young master saves the poor struggling girl and she works for him as a maid. The two end up falling in love and so on. But it’s not at all like that! Zhou Ying has such a strong, carefree, and manly personality. From the way she talks to the way she squat and bite the sunflower seeds, she is not the dainty fragile female character that always need saving, and that’s refreshing! So far the male characters haven’t really made an impact yet (and I don’t really expect them to tbh). Sun Li alone carries the character of Zhou Ying and really liven up the drama. 4 episodes in and the drama is not only funny and interesting, but it also outlines the details well. From how Zhou Ying learns business as a way to earn money to when Wu Ping tells her that lying can only earn small money, honesty is what earns large money, you can see how deeply she’s thinking about that line and how that will drive her future business into such a mongrel. I do credit Sun Li for her acting. She is definitely one of those actresses who can convey emotions with her eyes. (Still remember how she stares at Xing Yi when he tied her up and hit her!).

Apparently, Zhou Ying is a real person that actually exists. The real Zhou Ying is actually the daughter of a well off family. She learned to read and calculation since young and excelled at it. She married into the Wu family but not long after, her husband died. She took over the family business at the young age and expanded into a mongrel of a business. (Which is not easier for woman back then around 1850s). She introduced the idea to stock shares to her employees and did a lot of charity work with the family fortune. Unfortunately, Shen Xing Yi is an add on in the drama so not sure how the relationship will play out. But I definitely am looking forward to watching all 75 episodes of the drama if the quality remains! =D

If you’ve seen it what’s your first impression on it? How are you enjoying it so far?


5 thoughts on “[First Impression] Nothing Gold Can Stay

  1. I have second lead syndrome! I like Sun Li so much better with Peter Ho than with Chen Xiao. It’s a pity Wu Pin has to die! 😢


  2. I am surprised by how much I liked this drama. Zhou Ying is super fun to watch. Her brain is on warp drive soaking in all business know-how while propelling everything that doesn’t help her make boat load of $$$ (Like learning to be a lady of the house. Her trying to walk and smile demurely had me LOL.)


  3. I’m watching and really enjoying it. As I am watching without subtitles, every time I get a tiny bit more information about the story, I go back and rewatch that episode. Although there’s surely a depth I’m not getting, Sun Li is so expressive that thevstory seems very clear. I especially liked her relationship with the students.

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    1. Yea unfortunately the series is not subbed. Hopefully it’ll gain some recognition and fans will sub it!
      Lol. Me too. Love how she makes money out of them. Her personality makes it enjoyable. hahah >.<


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