Dramas set to air in 2018

Hunan released a list of dramas they have purchased and plan to air tentatively in 2018.

Golden Theater ( Everyday at 8pm)

  • The Story of Minglan with Zhao Liying, Feng Shao Feng, etc.
  • Our Glamorous Time with Zhao Liying, Jin Han, etc.
  • Queen Dugu with Joe Chen, Chen Xiao, etc.
  • New Horizon with Joe Chen, Zheng Kai, etc.
  • Once Young with Yang Mi, etc.
  • The Negotiator with Yang Mi, Huang Zitao, etc.
  • Boyhood 2 with TFBOYS, etc.
  • Win the World with Fan Bing Bing, Gao Yunxiang, Xu Fan, Ma Su, etc.
  • 乱花 (Republican Spy Drama) with Tang Yi Xin, Cheng Xuedong
  • Autumn Cicadas with Ren Jialun, YingEr, etc.
  • Cry Me a Sad River with Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu, etc.
  • We Cannot be Sad with Wallace Chung, Ma Tianyu, SunYi, etc.
  • Sweet Combat with LuHan, Guan Xiaotong, etc.
  • Love in New York (rumored cast member is Li Yi Feng)
  • Tribes and Empires with Huang Xuan, Shawn Dou, etc. (will this ever air?)
  • Game of Hunting with HuGe, etc.
  • Great Expectations with Chen Si Cheng, Tong Li Ya, etc.
  • If We Could Love Like This with Liu Shi Shi, Tong Dawei, etc.

Youth on March (M-W at 10 pm)

  • Martial Universe with Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, etc.
  • Fight Break Spheres with Leo Wu, Lin Yun, Li Qin, etc.
  • The King of Blaze with Chen Bolin, Jing Tian, etc. (this is set to have a modern version too which is already giving me red flags)
  • The Endless Love with An YueXi, Chen Ruo Xuan, etc.
  • The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 with Feng Shao Feng, Bea Hayden, etc.
  • Speed with Han Dongjun, Xu Lu, etc.

Note: Game of Hunting, Great Expectations, If We Could Love Like This, and possible Tribes and Empires could air this year. The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 is also rumored to air in December.



Dragon TV:

Primetime dramas at 8 pm

  • Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace with Wallace Huo, Zhou Xun, etc.
  • See You Again with Tang Yan, Shawn Dou, etc.
  • The One Who Escapes with Chen Kun, Wan Qian, etc.
  • Love’s Lies with Luo Jin, Pan Zhi Lin, etc.
  • The Way We Were with Tang Yan, Luo Jin, etc.
  • a rumored Liu Tao/Wang Lei anti corruption drama
  • Wonderful Life with Zhang Jiayi, Li Xiao Ran, etc.
  •  Mr. Love with  Jin Dong, Jiang Shuying, etc.

Late Night showing at 10 pm

  • Liehuo Ruge with Dilireba, Chou Vic, Zhang Vin, etc.
  • Caught in the Heartbeat with Jiao Jun Yan, etc.


Zhejiang TV

  • See You Again with Tang Yan, Shawn Dou, etc.
  • Age of Legends with William Chan, Ma Si Chun, etc.
  • The Rise of Phoenixes with Chen Kun, Ni Ni, etc.
  • Legend of Fuyao with YangMi, Ruan Jingtian, etc.
  • a rumored Liu Tao/Wang Lei anti corruption drama

Note: For Dragon and Zhenjiang TV some are confirmed purchases and some are rumors. While Hunan made an official release of the dramas they purchased that is why their list is so long. Not enough information on purchases by Anhui TV and Jiangsu TV.

Other dramas that are said to air on 2018 but haven’t been attached to one station:

  • The Destiny of White Snake with YangZi, Ren Jia Lun, etc.
  • Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost with Deng Lun, Yang Zi, etc.
  • Rebellious Youth with Mao Xiaotong, Yu Meng Long, etc.
  • My Story for You with Luo Jin, Zheng Shuang, etc.
  • Entrepreneurial Age with Angelababy, Huang Xuan, etc.

So many dramas and this is not even half the dramas that were or are being filmed for 2018. Like someone said in the comment section of another post, we need quality over quantity.


21 thoughts on “Dramas set to air in 2018

    1. Li Yi Feng was confirmed for the drama New York New York a few months after this post. Not sure who is going to get rights to that drama, but the rumor is that Hunan wants it.


    1. Unknown. Braveness of the Ming/Jade Lovers are shelved until 2020. Siege in Fog is having some legal troubles. The rest I have no idea.


  1. If they aren’t going to air Tribes and Empires this year than I still hope for January. Yeah last years hoped for this January but sadly…. Why do you show us amazing trailer if you don’t have any plans to air it in near future?


  2. Oh no! Hopefully Hunan won’t drag ZlY’s drama out too much… I won’t stand for 30-40 min episodes again!
    On other notes, really looking forward to Game of hunting, The story of Minglan, Win the world, Legend of Fuyao, Martial universe and maybe Ruyi if it’s not too draggy (90 episodes is alot!) .


  3. LOL so many dramas. Main ones I’ve interested in are:

    The Story of Minglan – A+ production team and guaranteed ratings hit
    Tribes and Empires – when it finally airs it better live up to our high expectations haha
    Game of Hunting – Hu Ge
    Martial Universe – yay Zhang Tian Ai’s back! Plus Yang Yang in a possible breakout role
    Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – this could be another classic like Legend of Zhen Huan
    Mr. Love – Jin Dong and Jiang Shuying sounds like an interesting pairing
    The Rise of Phoenixes – love the cast and the plot

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So no Tribes in 2017 or some of the other ones I was hoping would make it. What the hell do we have to look forward to for the rest of the year then?

    Dammit, why did Hunan buy almost all the ones I want to watch????Guess it’s all that In The Name of the People money they made. I just hope they don’t crank up the brightness and contrast on all these dramas like they tend to do…for the sake of my eyes.

    Lastly, why is the later time slot called Youth Theater?


    1. I kind of made up the name lol they keep putting out different variations of the name but they always keep Youth. Now it is Youth on March on M-W but they also have a new slot on Sundays called Youthful Times. So just in case they change it, I just called it Youth theater is their more idol oriented dramas time-slot. They are still figuring out what to do with their late time slot.

      Tribes could air this year or maybe not. I don’t know why they keep pushing it back, there must be some issues. They also pushed back Game of Hunting and The Negotiators. I know The Negotiators had issues with SARFT, but I have no idea what is causing Tribes and Empires to be pushed back.

      Hunan bought everything. They had a really good year. In The Name of the people, Because of You, and Princess Agents have all been big ratings hits.


    1. prayer circle ;A;
      I am hopeful since it has an earlier time slot, they can’t really do much damage. Also, for MingLan the production company is the same one that did Nirvana.
      Hunan likes ZLY too much, I was hoping another network would get her dramas but rumor is Hunan overbid everyone else.


        1. Joe Chen’s latest drama is doing very good ratings as well…and I see more in store for Hunan. They also have two yang mi dramas in hand. All guaranteed ratings. I’m kind of sad that zly dramas all end up here but hopefully they stick to their plans and air in the 8pm slot…


          1. Hunan’s favorites are Zhao Liying, Joe Chen, and Yang Mi. There is a reason they like them, they get them good ratings.

            I have read that the time slot is signed into the contract of dramas when they are purchased pre-production. So I expect for sure Minglan will air at 8pm and pretty sure Our Glamorous Time will too just because it doesnt fit the late timeslot.

            Liked by 1 person

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