[Thread] Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

I made a thread a couple of months ago, but all our picture links are broke so I just decided to re-do it. This drama will be based on a book by the same name. It starts YangZi and Deng Lun.

Title: Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (香蜜沉沉烬如霜)

Episode Count: 50

Director: Zhu Ruibin (Legend of Chusen)

Screenwriter: Zhang Yuang

Production Company: Perfect World (完美世界影视)



The Flower Goddess dies after giving birth to a daughter, Jin Mi. She has a premonition that her daughter will suffer a great love trial. Before dying she gives her an unfeeling pill since she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer over love like she did. She also orders her followers to keep her daughter’s birth a secret and to keep her imprisoned within her realm for ten thousand years.

Thousands of year later, the second son of the Heavenly Emperor, Phoenix, is saved by Jin Mi. To repay her, he takes her back with him. After hundreds of years, he develops feelings for her. Jin Mi is a pure soul that thinks she likes everyone, thus she is unable to comprehend his feelings. She feels an attraction to him but doesn’t understand what it means. Due to some misunderstandings, she kills him. At that moment she throws up the unfeeling pill and her feelings towards him overwhelm her. She sets on a quest to revive him. But can she find a way and if she does, will he forgive her?

If you don’t mind more spoilers and want to read the novel: Novel Updates

This is my warning about how I’ve read the book and I’ve turned into that obnoxious person that keeps complaining about changes. However, I have decided to wait until the drama airs. I will keep my hopes up and start another prayer circle for this drama.


Yang Zi as Jin Mi

Deng Lun as Phoenix (Xu Feng)

Luo Yunxi as Run Yu/Night  (name is Night but here he is wearing white -_-)

Cheng Yuqi as Liu Ying

Wang Yifei as Sui He

Zhou Tingwei as Qi Yuan

Some BTS pics:


Heavy Sweetness, Ash like Frost had a press conference.

YangZi looking tired but pretty 😀

Deng Lun  looks so done but yay he is wearing red.

YangZi said that her first work with Deng Lun was when she was 18 years old, but even after knowing each other for a long time kissing is very embarrassing. She said she asked Deng Lun if he gets nervous and he said no because he just thinks of her as a guy. Oh Deng Lun, how can you tell a girl this? Hahahaha


This is another book to drama adaptation that I can just tell will have lots of changes. That being said I am pretty hopeful. I really liked the book and I like both leads so let’s just hope it lives up to my expectations. I am not happy with a lot of the outfits, mainly the ones for Night. In my mind, he is supposed to be wearing dark blues colors. However, they have him wearing white and a bit too happy for my liking.

The director is the same one from Chusen and I think he did a good job there. This will be your typical XianXia. But what I liked from the book was that it had a few twists here and there so I hope they keep the suspense in the drama.

Are you anticipating this drama?


18 thoughts on “[Thread] Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

  1. yess…yess…i have lots of hopes for this xianxia. the book itself is beautiful, i like how they are described so i can imagine it. i don’t want to see lots of changes actually since its already beautifully written. those poetic words. and i remember that night wore red in the past but then ita become phoenix’s colour (cmmiw). i want to see how they show the pain in the last chapter when phoenix was given Jin Mi’s drawing book….arrrghh, can’t wait!! its already aired, but none is subbing it…please, can you make a synopsis for each ep? thank you in advance!
    anyway, while watching it, i realize some changes. Night and phoenix seems too friendly with one another, Night seems less gloomy too. and that green snake, he is just too handsome and too young for the role! 🤣🤣 i imagine him as a quite older man, a bit shorter and a bit fat. 😆😅

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    1. I am hoping they expand on the last few chapters since they were a bit rush on the novel. And hopefully they include the epilogue in the drama <33
      The changes that I am seeing so far are mainly about the Demon world. I think they are expanding on it since it will be a big part towards the end.
      Night being so friendly is just his duplicitous nature and him trying to trick everyone.
      I agree so much on the green snake lol I always picture this pervy old guy. I also saw the uncle as an older gentleman.


      1. kso much true! the uncle and the green snake gave me o___O impression LOL. but in the novel, N8ght seems to be more cautious, not being too friendly. i caught him a bit cold nd aware about his surroundings so he treats others carefully. and his castle.
        we are expected to see more changes. what disturb me the most is about JinMi. in the drama, she seems to still feel something, like sadness. because in the novel, jinmi can not feel anything! its going to mislead anyone that jinmi just being ignorant about Xu Feng rther than being too naive since she can’t feels..


  2. I just finished this book, but who is Liu ying and Qi Yuan? Don’t even recall seeing them….

    Run Yu wears white in the book (at least sometimes), the female lead drew on his sleeve in one scene. Other times where his clothes were discribe I think he wears blue or green rather than black.


    1. I read it a long time ago. I remember Night wearing dark blue robes. Someone commented that Liu Ying had a minor role when JinMi went to the underworld to try and find Phoenix. I don’t remember her character and I don’t remember Qi Yuan either. I always felt like Sui He was the second lead so the fact that she got pushed to a minor role in favor of Liu Ying who didn’t have a big role in the book is a sign of big changes.


      1. Yes I’m pretty sure he wears white in at least one scene because Jin Mi drew on his sleeve. The rest of the time I never really pay attention haha. If Liu Ying is that girl in underworld she’s really v minor! Hope that the changes are reasonable.

        For the actors I find Run Yu more handsome (from the pics alone) hahaha


        1. I don’t think Deng Lun suits ancient dramas so yeah not looking his best. I remember these two scenes were his outfit was described as very dark.

          I hope changes are reasonable. They always make changes. I feel like making a non-relevant character more relevant when you have so much to cover is unnecessary, but as long as they keep the heart of the story I am okay.


    1. she had her reasons, don’t want to spoil too much. But she had the unfeeling pill so she couldn’t feel anything and then other stuff happened. If they do a good job, this can be a really good xianxia.

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    1. yes, it is better not to know so you wont compare and be annoyed by changes. Sometimes changes are actually good because they can add to the story, but most of the time they are not. I am still hoping for the best.


  3. FYI, if u don’t want to be spoiled DON’T READ. After I knew that this is being adapted to a drama, I went to read the novel. I want to see the second half of the novel when she got back her feeling. I also wonder are they going to keep the intercourse scenes. I’m also hoping that they will incorporate more scenes for the leads. Can’t wait.


    1. I bet they will skip those. I also want them to develop the last 2/3 of the book more. Sadly, you should anticipate a lot of changes. I mean the second female lead has a super super minor role in the book. So I think there will be big changes.


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