Dior: Who wore it better?

A lot of popular Chinese celebrities have been wearing Dior this year. They all wear the same outfits, which makes it hard to miss. It seems that besides Angelababy, Dior tapped some popular celebrities to promote and wear their designs. This is just a fun compilation of celebrities wearing the same Dior outfit or handbag.

Liu Yifei

Zhao Liying

Tang Yan 

Zhang Ziyi

Wang Ziwen

Wang Luo Dan

Huo Siyan

Miao Miao

Jing Tian


I think AB’s outfits are more exclusive. She probably gets new designs ahead of everyone since she is the official ambassador.

I have seen all these outfits on every red carpet. By now, I am an expert on all current Dior outfits =D


3 thoughts on “Dior: Who wore it better?

  1. Although AB outfits are exclusive but she is looking worst than others..Heavy makeup even can’t make her looks better. Among other, asusual tang yan, crystal liu, zhao li ying outfits are shining and appealing.


  2. Need not to say, what a absolute beauty they are @tiffany, crystal, zanilia. Whatever they wore, looks perfect and stunning in them. Their looks was always captivating and mesmerizing.


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