Entertainment Update: The King’s Woman, Wuxin II, Heavy Sweetness, Ash like Frost, UpIdol 2

Entertainment Update: Princess Agents hits 40 billion online views after airing episode 58/59 (TV version) making it the first drama to hit that high of a view while still airing! XD

Drama News

Ending themesong to “The King’s Woman” starring Dilmurat Dilreba and Zhang Vin. The drama will air August 14th on  Zhejiang TV

Press conference for the drama

(They look so cute together. XD)

Dilireba teasing Zhang Vin at the press con.

Wuxin: Monster Killer 2 starring Elvis Han and Chen Yao is back with some more stills and a long 9 minutes trailer. The drama is expected to air on August 14 on online platforms.

Opening MV for the drama

The Evolution of Our Love announces lineup with Zhang RuoYun, Zhang Tian, Xu Weizhou, and Wang Shan Ho. Production team is the one behind Tiger Mom, The First Half of my Life, and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace.

 Mr. Right is a drama filming right now that is set to air late in the second half of the year starring Jin Dong and Maggie Jiang.

I saw this gif and now I will patiently wait for this drama to air.

Jin Dong will also play a guest role in Zhao Liying’s drama Our Glamorous Time as her brother.

Drama Heavy Sweetness, Ash like Frost releases stills for Deng Lun and YangZi

I was expecting Deng Lun’s outfits to be a bit more flashy, but we will see what they do with his character.

Movie News

New trailer to movie Once Upon A Time starring Liu Yifei and Yang Yang.

BTS of the movie

Young Detective Dee 2 starring Mark Chao, Lin GengXin, and Feng Shao Feng finished filming and had a wrap up party.

Variety News

New season of UpIdol confirmed Victoria Song, Jiang Xin, Tang Yixing, Shen Meng Chen, Michelle Chen, and Kwan Chi-lin as the lineups. The first episode will premiere August 4th! The show is about sisterly bond between female celebrities.

Victoria Song

Jiang Xin

Tang Yixing

Shen Meng Chen

Michelle Chen

Kwan Chi-lin

Episode 1

72 Floors of Mystery finished airing and they are already floating rumors for another season.


Celebrity News

Lin Geng Xin has gotten much more popular after Princess Agents, which resulted in a lot of paparazzi following him around.

These days paparazzi follow you everywhere you go. Driving around hiding and coming to sharp stops, watching a movie about spies is not as satisfying as watching you. Did you get a good shot? Are you looking forward to me making a mistake or falling in love? Should The Eyes of God lend you a helping hand? Please care less about me and more about your own friends and family, thank you.


Fans have also been following him around, which he is not used to since he usually walks around like a non-celeb. He still took some time to sign autographs.

Lin Geng Xin and Mark Chao’s friendship was trending on weibo so I have to share some of their cute moments.

During one interview a reporter asked Lin Geng Xin if he envies that Mark Chao married the National Goddess (Gao Yuan Yuan) and Lin Geng Xin replied that he doesn’t envy it, he hates it. Someone wants his best friend all to himself.

July Rankings by Vlinkage

Top 10: Zhao Li Ying, Lin GengXin, Shawn Dou, Jin Dong, Zheng Shuang, Lu Han, Li Qin, Yang Mi, Dilireba


19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: The King’s Woman, Wuxin II, Heavy Sweetness, Ash like Frost, UpIdol 2

    1. What!!! Li Yiufei can dance. I cannot believe it. This is amazing. I loved the trailer – it feels so much more grander than the drama. I didn’t think anything could outdo the drama however it feels like its on such a larger scale than I don’t think it looks like it can be compared. Really looking forward to when the films out with English subs.


  1. These stills for Heavy Sweetness, Ash like Frost give me a little bit of hope that it won’t be a complete mess like I was fearing after seeing the character posters. But there are still some issues that bother me.
    1. Deng Lun’s outfits don’t look flashy enough. I always pictured Phoenix wearing really bright flashy outfits, which would match his personality.
    2. From other previews I am afraid YangZi is getting type casted to play the same silly role. She has been playing similar roles recently so they all kind of look like the same character to me now.
    3. I am curious about the other roles, mainly the one played by Chen Yuqi since I don’t remember that character from the book. Maybe I am missing something.
    4. Night’s outfits and demeanor doesn’t look like anything that I pictured while reading the book. I liked Luo Yunxi on My Sunshine, but I am worried about this role.

    I guess it is time for me to feel the pain of book lovers when they get a drama adaptation that ends up being different from what they imagined.


      1. 😦 I am super worried since I saw the character posters. I was actually decently happy with the cast choices but as more stuff came out, my expectations hit rock bottom.

        I don’t know why they make so many changes when doing adaptations. It also bothers me that they give all the twists away in the synopsis ;;;;

        For this story they don’t need to change anything since there is no time traveling. But I can already see that they made some pointless changes 😐


      1. I thought this girl was playing the one from the bird tribe.

        Chen Yuqi is suppose to play some princess from the demon world, but I don’t remember this character. If I am forgetting her, she was at least not big enough for second lead. I always saw the princess from the bird tribe as the second lead.


        1. Neither I remember demon-princess in novel, they might be made up charters. This is the reason i don’t like idea of adapting this novel into drama. It doesn’t have much material for episodic circulation and would be better be adopted as movie. Now they’re going to make original charaters that have never been seen int novel and dragging the plot. Movie format would be perfect with less charaters as novel is.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I think they would have butchered in a movie. China doesnt have the best book to movie adaptation, worse record than for dramas. But I really don’t understand why they are creating new characters and giving them such an important role as second lead. This just makes me feel like they will change a lot of the story for no reason 😦


    1. Yes I wonder about Yang Zi as well. She showed so much potential in Battle of Changsha and Yangko Dance; and I thought she would progress on to more challenging roles after her success in 2016. But she started taking on dramas like Legend of Dragon Pearl and it seems her role in this and the remake ofWhite Snake will be the same as well :/ Hopefully I don’t keep seeing Qiu Yingying in her because that’s a very frustrating character.

      Actually I am disappointed in the casting overall because I love the novel and the visuals and demeanor of the actors just don’t fit the characters they are playing. But I guess it’s hard to find actors that are beautiful or otherwordly enough to fit the descriptions in the book.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pretty much how I feel about YZ and her latest roles, they are all versions of Qiu Yingying. She is so typecasted in this role.

        I am okay with the visuals, what I don’t like is the vibe they are giving in the teasers which really don’t fit the characters. It is hard to find otherworldly actors so I much rather have ones that can act. However, they should act like the characters. 😦


    2. You would think that they know there is a decent fanbase for this novel and so they would show us Deng Lun in red/maroon robes even if they are going for a plainer and darker palette for the cast’s costumes.
      I find the first posters that came out (from previous articles) were cheaply photoshop and look amateurish. Night should be wearing what Deng Lun is wearing in the newer stills LOL. I understand the later half Phoenix would be donning darker robes. YZ’s management should help her branch out more and maybe go for darker characters.
      I wish they had robes that have star markings for Night. He’s like midnight, can be dreamy like a starry night yet mysterious. That unfathomable darkness hidden. At least let him wear navy blue robes. Aside from BBJX, I can’t remember when productions did a decent adaptation that I was fully satisfied throughout, not even 3L3W (raging over villains who took up screentime LOL).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The only reason they are doing the drama is due to its fanbase so I am really hoping they won’t change too much.
        Deng Lun outfits don’t look like anything I expected or imagined while reading the book. Yep, on the later half I expected Phoenix to have a darker look with dark robes. But his outfit from this preview don’t fit in my timeline. They are not the flashy I expected from the first half or the dark robes I expected from the second half. They are just bland.

        The previews for Night wearing white bothered me so much. I always pictured his outfits as dark blue, kind of midnight color. Just darkish tones of blue. I feel petty for making a big deal out of their outfits but to me it is like if Yehua suddenly was wearing white. Then his facial expression are so not like him. Just look at his official poster.

        I agree a 100% on the photoshoot, it looked so bad and cheap. YZ really needs to try a different character because it is getting hard to differentiate between her roles, they all look like the same person.

        I just know I am going to be that obnoxious person that keeps comparing the drama to the book when it airs. I am already there. I just don’t understand some of the changes. I get when they make book to drama changes due to time traveling or to make a character more likable, etc. But I don’t get it with this drama. *internally cries in frustration*

        I guess our imagination is better than TV adaptations.

        Liked by 2 people

    3. Chen yu qi plays a demon princess from the underworld, princess Yin Ling, sees Jin Mi’s dream and asks her , if she knows who Phoenix is kissing in the image . Jin Mi was dressed as a boy, and played dumb .
      I like chen yuqi..just don’t know about yang zi and Deng Lun as Jin Mi and Phoenix


      1. thanks! I think I have a faint memory of that, but not a second lead character imo. YZ and Deng Lun seemed okay to me in theory, the stills have been disappointing so far.


  2. I can’t wait for Heavy Sweetness to release trailer since these stills don’t say much about drama. Btw agree about Deng Lun’s outfits, not bright enough for phoenix


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