[Magazines] Cast of Princess Agents

Sadly there is no photo shoot with the whole cast. Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Liying did have a photoshoot together, earlier this year. This is just a compilation of recent photo shoots of actors from Princess Agents. The whole cast has gotten a lot of attention from this drama.

Zhao Liying

Sadly they didn’t release any more previews for this version of the magazine. But it is rumored to be from her Xtep photoshoot.


Tidbits: Zhao Liying revealed that she shares many things in common with Chu Qiao. She was also a fan of the books before taking on the drama and reportedly lost 8kg to film the role.

Lin Geng Xin

Tidbits: Lin Geng Xin revealed in an interview that he took the role to work with Zhao Liying. He first read the script and didn’t find Yuwen Yue too interesting, but after Zhao Liying took on the drama he decided to take it too. In his interview for this magazine, Lin Geng Xin said that his family and friends are all watching the drama and he gets a lot of questions about what will happen in the end.

Shawn Dou

Tidbits: Shawn has said in multiple interviews that he took on the role through the mediation of Zhao Liying. He said he once called her to collaborate on a drama with him, but she told him she had already taken up a project. After which, she said they were still missing one actor and that he should he take it up.

Li Qin

Tidbits: This is the second drama collaboration for Li Qin and Zhao Liying. Li Qin and Shawn Dou went on to film a modern drama after wrapping up Princess Agents.

Xing Zhao Lin

Tidbits: He was a trainee under SM for a few years.

Niu Junfeng

Cao Xi Yue

Deng Lun

Wang Yan Lin

Tidbits: He is friends with Lin Geng Xin since they both graduated from the same acting program.

Zhu Sheng Yi

Jin Han

Tidbits: Jin Han is signed under Zhao Liying’s studio.

Ruan Shengwen

Tidbits: He revealed that Zhao Liying invited him to participate in the drama. And that she also helped him pick his celebrity name Ruan Shengwen since his original name, Ruan Wei Jing, is hard to pronounce and remember. They worked together before in Journey of Flower.

Li Rujia

so long Princess Agents, it was fun!


36 thoughts on “[Magazines] Cast of Princess Agents

  1. All the actor & actress very awesome..best in everything.. In my opinion LGX is the most handsome actor as male lead in LiYing drama/movie (sorry WC, I change my heart to LGX😂😂). Princess Agent deserve to be popular because the story line is very good, actor & actress amazing, also it’s been almost half of year ZLY fans didn’t watched her new drama compared to 2014 to 2016 which we can watch her continuously. If they make season 2 I hope the main cast still the same (ZLY & LGX) and sorry to say If they change CQ with angela baby or other actress I didn’t want to watched it anymore (sorry for angela fans) and I believe the drama not succes as the first season.

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        1. Thanks for this compilation @fireflymaoh! I havent watched the final episode yet so will reserve comments until I watch it but the penultimate episode was pretty cool in my opinion – loved their discussion over hot pot. I actually think it is inferred that YX has proposed but CQ has not accepted but she also realises that if she stays on in Yanbei, it is a foregone conclusion (since everyone expects it) as she doesnt actually have an official military title anymore and it is not something she wants.

          On to something totally different, I saw on YouTube the other day that the WC-ZLY rumor is heating up again as apparently, there was photographic evidence of one of her assistants spotted (she was in the background of a wefie) on his set of Lost Love in Times inferring that she was there. This corroborates rumors that he was visiting her on the set of Monkey God. My real-life ship is still alive!!! I have to say that my hopes went up through their interaction on HC; WC is usually quite chivalrous and if it was anyother female artist, he would probably have been more apologetic after knocking her down – even if he was not aware then, he would have been informed after. It does seem that they are more familiar with each other than they admit openly. ZLY, too is pretty feisty from her 72 Stories show – she is never unabashed to rip into the boys so her not making a big fuss probably just means he is going to get it later!!

          I am a fan of LGX now too but at the moment, still on my WC-ZLY ship!!

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            1. hahah same with me @fireflymaoh I always searching everything related to LGX-ZLY…anyway how are you girls doing? it seems a decade I didin’t do girlstalk with all of you 🙂 @lizzieyen,I also watched it in youtube but don’t understand what they talk about just from the picture there is same woman spotted behind Li Ying (ZLY use hat,sunglasses & Mask) and WC at his film set. How about date rumour with FSF? and also watch ZLY spotted together with Li Yi Feng?so many video in Youtube but don’t understand what they talking about our girl (poor me). Talking about HC I watched it with english sub, Is it real WC always looked ZLY when he want to answer fans question or it is only editing so it is looked like he always looked ZLY? cause I cannot find fans cam for that HC.


              1. I adore LGX-ZLY ❤ I feel like 99% of dating news in cent are fabricated. For instance, that ZLY and LYF rumor it was ZLY and her cousin. And then there was the recent one with Feng Shao Feng where they were working on their upcoming movie and it got spread as something else. When you are too popular and single stuff like this happen.
                I think HC does purposely edit ZLY and WC, but they also have a good relationship and seem to be at least good friends.


  2. I’m mad at the production crew but on the bright side all the actors and actresses gained big exposure after PA. In my opinion, Li Qin’s character was wasted and so was Deng Lun’s character. ZLY definitely has an eye for acting talents or potentials. I hope if they do make a 2nd season, like Pooh, they would make sure the main cast is the same.
    I heard Angela shot down rumors that she was going to be CQ.

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      1. I believe everyone don’t want the main cast change because both LGX & ZLY have strong chemistry (eventhough there are not many skinship scene). Everyone especially actor want to collaboration with LY because she can build strong chemistry with male lead in her drama also she can made the drama become hits not only in mainland but also international. Looking forward for “glamourius time” with the new comer actor as her male lead. Be patient kris, hope there is good drama which you can work with LiYing, for now I enjoy watch 72 floor as your collaborations with LiYing 😊😊


      1. dont worry AB denied. Right now Princess Agents season 2 is trending on weibo and people are demanding the same actors. However, I wonder if ZLY will come back since her character got some hate. And LGX said he was not coming back unless ZLY came back.


        1. Wise decision LGX. Hope LiYing will consider to accept PA 2 to make her character become lovely so everyone will love her 😆😆


        2. Wait, why did they dislike her character tho? Do you mind elaborating? I mean I kinda lost interested half-way with most characters except for Yuan Chun and Yuan Song. They were interesting characters for me because of the dynamic and growth. I like how they were optimistic and spoiled in the beginning they without being so overly saccharine and how jaded they become with life without not overly pity.


          1. I don’t know I didn’t read too much into it. But from what I saw a lot of people were dissatisfied with her actions during the last 1/3 of the drama. They didnt understand why she stayed besides YX even after he was killing innocents and betraying people.


    1. Little know fact =D
      ZLY had a very small role in The Dream of Red Mansions (back when she wasnt famous and no one knew her) while Li Qin debuted in that drama playing the young version of one the lead roles.


    2. Yang Yang, Yang Mi and Huang Xuan were also in it, imagine the amount of $$$ to get that cast now. Li Qin and Yang Yang even dated back then supposedly.


      1. LiQin and Yang Yang dated? WHUUUUUT. Do another drama now since both are popular, lol. I really like Li Qin now after this drama. She was excellent and I look forward to her other dramas.

        I think LGX looked okay in ancient garb. Nothing in particular. But wow, he looks a lot dapper in modern clothes haha. Has LGX ever done a modern drama? From what I see, most are historical. He should try one…with ZLY ofc.


  3. About Ruan Shengwen’s original name, Ruan Weijing, being hard to remember. Well, in Pinyin, his first name looks like MSG. In fact, you could even read the whole pinyin name as “Soft MSG”. It looks easier to remember than the current name. Doesn’t it?
    Great job on the tidbits. Now I remember MSG was HQG’s Law Custodian or something.

    There’s too much politics attached to ZLY dramas from the last few years. Her drama endings are no longer satisfying. Sigh. I don’t have the energy to comment anymore. So many eps and multiple seasons. You’d have to have great stamina to keep up.


    1. I just pretty much copied what the article said when he talked about his name change 🙂 People were saying that now it would be easier to remember his name.

      Yes sadly there are a lot of politics in the entertainment business. And you can see them at work in her latest dramas because they end up doing well. I feel that since she doesn’t have a big company backing her up, she ends up at a disadvantage in these situations. Hopefully, she learned her lesson. I am much more optimistic about the studio and production company behind her next project and as a plus they refuse to sell their dramas to Hunan.


      1. Thank you so much for all your write-ups and comments on PA!

        On ZLY’s next drama, you’re referring to Shanying’s Ming Lan? I sure hope that ML will be a lot less tampered by politics than HQG, Chusen & PA.
        I think politics, monetary focus result in excessive efforts to “milk the most out of LY dramas”. They want to stretch out the total broadcast hours for advertising money. That detracted from the drama quality too much. And turned LY into their tool for their financial goals.
        Tang Yan has a real studio of her own? How many artists are there under her studio? I didn’t finish Princess Wei Young and I didn’t like PWY drama, but its plot was more coherent than PA overall. TY has strong backers? It appears as if TY is better prepped at fighting C-ent politics.
        I did hear negative comments about hunan tv. Certainly it doesn’t sound like a plus at all.


        1. Yes, Minglan has a more professional team behind it. I think this will be a more serious drama and hopefully there is less politics involved. That being said all these dramas have a lot of politics behind the scenes. There are rumors already that the production company wants to fill all the supporting cast with their own actors. This is kind of the same. I can only think of three female celebrities that have a lot of control over the cast and who gets more screen time, Fan Bing Bing, YangMi, and Ruby Lin. The main reason is that their production companies are the ones in charge of the drama. So everything ends up being in house.

          I think Tang Yan has a studio under a company similar to ZLY’s studio. I don’t know which artists are in her studio. And I am not sure of what company is behind her now, but she did have very strong backers when she debuted. She debuted with a very big role in a drama full of stars. ZLY played minor roles for years before getting her big break, which is a big difference.

          I saw part of PWY, but I found the story repetitive and it lost my interest pretty quick. I do think the production quality was much better than PA. However, despite its problems I found PA to be very different from the usual and pretty interesting since I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

          Hunan TV is horrible, I can write an endless list of complaints. But the main problem is that they don’t respect their audience. How they edit out part of the drama and how the prolong the series for ratings. Then just look at what they did to PA during their last episodes changing their time slot to promote a different drama in PA’s timeslot. They didn’t even advertise the change since they wanted people to tune in to the old time slot and catch the new drama. Honestly, this type of behavior is disgusting. They already paid for the drama, but they should have some respect for those that worked in the drama and for the audience. In the end, they are the top TV station when it comes to ratings. Their tricks work and people keep tuning in, eventually their tactics are adopted by other stations in hopes of obtaining the same result.


          1. Thank you for your insightful discussions.

            With ML, I’m among those who are not fond of FSF. Last I heard he’s still the male lead. But I dislike FSF less than the other names they threw around. Maybe they did that deliberately so ML fans will be happier with the FSF decision. 😀 I usually don’t mind Shanying’s regulars. Maybe a good way to look at it is sometimes studios need to keep their regular actors employed or the actors could jump ship?

            FBB, YM & RL. Now that you mentioned it, there were mentions of their studios in the past. Unfortunately I don’t like their dramas although I know YM has lots of international fans. Esp FBB, RL. Their dramas tend to be particularly Mary Sue. Princes and Kings often end up fighting for them. I guess YM had Gong in the Mary Sue category.

            Yep. Biz models that favors financial gain over everything else has a lot of drawbacks. Certainly it doesn’t lead to great dramas to watch.


            1. I feel the same about FSF. I did like one of the names they threw around even if he wasn’t well known. But I wasn’t feeling most. In the end, I am not a big FSF fan but he can act so at least that will be okay.

              FBB, YM, and RL have their studios produce their drama. They end up having a lot of control of what happens, which only helps them in the end. I am not a big fan of their dramas for the same reasons you mentioned. But I did enjoy Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

              Money is the bottom line but I don’t think it should hinder the quality of a drama to the point that is disrespectful to fans/audiences.

              I am really hoping MingLan’s producers stick to their regular quality dramas.


  4. i am not happy with the ending… i love the drama, and the cast but the ending is cliff-hanging.. it’s like an empty shell.. season 2 soon plssssssss…urg!!!


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