[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 53-55


Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title:Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 67 (for the TV version).

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 53


Yuwen Yue and Yuan Song are resting in the woods when Yue Qi catches a person robbing their things. They only wanted to steal food, so Yuan Song ordered to let them free and give them food. Yuan Song knows that when he gets to Yan Bei he won’t survive and Yuwen Yue assures him that he has a plan. Yan Xun warns Chen Yuan that if he does something like that again he will be dead. At this time Yan Xun finds out that Yuan Song is coming to Yan Bei.


Chen Yuan tries to assassinate Yuan Song the following night but Yuwen Yue was already ready for them. Chu Qiao thought that she knew Yan Bei already but now that she’s here it seems so cold. He Xiao tells her not to give up. Chu Qiao notices that Chen Yuan came back with arrows on his leg that belong to Yuwen Yue. Chen Yuan tells Yan Xun that Yuwen Yue is here too. 


The advisor and Zhan Ziyu are playing chess as they talk about the Feng Yun Ling. The advisor asks what Lou He’s daughter would do if she knew that Ziyu killed her mother. Ziyu knows that the advisor wants something from his boat and asks him what it is. He states that he will tell him where Lou He’s daughter in return he needs to help him become king. 


Yuwen Yue sends spies into Hong Chuan to try to get rid of their food supply. After they are in, Meng Fung and the rest of Yuwen Yue’s men plans to attack Yan Xun’s food supply. Unfortunately food supplies are going to be sent in the night so they can’t attack tonight. Ziyu is the one that brought all the food supplies to Yan Xun. He requests to meet Yan Xun but Yan Xun is at Lan city. The spy wants to kill Ziyu since he can be a powerful ally to Yan Xun, but Meng Fung disagrees. 


Yuwen Yue’s spies are trying to send a message out but was found by Chu Qiao. All of them are tortured but doesn’t say anything. Chu Qiao then writes a fake message and sends it out. Yuwen Yue receives the fake message and notices it fake and tells his men to retreat. They sneak out but Chu Qiao is already waiting for them outside. Despite the ambush they still manage to run back. Meanwhile the spies that were held escaped and Chen Yuan suspects it was Chu Qiao. 

Episode 54


Yan Xun is getting ready to battle again but Zhong Yu tries to stop them. Chen Yuan insults her and tells Yan Xun that the spies have been released. Yan Xun goes and ask Chu Qiao if it was true and she tells him no. Chu Qiao tries to stop him from going to war but he tells her that peace is obtained through war. 


Chuner sees Yuan Yang all alone and found out that he also lost his mother. She starts playing with him to get closer to him. When Yuan Yang was asked to see the emperor, Chuner tells him not to eat any food from strangers causing him not to like consort Lan who was going to take care of him. The emperor then asks Yuan Yang who he wants and he tells him he wants Chuner to take care of him. Mean while Prince Xiang leaves chang’an because he might be in danger for wanting the throne when the emperor wants Yuan Yang to inherit it. (Which is also why Chuner got closer to him)


The emperor is getting sick and needs his medicine but can’t reach. Just then Chuner appears and tells him that she will be taking care of him today.Chuner asks his father if he used her when he agreed to marry her off to Yan Xun, he said yes. She tells him that her happiest days were because he used her like a chess piece. She then goes on and tells him all the things he did wrong. The emperor finally notices that Chuner changed and watches as he puts poison in his medicine. She feeds him the medicine forcefully, but was stopped by Prince Xiang. Chuner is sent away with Wei Shuye trying to save her. 


Chen Yuan tells He Xiao that Yan Xun is sending them away. He agrees but Chen Yuan wants to destroy their flag, He Xiao tries to protect it. Chen Yuan cuts the flag in half and the people start fighting. 

Episode 55


 Chen Yuan tells on the Xiu Li Army and Yan Xun orders to kill them. Yuwen Yue tells Chu Qiao and she rushes to save them. He Xiao wants to take he blame for everyone and asks why Yan Xun hates them so much. Just as Yan Xun is about to kill them, Chu Qiao comes and take the blame. Yan Xun wants her to go back but she refused. Despite Chu Qiao’s request the people are still killed and she leaves. 


Yan Xun goes to Chu Qiao and apologize for making her unhappy. He tells her that he wants to give her the world and she’s the only one he has left so she can’t leave him. Chu Qiao realizes that they are from different worlds. Yan Xun then goes to warn Chen Yuan again to not interfere with his relationship with Chu Qiao. 


After the incident with Chuner the emperor asks Prince Xiang to be in charge of everything and if he wants to retreat he can. Chuner is sentenced to death but before he can drink the poison Wei Shuye comes. The guards attack Chuner but she is saved by her maid. Wei Shuye runs away with Chuner but he is shot along the way. 


Wei Shuye is at his last breathe and tells Chuner his plan and wants her to run away. She refuses and ask who he is and why she needs to listen to him. Wei Shuye tells her that he’s been liking her since they were children and dies. Prince Xiang finds Chuner but doesn’t kill her saying that she jumped off a river and died.


Chen Yuan uses Xiuli Army as lure to kill Chu Qiao. She falls for it and goes after Xiuli Army. When she arrives she finds out that Yuwen Yue saved them. 

iiAngelx3: Yuwen Yue and Chu Qiao are finally reunited!! Next week is the last week and there is still a lot left to be covered from the novel. (Really hoping for a season 2) I feel really pity for Chuner, as she said everyone who loves her ends up dying and shes all alone now. I was hoping that she would be able to kill the emporer, but nope Prince Xiang had to ruin it for me.


11 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 53-55

  1. Standing ovation for Li Qin for her scene in 54 where she confronts her father/the emperor! I say it this way because she sometimes as one and sometimes as the other. She did a terrific job expressing both ways. We actually backed up the video and watched it again, twice, before moving on!

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    1. I was wondering if anyone was going to stand up to him. // Has anyone read the book? Curious if they’ll tailor the ending in a similar way. Read other comments saying it does not have a happy ending….


  2. Up to date ! And my thoughts:-

    1. I actually teared up at Wei Shuye’s death. So foolhardy, so silly, so real. I hope CE finds a way to live – may the drama not be so cruel to her. Life may not have been very kind to her the past year but unlike some people, she has had 3 people willingly die for her so that she could live. Arguably they should have respected her wishes but perhaps she should see that she was so important to 3 people for them to lay down their lives for her and move past YX. That is the problem when you are entitled – you cannot move on from your disappointment and act out in the worst ways possible with power and wealth in hand. Case in point – YX.

    2. Poor CQ – it seems that she has been getting a lot of flack for not leaving YX and I just don’t understand. How could she leave ? Abandon the people/army to an angry, unhappy man-child who thinks not of collateral damage but purely his need to assuage his pain. As MF told YS, everyone has their story – just not everyone is as privileged to share it (or whine about it endlessly!).

    3. Raging revenge consumes you. Cheng Yuan too must have lost his family when Wei invaded but once on their path, it just snowballs until you are can’t escape its clutches and lose your own humanity. He is definitely one that can play with words and the minds of others – even if YX can’t see it, he can tell that CQ’s affection for him is not romantic.

    4. I love how YWY did not immediately rush to speak or move to his XE. He has expressed himself earlier and he knows that she has feelings for him too but right now, they are across enemy’s lines. She was definitely more excited to see him which showed in her facial expressions.

    5. What a great job LQ did! Such a departure from her previous roles – she does tottering on insanity well without being complete maniacal – loved how she laid down the faults of her father. Yes, why should she be good to him when he wasn’t good to her or her brothers? Where does fillial piety stop and rational logic take over?

    One thing I like about c-dramas is that although they tend to meander, they are always tinged with reality. YS, realizing that there are way more people worse than him. The grievances of the Yan army with CQ. Tough times brings out the best in people but also the worst – and that really is just a reflection of Life itself.

    3 more episodes to go!!!

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    1. Agreed with everything you mentioned and wow Li Qin scene trying to poison her father was the best! Ugh I can’t believe only 3 more episodes left. Not enough otp moments :(.

      Lol I feel like Li Qin will survive and be the person to kill Yan Xun in the end.

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  3. Cq only has 2 kinds of people in her life: those who love her and those who truly hate her..cheng yuen general may be right that cq needs to b gone because she is only holding back yx but if they will only accept her and xiuli they would have seen what an asset she will be for yx but i guess they have different goals..again, chun er shows again y she is best actress in this show..finally some1 dares to tell the emperor everything is his fault..now with prince xiang in charge and possibly will b emperor there will b peace but yanbei will never accept that peace..yx and co only wants annihilation of chang an to b at peace


  4. I dont get yx..he already got the girl, cq already chose him but he’s the one pushing her away to ywy with his decisions and actions..he justifies it by saying he wants to give the best and the world but he himself knows that what cq only wants is to live peacefully in yanbei with him..


    1. Honestly, I think that was just YX’s excuse. He was trying to justify his greedy thirst for power by convincing himself that he was doing it for CQ. As he finally admitted in the last episode (which… ^#$&@ I have many thoughts but will save them for the appropriate recap), YX had always been ambitious but just hid it from CQ.


  5. Omg preview for 58, this show is too shorttttt!!! I hope its like Chusen (only better) that they divide the series into Season 1 and Season 2. I feel like the drama could expand CQ significance as leader of the underground spies and how she can work with YWY. Also maybe establishing peace between Wei and Liang. Theres a lot more to other characters I would like to see.


  6. hope that there will be a season 2 with the same actors and actresses! it would be very nice to see and continue to watch this drama worthy to watch for. hoping that they film the seasson 2 as soon as possible, so that viewers wont get tired of waiting hehe… just saying!


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