[Discussion] The First Half of My Life (我的前半生)

Episode Count: 42

Where to watch: Viki (Eng Subs) | Youtube (raw)


What happens when your seemingly happy life falls apart around you?

Luo Zi Jun (Ma Yi Li) thought she had a happy life after marrying Chen Jun Sheng (Lei Jia Yin) and was a devoted housewife. But when Jun Sheng suddenly files for divorce and leaves her, Zi Jun’s idyllic life crumbles around her. She turns to her best friend, Tang Jing (Yuan Quan), and her longtime boyfriend, He Han (Jin Dong), and for emotional support and advice. He Han is a successful businessman and Tang Jing is a high-powered career woman.

With the help of He Han and Tang Jing, Zi Jun gets back into the workforce and tries to piece her life back together. But what happens when He Han and Zi Jun start to develop feelings for each other?

“The First Half of My Life” is a 2017 Chinese drama series directed by Shen Yan. It is based on a novel by the same title by Yi Shu.

translation credit: Viki


Jin Dong as He Han 

Ma Yi Li as Luo Zi Jun

Yuan Quan as Tang Jing


This drama is currently very popular in China. As I mentioned in another post, it is not a drama that appeals to me. However, I feel that if you are watching it, it is one of those dramas that deserves some discussion.


15 thoughts on “[Discussion] The First Half of My Life (我的前半生)

  1. I feel like a lot of Chinese modern dramas that are popular are not the type that gets a lot of interest outside of China. The tv ratings for this show are amazing, comparable to Princess Agents in the earlier time slot. Most of the good Chinese modern dramas are the type that makes you reflect on your own life. They definitely don’t guarantee a happy ending and focus more on life choices. Sometimes they can be a little too realistic in portraying life’s struggles which make it a little hard to watch. I love that their characters are not black or white, saint or villain. Unlike kdramas, I like that I don’t have to sit through a moral lesson where in the end the lead (good side) always prevails. Life doesn’t always work that way. I think a lot of people would just read the synopsis and think it’s morally wrong, but I’m sure there is a lot to take away from this drama. I look forward to checking it out once I’m done watching my other dramas.

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  2. I love this drama as it is base on what is happening to our lives nowadays. From moral aspect people will say its wrong for He Han and Ji Zun to be together after what Tang Ming have done for Ji Zun. But from a real life love is like that. When u miss the boat u can ask it back. Back then He Han has proposed but Tang Jin cant trust him even after 10 years with him how sure she can do that in the future. What He Han said is correct, he and Tang Jin is compatible for each other but They have to always beware of each other as for Ji Zun she just walk n pass each day as it is. With Ji Zun he can just be himself that is what Tang Jin cant give him. The only wrong thing he did was to realise in only after 10 years. If I am Tang Jin i will walk out but I cant forgive maybe not for now. But as for a fan of He Han i would like him to end up with Ji Zun as i feel the love he have for her is deeper than his 10 years love for Tan Jin. So 5 more ep to go n i hope they will give us a good ending.

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  3. I agree with DramaLvr that the thing that attracts me to and turns me off of chinese dramas is how realistic some of them are in portraying life. I can appreciate that life is never clear cut and everything doesnt get wrapped in a bow at the end. However, I still prefer my dramas to portray the realistic while having a satisfying ending and that’s the reason why I dropped this drama after 20 some episodes. While Tang Jing’s character has her flaws and all, I just can’t help but think that it’s so damn unfair the guy she’s with for 10 years falls for her best friend and the viewers are somehow expected to be okay with that. Yes, it’s realistic or whatever sure, but it’s still a drama and something meant for entertainment. And I find Luo Zijun’s character just so, so annoying overall. She’s just not very likeable from the get go and I personally dislike in real life the type of person that she portrays.

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  4. Personally, my heart breaks for Tang Jin. She has been betrayed by the 2 persons that she deems her best friends, both of whom know exactly how she feels about He Han. Even worse, ZiJun is also privy to all her most intimate thoughts regarding He Han (as most bestie girlfriends do). Yes, ZiJun “did not do anything”… that is the ultimate betrayal, isn’t it? She knew very early on that she was falling for He Han, but yet “did not do anything” to stop the progression. She also knows that He Han feels the same, and again, “did not do anything” to halt his progression either. She’s continuously seeking and accepting help from him, in ALL aspects of her life. What she has done to Tang Jin is worse, if not on par, with what her ex-husband did to her. There’s not much to say about He Han – he is just a b******. Jin Dong is one good-looking one tho! 😉

    I want to know what the ending is for this betraying pair – and I hope that it is not “happily ever after”, altho I don’t have much hope. I would rather karma come back to bite them, just so the audience don’t think that people can behave this way and receive no punishment.

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    1. Yeah..i am pretty sure He Han and zi jun will remain as friend in the final episodre cause it is morally wrong if they are together .
      Somehow my gut feeling said they wont be together..(even though they have admitted they love each other)


    2. What a stupid way of thinking. In the end, is better for both of them (He Han and Tangjin) not to live in a lie. He Han liking Zijun was not in purpose, it flowered like Junsheng and Ling Ling and the heart cannot lie. That is life and even if it is not good and not everybody get what they deserve wheter is good or bad we have to bear it and move on~~ There is no punishment just consequences, and the capacity of each people to understand what is happening in their lives~~


    3. why don’t you see it as karma for Tang Jin for treating He Han like crap when he was treating her like a queen?

      I loved the part where He Han showed Zijun their office and
      nature of work and that’s when Zijun realized that she could have stayed with her husband while he is on OT, sending him supper, making him some tea or simply keeping him company etc but she did nothing. All she was ever concerned about is shopping and spending money.

      In the same way, we see He Han always helping out Tang Jin in all ways, cooking for her etc, but does she do anything for He Han in return? All she does is order him around, asking him to send her friend’s mother home, to deliver meals, getting upset with him over her freaking job, fighting over clients. She places He Han beneath her job and her friend, any sane man would have left her.


  5. Legally Tang Jin and He Han are not married. If you live with a man for 10 yrs and yet not legally bonded means they should let go. It is Tang Jin mistake to let them happend. Men always like pitiful woman. Not too independent and strong.


    1. To be fair, He Han was faced with many pitiful women to choose from in those ten years, but the only woman he wanted was Tang Jin. He also wasn’t attracted to Zijun until she started taking steps to help herself. I think his issue is he likes strong women, but also wants to feel superior. Tang Jin already learned all that she could from him so he wanted someone else to teach. He’s always been a bit patronizing, so although I still find him and Zijun to be crappy people, this is ultimately good for Tang Jin.


  6. Men easily falls for women who are dependent on them relying like needing them…it makes them feel so manly and important..they don’t like headstrong super intellectual kind…and competitive with them…love is beyond ones emotion to control…if it happens it’s just there…He Han didn’t have the intention to fall for zijun but he did and vice versa..Tang jing had her chance but she wasn’t able to hold on it..once the love is gone, it’s gone..although I feel bad for her she has to let go. I think He Han deserves to be happy for waiting this long almost 40 to fall in love …and zijun deserves her second chance in love…life is full of surprises, but you have to face it…let the love begin


  7. Tang Jin deserves it. He Han is so capable in so many aspects and does so much for her and yet Tang Jin uses him like a servant most of the time. So many women would “worship” someone as capable as He Han but he doesn’t even get basic respect from Tang Jin. She is more devoted to her job and friend then her man. Just cos she is independent doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to give a shit to her man.


    1. I don’t think any one deserves to be cheated on, male or female. The way you make it sound is that Tang Jin didn’t care for him at all. She did, but it’s also hard to be a woman and have a job, especially in a higher position. He Han even mentioned that Tang Jin faces a lot more challenges than he does. That’s why she she works a lot. But I think she didn’t know realise just how unbalanced her life was until it was too late. With that said, He Han was quite unlikeable to me because he just had to act like the knight in shining armour to every woman in the drama. That kind of behaviour is worse because you hurt people more. If you don’t feel things, then don’t pretend. Pity and fake niceness is deceptive and cowardly.


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