Celebrity Rankings by CCSmart and Forbes China


CCSmart released their rankings for most valuable stars of the year and it seems Zhao Liying and Li Yi Feng are still benefiting from the success of their drama last year. If I were to guess this list probably compiles data from the second half of 2016 and the first half of 2017. CCSmart looks at various things including box office, ratings, online views, fan base, and media attention.

2017 Film Star Value Report by CCSmart

Most Valuable Actor

  1. Li Yi Feng
  2. Deng Chao
  3. Lu Han
  4. Huang Xiaoming
  5. Luo Zhixiang
  6. Wu Yifan
  7. Yang Yang
  8. Wallace Huo
  9. Chen Xuedong
  10. Jackie Chan

Most Valuable Actress

  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Angelababy
  3. Fan Bingbing
  4. Yang Mi
  5. Chen Qiao En
  6. Lin Xinru
  7. Guan Xiaotong
  8. Liu Tao
  9. Yang Zi
  10. Tang Yan

Most Valuable Director: Stephen Chow

Most Valuable Producer: Huang Jianxin

Most Valuable IP Writer: Liu Wanhui  

Most Valuable Manager: Huang Bin (Zhao Liying’s current manager)

CCSMart had a small ceremony attended by most of the winners with thank you videos by Zhao Liying and Li Yi Feng.

Forbes China:

30 under 30 (Entertainment and Sports Section)

  • Zhang Jike (Tennis player, 29)

  • Hui Ruoqi (Volleyball player, 26)

  • Dong Li (Fencing player, 24)

  • LuHan (singer, 27)

  • Zhang Yixing/Lay (singer, 26)

  • all three TFBOYS (singers 17-18)*

  • Huachen Yu (singer, 27)

  • Liu Yifei (actress, 30)**

  • Zhou Dongyu (actress, 25)

  • Zhao Liying (actress, 30)**

  • Dilireba (actress, 25)

  • Jing Boran (actor, 28)

  • Li Hu (writer, 28)
  • Chen Ruolin (Diving athlete, 26)

  • Chen Long (Badminton player, 28)

  • Fu Yuanhui (Swimmer, 21)

  • Zhu Ting (Volleyball player, 23)

  • Wu Yifan (actor, 27)

* I know they also act, but they are labeled as singers

** They are not 30 yet, but they will be 30 by the end of the year

*** I left out the CEOs

For a full list of rankings: 1. 2. 3.


10 thoughts on “Celebrity Rankings by CCSmart and Forbes China

  1. When did Li Yifeng start to become mainstream popular? I remember loving him in Sunny Happiness years ago, but didn’t hear much news about him until super recently. Was it mainly because of his drama with ZLY, or did he have some other popular roles before that?

    Also pleasantly surprised to see Show Luo on the list! I remember the days just after Hi My Sweetheart when his international popularity was high and there were tons of articles and Youtube fan subbers focused on him. There aren’t too many of those left, so I assumed his popularity had declined :/ but I guess not!

    Man, how the times have changed! Talking about Sunny Happiness and Hi My Sweetheart made me realize that I don’t even know what the latest TW dramas are anymore. Ten years ago, it felt like the majority of English language C-ent blogs were focused on TW and HK ent; now I can only seem to find ones about the mainland? Or maybe it’s just that the lines between these three entertainment circles have gotten blurred, haha. This has turned into a really long comment… Anyway, thanks for taking the time to translate and post this!


    1. probably 2014, he had a drama with YangMi that was really big.
      I think there hasn’t been a good TW drama for some time now. The popular TW/HK actors and good HK directors have moved to the mainland. Plus all the big money is there. I just think current TW/HK productions can’t compete with the expensive productions and bigger names coming out the mainland. Then add that they are losing actors, directors, writers, etc. Not a good combo.


      1. Has Li Yifeng done any new projects recently? I haven’t seen anything involving him since that drama with Yang Mi so I was kind of surprised he ranked so high this year.


        1. yeah, he was in a few decently popular dramas after the one with YangMi. But in 2016, his two dramas did really well. Sparrow did pretty well in both ratings and online views, while Chusen was the drama with the highest online views for the year. Data wise he dominated the second half of 2016.


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