[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 42-43


Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 58

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 42


Yuan Song stabs Yan Xun asking him where Chuner is. Yan Xun doesn’t say anything and cut off Yuan Song’s arm. Chuner sees the whole thing and runs to Yuan Song. Yan Xun tells the soldiers to send Chuner and Yuan Song back to Chang’an and faints from the poison on the sword. In order to cure Yan Xun they need to leave to another place where there are more herbs. 


He Xiao knows that Yan Xun never forgave them or sent Chu Qiao to save them. He questions if Yan Bei will ever forgive them. Chu Qiao tells him that what they did back then will never be forgotten, but they have changed. They are fighting and have proved their loyalty to Yan Bei, so they should believe in themselves. She tells him that even if Yan Xun doesn’t accept them she will protect them. He Xiao and the rest of the army ask her to be the leader, Chu Qiao rejects and tells them they can only be loyal to one person and that is Yan Xun. 


Chu Qiao and the army found Yan Xun’s soldiers and ask why they are heading back to Chang’an. They refused to say at first but eventually tell her that they are escorting Chuner and Yuan Song back. When Chu Qiao enters the cave that the two are held she is shocked to see that two men are getting dressed with Chuner on the floor. Chu Qiao orders the two men to be killed as she goes to comfort Chuner, Yuan Song is also on the floor with blood on his head. Chu Qiao apologizes to Chuner as she is hitting her. Afterwards she kills the soldiers after they tell her everything. 


Yuwen Yue tells Yuwen Lie about his plans to attack Yan Xun with Prince Xiang. Yuwen Lie tells him that his father told them not to do anything because if he does he will end up like Yan Sicheng. Yuwen Yue tells him that he isn’t doing it for honor, he’s doing it for the people of Chang’an. Yuwen Lie then questions how he raised a child like him, which Yuwen Yue respond by saying that he has no father because he abandoned them years ago. 


Zhong Yu tells Yan Xun that they should start leaving, but Yan Xun still wants to wait for Chu Qiao. He tells her that he is the only one Chu Qiao has left and he needs to protect her. Zhong Yu tells him that they should wait for the Xiuli army and leave. Yan Xun still hasn’t forgiven them and ordered for them to go to the frontier, a punishment that is meant for those who received the death sentence. He leaves without waiting for the Xiuli army. 


Yuan Song tells Chu Qiao to leave but she follows them making sure they are safe until they reach Chang’an. Yuan Song bid farewell to Chu Qiao, who still has little hope that she would chose him. Chu Qiao tells him that she will never kill him. Prince Xiang arrives shortly after Chu Qiao leaves and Chuner puts all the blame on her telling Prince Xiang to go catch her. 

Episode 43


Consort Lan is still worried about his son. Just then Yuwen Huai’s subordinate brings in a box and tell her that he was too late. Devastated, she puts the blame on Chu Qiao, wanting to kill her.


Yan Xun is trying to search for Chu Qiao, but instead get the news that the emperor sent out orders to kill Chu Qiao the day Yuan Song and Chuner was back. Yan Xun tells him that who ever kills Chu Qiao, he will kill their whole family.


Yuwen Yue tells Yuwen Lie that he is going to leave to take out all of Liang spies. Yuwen Lie asks him what he would do if he meets Chu Qiao along the way. Yuwen Yue asks what he wants him to do and Yuwen Lie tells him just don’t get too involved with her. Yuwen Yue questions why he is able to cut off this legs to save the women he loves but I can’t? Yuwen Lie tells him that he regrets what he did. Yuwen Yue asks if he is able to watch that women die, and leaves. 


As Chu Qiao is being attacked by a bunch of soldiers, Liang Shaoqin pass by. He tries to leave, but his horse doesn’t move and he starts blabbing nonsense about law and reason. Chu Qiao uses this chance to hop on his horse and escape. Chu Qiao thanks the horse and tries to give him money but he doesn’t accept and leaves. 


Yan Xun reaches Yan Bei but no one shows up. They tell him that no one wants to fight against the Wei. Yan Xun then heads off to a party held by one of the tribes, where most of the people are at. The tribe leaders thinks that Yan Xun is weak and doesn’t believe that he left Chang’an in chaos. Yan Xun hears everything and introduces himself as their new king before slicing one of the leaders head.


Yuwen Yue arrives at Xianyang to find out more about the Liang spies but was too late, they escaped. He then tells them to search for Chu Qiao. Shaoqin ends up being a slave and brought by Chu Qiao. She tells him they are even now and leaves. (Get gets caught again) Xiao Ce is also looking for Chu Qiao and asks Zhan Ziyu to save her. Ziyu states that he only kills people and Xiao Ce uses Xia Chong as a trade. 

iiAngelx3: Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue finally meets again in the next few episodes! Although I do pity Chuner for what happened to her, I don’t like how she blames Chu Qiao for everything, Consort Lan too. It seems like everyone just wants to blame Chu Qiao for everything thats happening. A new character is introduces, I remember him from JoF, but his character is a bit annoying.


10 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 42-43

  1. I feel the same way, although Im sad for Chuner that has nothing to do with Chu NO OF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER, all of them are using her as a tool or a scapegoat. All she wants to do is survive😩😩😩 and be happy


  2. yup, at this junction everyone want to blame chu qiao since she’s the easiest target to blame. which makes me frustrated to no end. though she partly to blame but these thing still would have happened even if chu qiao wasn’t involved. the emperor would not give up killing yan xun nor would yan xun give up getting revenge for his family.


  3. I understand how they both blame CQ and I think if you see it from their point of view CQ is the easy scapegoat. They both need someone to blame and to target their hate. As for CE, she already blamed CQ for the distance between YX and her. Now she sees CQ as part of the reason there was a rebellion in the first place and thus responsible.
    I was thinking about the concubine. Hers is a bit more out there. However, I remember she was raped when she was young to protect CQ. Then when she finally managed to turn her life around, CQ appears in her life. So I think it is more a combination of things.

    These episodes were great. They were emotionally wrenching and very well acted. There was a lot going on and they marked a change for all our main characters. Lin Qin did a great job.

    My favorite part of this drama is the complexity of its characters. They all feel very real with actual human complexity that doesn’t fit the usual stereotype of dramas.

    Here we have YWY who is supposed to be a hero and protect his country, but he betrays his country for the woman he loves. CQ who naturally wants to protect innocent people makes decisions that lead to the death of hundreds of innocent people. As much as she knows she was only doing it to save herself, she knows it was a mistake.
    YX who only wanted to live and take revenge for his family is becoming just like the Emperor in his quest for power. Chun’er who was innocent and a good person is now full of rage. I think both YX and CE have valid reasons for wanting revenge, but they will both hurt innocent people to get it. In CE’s case by her misguided revenge. While in YX’s case is his increasing thirst for power and decreasing compassion for others. So while their actions are not good ones, you can understand how they became like that.

    None of the characters are heroes, they just have different priorities.YWY’s only priority is CQ. While I believe CQ wants to stay alive and end this oppressive system. For YX it is power so no one can ever crush him again. While for CE, it is revenge to make everyone pay for her suffering.

    They all are now in a different place from where they started and they have been shaped by life, either in a negative way (YX/CE) or positive (YWY). You can see how much of an influence CQ is on YWY on how he buys the slaves in the market bc he just feels bad leaving them there. CQ has changed the least, she still has similar goals and she is still pretty stubborn. But she is slowly getting smarter about her actions and how not all good intentions end up with good results.

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    1. Well said! All actions have consequences and we just have to live with it and make the best out of it. Li Qin did very well this week and looking forward to seeing her playing an antagonist.

      For YWY, I do think he is not driven by his love for CQ (at this stage at least) only as in his mind, the main culprits in this whole tragedy are the Liang spies and it is only by completely eradicating them that one can have any hope of restoring balance – as long as they are around, they will continue to make things worse by either provoking the Wei King or Yanxun which means certain misery for the general population. Of course, he too would look for CQ (similar to XC or YX) as she is now a wanted person and wants to save her.

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      1. That is a good point. I felt that when he let her escape versus exposing their rebellion, he chose her over his duties. Also, his conversation with his grandfather where he says he didn’t want to be like his dad who gave up his wife to defend his country.
        But he does think that Liang spies are a big headache and he is right.


    2. I haven’t read the books, but Chu Xiao seems pretty heroic to me. She risks her life to save others, including strangers and those quick to have her killed in return. She shows sympathy and restraint even when she’s been horribly wronged (her outrage is usually reserved for other victims). I think it’s a bit much to blame her for Yan Xun’s extreme actions. Why not blame someone who actually wields power and influence? She has been a slave struggling to survive since the first episode. Yan Xun was a victim whom she helped survive and escape. He was wronged and she gave him a reason to live on. Yes, she stoked his desire for revenge, but she never advocated killing innocent people. He learned that from the other princes and nobles. Maybe I missed something, but the hired thugs, the burned homes, the abandoned Xiu Li forces, and the plan to murder students were all Yan Xun’s secret schemes. He knew Chu Xiao disapproved of such actions. Sure, Chu Xiao may have downplayed her misgivings and pretended collateral damage was avoidable, but there was no option devoid of bloodshed. What should she have done instead? What could she have done?

      Also, Chun’er saw what happened to Yan Xun’s family and her maid. Her so-called innocence should have evaporated the moment she realized the price of power and privilege. Instead, she is pitied for chasing a self-indulgent dream, endangering others and herself in the process, while Chu Xiao is blamed for trying to rescue others and survive.

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  4. Song er, chun er and wei shuye should all just disappear in their own little world and pls take concubine lan with you..this bunch is too stupid for their own good..now who gets to save cq: yx, ywy or prince of liang..let the battle begin!! Yx being bad ass is too hot to handle


  5. Chun’er should have listened when she was told not to marry him. It’s really sad what happened to her but I feel she somewhat brought it upon herself.


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