[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 31-33

Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 58

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 31

Yuwen Yue and Prince Xiang returns to Chang An and reports to the King first thing. The king promotes Yuwen Yue to a general under Prince Xiang for the victory battles on the border. The king also summons Yan Xun. After 3 years of imprisonment, the king finally grants Yan Xun freedom to leave the manor. The king also tells them that RouRan ambassadors future arrival. He wants to organize a hunting ground to welcome them. Right after the three are dismissed, the king summons prince Xiang back because of the news regarding the fire at the royal family’s grave. Alone, the king praises prince Xiang for his bravery and intelligence. He tells him that he has high hopes for him.

Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun sits down at Yan Xun’s manor. He asks him how is he doing? He tells him that back then, after he receives news that Yan Sicheng died, he just wanted to protect him. Yan Xun cuts him off and tells him that he sees Yuwen Yue as belonging to the same group as Yuwen Huai and them. People that betrayed him. As Yan Xun is walking away, Yuwen Yue asks him how if Xing Er doing. Yan Xun replies with another question: Why? You want to kill her again?

Prince Xiang stops why Yuwen Yue manor to tell him about the king’s decision to punish Yuwen Huai for not protecting the royal family’s graves properly. The king also orders the 3rd prince to return to Chang An as a strategy to balance out the power with prince Xiang. Back at his manor, prince Xiang tells the old advisor of Yan Bei that they must kill Yan Xun. They saw thru Yan Xun’s ambition and state Yan Xun must not return to Yan Bei. For the well being of the citizens.

Yan Xun and A Chu arrive at the hunting ground with prince Yu. Prince Yu pulls A Chu aside and tell her that he will leave the palace and establish his manor soon. He will be able to pick his wife afterward. A Chu effortlessly congratulates him. But what he wants is for her to agree to be his. She tells him that she is just a maid. He got angry and tells her that he had never treated her as a maid. She diffuses the situation by saying she’s just joking and runs away. She sees an injured rabbit and tends to it but out of nowhere, two people shot at her. They’re playing a hunting game. They throw money at her and tell her to run as a target. She grabs her bag and run but soon realizes that she can’t run faster than a horse. She stops and the princess if she can shoot a slave on a horse. The prideful princess tells her person to give his horse to A Chu. A Chu pretends not to know how to ride a first but soon pulls out a knife to stab the horse. The horse sprints away and A Chu easily escaped.

Back at the camp, Yan Xun receives a gift that prince Yu sends to A Chu. It’s a dress for the night’s party. The jealous Yan Xun flicks water all over it and then asks A Jing to bring in the dress that was meant to be a gift for Chun Er. When A Chu returns, he gives her the dress he prepared and then tells her about the dress that prince Yu sent over. She notices that wet spots and purposely let Yan Xun knows that she likes his dress more than prince Yu’s dress.
The ambassador princess Zhama finds A Chu at Yan Xun’s camp and wants revenge. After Yan Xun tells her that A Chu is not for sale she whips toward A Chu. A Chu ducks but the whip hits her hair and let down her hair. Because of that, now everyone know that A Chu is not a guy and may possibly be Xing Er. Zhao Xifeng and Wei Shuyou want to use this opportunity to kill both Yan Xun and A Chu.

Episode 32

To prevent Zhama princess from bullying A Chu, Yan Xun tells A Chu to come to the night party with him dressed as a girl. A Chu and Yuwen Yue officially meet again for the first time in the last 3 years. After her horse performance, Zhama princess asks the king to grant her a chance to compete with Yan Xun’s maid, A Chu. Yan Xun and prince Yu try to help but the king approves in competition in the end.

First round is A Chu versus a warrior under Zhama princess. A Chu easily knocks him down. Round 2 is A Chu versus Zhama princess in a arrow shooting competition. Zhao Xifeng wants to use this opportunity to suggest Zhama princess using real arrows and A Chu using headless arrows. The king approves. A Chu first shot snaps off the princess’s string. Without a bow, the Zhama admits defeat. The king happily awards A Chu but Zhao Xifeng reveals A Chu’s identity as a runaway slave and asks the king to punish her. Yuwen Yue steps out and reports that A Chu had been freed of her slave status. It’s just he hasn’t have time to hand her the official document. Once clarified, the king dismisses the case.

Zhao Xifeng and Wei Shuyou plan to kill Yan Xun and A Chu the next morning in the hunting ground. They thought they had the advantage but did not know that A Chu and Yan Xun already schemed to trap them the same day. Zhao Xifeng and Wei Shuyou follow Yan Xun out to the hunting ground but half way out Wei Shuyou stops. Zhao Xifeng continues to pursue Yan Xun with his men. A Chu kills them all and shoots Zhao Xifeng with her crossbow. The severely injured Zhao Xifeng does not believe that Yan Xun will kill him cause that will cause an uproar. He laughs at Yan Xun and recounts the time he killed his sister. Yan Xun plunges his sword into Zhao Xifeng’s heart to avenge his sister. He purposely drops his jade next to the body afterward.

When Zhao Xifeng did not return to camp at night, the guards are sent to search for him. They find his torn up body and the jade. The king questions Yan Xun about it and he innocently turns the accusation toward Wei Shuyou. He tells the king that Wei Shuyou might have stolen the jade from him last night when he confronted him and used it to frame him of killing Zhao Xifeng. Now that both person are under suspicion, the king asks Yuwen Yue to investigate. Yuwen Yue passes the ball to prince Xiang to lead the investigation. Yan Xun, as the prime suspect, is locked up until further investigation.

The three corpses of Zhao Xifeng’s followers was found during the investigation. After examination, Yuwen Yue claims that the injury is caused by a spiral arrow, a unique weapon of the Wei family. Prince Xiang leads the investigation toward Wei Shuyou and orders a search in his tent. Inside a master designed box, they find a map of Yan Bei’s army encampment. This finding puts Wei Shuyou and the Wei family as the prime contender of wanting to take control of Yan Bei and rebel. With all evidence points toward Wei Shuyou, in order to protect the Wei family, his father steps out and plunges the spiral in his heart and kills him in front of the king.

Episode 33

The king worries about the power balance of his country while Wei is devastated about the death of his son. He wants revenge but cannot rush to it. They decide that it’s best to hire assassins from jianghu to kill Yan Xun. Zhong Yu and a new face meet to discuss an escape play for Yan Xun. They will protect him at all cost when it’s time for him to leave.

The king summons A Chu to the palace for unknown reason. Before she arrives, Yuwen Huai throws her sword at her and frames her for bringing weapons into the palace. He orders his men to capture her but she easily defeated them. Yuwen Yue steps out to protect A Chu again. He tells Yuwen Huai that the sword she’s carrying is his sword. He just orders her to bring it to him. Yuwen Yue leads A Chu away. He asks for his sword back and she asks for hers. They draw their sword and start to fight. The two swords fly off and back to the rightful owner. Yuwen Yue tells A Chu that he still has her slave statement. In order for him to give it to her, he tells her to be his maid again for one day. The free herself from slave status, she agrees. She didn’t get to meet the king in the end because of an emergency meeting he called for.

A Chu arrives at Qing Shan Yuan the following day as agreed. She asks Yuwen Yue if he’s not afraid that she will kill him then pulls out her knife. He tells her that he’s not afraid. If she wanted to, she would have poisoned the tea already. He keeps calling her Xing Er even when she tells him that her name is Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue tests her martial arts but when she was about to slip, he catches her and injures his hand in the process. During lunch, they eat together but A Chu keeps fighting for the meat. Night time, Yuwen Yue tells her that back then he only have enough antidote to save grandpa therefore in order to prevent her brother from dying a painful death, he decides to kill him instead. A Chu shows no reaction after hearing that. Yue Qi gives her the slave statement as she was leaving. He also tells her that back then, Yuwen Yue only faked her death. He wanted to save her but did not get there in time. A Chu clings onto the statement after hearing that but still left without turning back.

After the initial stealing of the royal family’s mausoleum, the stolen artifacts are slowly turning up in the market and is catching the king’s attention. The king summons Wei Guan, the designer of the mausoleum and questions him regarding the leaks and the stolen artifacts. Wei Guan left and Yuwen Yue enters. The king orders Yuwen Yue to investigate the case and allow him the power the order the army. The tells him that within the stolen artifacts is a tripod used for fengshui. He must find the tripod at all cost.

Chun Er is still worry about Yan Xun’s safety. She tells her brother that if Yan Xun is to become her husband, then no one will bully him anymore. This way he’ll be safe. She thinks it’s a good idea and rushes to go tell her mom. Her brother yells after her that it might cause more harm than help. Before she can hint her idea to her mom, her mom tells her that the king has plan to marry her off to the prince of Da Liang so that the two countries are tied by marriage. Chun Er doesn’t want to marry to Da Liang. She begs her mom to think of a plan. Her mom doesn’t want her to marry to Da Liang’s prince too.

Chexmix: Yan Xun finally got his revenge! A Chu and Yuwen Yue finally met. All those flashbacks. I’m glad she finally learn the truth behind her death and her brother’s death.


11 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 31-33

  1. OMG!..am the first one to comment 🙂
    Even though i haven’t watch this 3epis but looks like am loving it. Finally am excited to see my fav OTP again…Hope Xinger realizes how deeply YWY falls for her and always there for her…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! My thoughts :-

    1. Loving the interaction between YWY and XE. I do think they both needed the time apart to test their feelings and clearly it’s still there from both sides. He is not slumming it and she wasn’t just indirectly buoyed into falling for him due to close proximity. She spent 3 years with YX but the interaction is not remotely romantic (from her perspective) but rather, more familial and comradeship. I thought ZLY did a good job showing her internal strife struggling against the feelings for him , a man she can’t bear to hurt but who quite easily shot a needle into her and said those super hurtful words. It really only hurts because there is emotion there. Love their banter and everybody-including-the-bird-knows-it’s-not-real swordplay – they are finding their middle ground. Transitioning from a mutually wary, owner-slave relationship into a healthy, man-woman relationship is not easy.

    2. I think Yan Xun is really still a child – an angry, sad child but a child nevertheless hence the scorched earth policy. Without help from Yuan Song and the princess, he would have died many times earlier as the King just wanted to keep him around to maintain balance. I think Shawn does angst and pain well but no so much when he is meant to be cold and calculating.

    3. This King ! Excellent depiction that absolute power in an insecure , paranoid man is fatally dangerous for those who cross him – does seem however that he is smart enough to keep his empire and its economy going.

    4. Another c-drama life lesson – naïveté can really be a burden if carried too far (cue Yuan Song and the Princess and Wei Shuyou) – how does one keep one’s children innocent but yet aware of the pitfalls surrounding them without ruining their lives?


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Maybe because the show is trying to push the endgame otp too much thats why it feels like cq have familial feelings only for yx which i dont agree to because they need to show more yxcq so we will really feel the story when she finally leaves him and why she has no other choice but to do so


      1. I think the show is going on a different trajectory from the book where I understand in the latter that YX was CQ’s first love. In the show, the depiction seems to be that YWY is her first love and although she lived in the same house with YX for 3 years, their comradeship and bond did not develop into anything romantic.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Cq is unreadable..she knows ywy and yx have deep feelings for her and though she obvious has something for yx, she doesnt outright show or say it


  3. I need YY to start calling her Chu Chu or A Chu like start anew, because she doesn’t want to go back, let’s move forward ❤and Omg yes for revenge I was so happy for Yan Xun!!


  4. Stupid chun er now will force marriage with yan xun..she is digging her own grave, crazy girl..yx may have spoiled her long ago since she was a child but that yx is dead..she’s asking for it


  5. Thanks for the recap!

    1. First, how they framed Wei Shuyuo was so ridiculous and didn’t make sense at all. I don’t need to be a strategist to see right through it, so it made even less sense. Who uses their own unique weapon to kill someone? They are also pushing the skills and abilities of CQ. It is drama land, but I just wish they could have come up with a better idea.

    2.What happened to the bells? They were on the sword when YWY and CQ were fighting, but now they are gone. This really bothers me because the bells didn’t need to be on the sword, but they put them there for a reason. Then they magically took them out when it wasn’t convenient to the plot line. That was a big plot hole. I kept hoping they would show us in a flashback.

    3. I am still trying to understand our main characters.


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