Zhao Liying’s next project is a modern drama

There have been rumors about this for a while and it was finally made official today.

Our Glamorous Time (你和我的倾城时光) is based on a novel by the same name written by Ding Mo set in the corporate business world.

Production Company: Beijing  Film Media Co.

Filming Locations: Wuhan, Hubei, New York

Director: Zhang Feng

Episode Count: 30

Shooting Time: ~4 months. Zhao Liying will start filming her big historical drama in September so this will finish right before that. This girl takes no breaks.


Zhao Liying as Lin Qian

Jin Han as Li Zhicheng

Jin Han is signed to Zhao Liying’s studio. He also worked with her before in Princess Agents, where he played Zhao Xifeng.

Cao Xiwen

Yu Hao Ming

Meng Rui

Su Mang

Note: Some cast members are really close to Zhao Liying. Meng Rui and Su Mang are really good friends with her and Jin Han is from her studio. I would not surprised if she recommended them for their roles since she did the same with Shawn Dou in Princess Agents.

Booting Ceremony:

Filming BTS:


Because his family business is experiencing difficulties, Li Zhicheng is forced to run it right out of school.  Since Li Zhicheng has no business experience, Lin Qian is not optimistic about his work. Lin Qian is a very honest and kind-hearted woman. She uses her experience to help Li Zhicheng. Eventually, Li Zhicheng manages to bring the company back to life. Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian get to know each other little by little and fall in love.

The book is being translated if you want to read it, head over here.


19 thoughts on “Zhao Liying’s next project is a modern drama

    1. I am excited too. I wanted a modern drama for a while, even if I was hoping for something lighter like Boss & Me again.


      1. Yeah. I was hoping for a rom com

        Plot sounds like in real life where ZLY is helping JH to lead status lol

        I’ve been wanting her to take on new projects, but I’m not too keen on her selections. Hoping for the best!


        1. lol now that you mention it.

          I think she picked dramas where she liked the book. I am more excited about her historical drama bc it has a great team behind it. This one has a more unknown team and actors.


  1. @fireflymaoh: Yeah. 30 eps vs 70 eps. The latter is a bigger production.

    Maybe ZLY can sign on a group of rising stars to her studio.


    1. well I think signing a group of rising stars is harder after all this is just her personal studio.
      not going by episode count, but by production team. MingLan has a much better production team.


        1. no, ZLY has her own studio under Hairun but then dont push her actors. I mean they don’t even do it for her.
          I think a lot of artist named under YangMi are not actually under her but in her company. The big company in which she has her studio. The just used her to promote them. I have seen some of her fans say that too.
          Not sure about Ruby Lin, but I think she must have a much bigger backing in her studio since she is able to produce her own dramas, etc. ZLY’s studio is just to promote her and recently her new artists, but it seems really small and not that powerful.


  2. @fireflymaoh: Ah, I see. I know Ruby has been producing her own dramas. YM started not too long ago. She also has a few rising artists under her studio. Well, I would rather ZLY’a studio focus on her lol


    1. yeah it mainly focuses on her. This year is when she is trying to spread out and get roles for her newly signed artists. But I don’t think her studio has much pull unless she comes with it as a package deal.


  3. Love Me If You Dare, When a Snail Falls in Love and Memory Lost Ding Mo? The synopsis doesn’t sound all that interesting. Anyone read the book?


    1. yep, that Ding Mo. This is one of her workplace romance novels.
      Well it might be my translation 😦 I am not the best at it. I read it is suppose to be a slow romance.


  4. Wow! So Jin Han landed the male lead then!?
    I’m excited! We’ll get a modern from her!! XD hahah and she said she’s taking it slow this year!


    1. It seems that way. Honestly, they haven’t officially revealed who is playing who.
      I think she thinks she took it slow and easy 😛 so much for finding romance this year. She filmed a movie, a variety show, and two dramas.


  5. The first 18 chapters of the book have been, in my words, lovingly recast, as opposed to just blindly translated, into English at this link:


    18 chapters are roughly, from what I can tell, about the first 1/5 of the book. Warning: do not, under any circumstances, cheat and read that last translated chapter prior to completing what leads up to it. Failure to heed this warning will lead to extreme disappointment!

    I read them about six months ago, at the time I did not realize it was incomplete, might not have started if I had know, but now really pleased I did.

    Lastly, when I read them, I didn’t have any particular female personage in mind for Lin Qian. Now that we know Zhao Liying will be Lin Qian, I’m trying to reconcile that with the images my brain conjured up as I was reading the translation.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Slowly, Ding Mo’s novels getting adaptation left and right 😛
    From my impression of the book, occasionally people will see -rom-com type of moments but not to a large extent and most of that time it’s really business centric which might not be something of a lot of people’s taste. Anyhow, slow steady romance. The drama might change a couple of things.


    1. I am okay with slow and steady romance as long as the business part doesn’t make it boring. I am mainly worried about chemistry, you need chemistry to make slow steady romance work. It must be so awkward for ZLY and Jin Han.

      Liked by 1 person

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