[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 28-30


Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 58

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 28


Everything is poisoned and needs to be tested every day before consuming. At night Ah Chu and Yan Xun use different household tools to make weapons to prepare for the night. They are attacked at night but killed off all the assassins. The guards came in and tell them they aren’t allowed to keep any weapons.


The next day Yuwen Huai and Wei Shuyou visits Yan Xun telling them they need to search the place for weapons. They found Ah Chu who covered her face with a bandage pretending her face got cut. Without finding any weapons they want to test Ah Chu’s injury, Princess Chuner comes in just in time to stop them. She tells Wei that he is here to protect Yan Xun therefore he is Yan Xun’s servant and has no right to search him. 


After the two are gone Chuner tries to cheer Yan Xun up but failed. Instead, Yan Xun tells her to leave and stay away from him for her own good. She pretends not understanding what he’s trying to say but failed. She tells him that since he lost all his family members, she is the only one left and she will protect him. Chuner feeds Yan Xun something not knowing that it was poisoned. 


Because of the poison Ah Chu sneaks out to get the medicine. When she finally found a place that sells the one she is looking for, the owner gives her a ridiculously expensive price and she threatens to kill him. Ah Chu gets caught when she rushed back and was beaten by the guards while holding on to the medicine. Yan Xun wakes up and sees Ah Chu all beaten up. (He looks so heartbroken ;( ) 


While they are eating, Yan Xun tells them they can’t keep living like this. (Testing poison and waiting until the food can be eaten) They start thinking of a way to let the Emperor know that so many people are trying to kill Yan Xun so the Emperor can protect him. (If Yan Xun is gone then Yan Bai will be divided among the nobles)Yuwen Huai talks Wei Shuyou into killing Yan Xun while he’s on drugs. Wei Shuyou leads a bunch of assassins at night to kill Yan Xun. Yuwen Yue finds out and goes to too.

Episode 29


As Yan Xun fights Wei Shuyou, Ah Chu and the other servant fights off the minions. The guards come in as Yan Xun is stepping on Wei Shuyou and they take him away. Ah Chu tells the other servant to ask Chuner for help. Yuwen Huai’s people try to take the dead bodies away but was stopped by Ah Chu. 


Yan Xun is brought to the Emperor. Wei Shuyou accused him of trying to escape and was caught by Wei Shuyou so Yan Xun tried to kill him. Yan Xun tries to explain that Wei Shuyou brought a group of people to kill him. Yuwen Huai brings proof that Wei Shuyou and Yan Xun was the only one there that night. Chuner comes in just in time to bring the dead bodies for them to check. Wei Shuyou’s drug started acting up and accidentally confessed. Wei Shuyou is punished (lightly) and Xan Yun is escorted back. 


Yuwen Yue brings a whole bunch of people and charged into Red Hills Court to see Yuwen Huai’s grandmother. He asks her about his mother’s dress. She tells him that she is his mother’s aunt and her mother was with her that night. His mother visit her that day and they drank a little and she stayed for the night. She was worried that his mother’s reputation would be ruined so she dressed her with that peony dress and hid herself. Yuwen Xi locked her up and she also told him that Yuwen Xi worked with spies from Liang too. She stops and tells Yuwen Yue that she will tell him the stories slowly. 


Yuwen Huai came back and Yuwen Yue tells him he’s taking his grandmother. Yuwen Huai tries to stop him but is threatened by Yuwen Yue, he will tell the Emperor that the third branch has been working with spies from Liang. Yuwen Yue tells Yuwen Huai that he can either chose to guard the grave of the royal family or die. With the Yuwen family gone, someone else has taken charge of guarding Yan Xun. Other than Yan Xun, everyone is allowed to leave and enter. 

Episode 30


Before Yuwen Yue leaves, he buries the things that belonged to Xinger. After he tries to visit Yan Xun but failed. With that he is on his way to the borders which Prince Xiang is in charge. To test him Prince Xiang tells him to recruit his own army and train them. 


Xinger visits Zhixi and Linxi’s grave she sees the grave that Yuwen Yue made for her. She states that Yuwen Yue is the one who made Xinger and also the one who killed her, right now the only one left is Chu Qiao. She brings Canhong sword back with her. Yan Xun is waiting for her to eat when she comes back and as he is talking to her she falls asleep. They start training and time passes just like that.


On the other side, Yuwen Yue is leading his army into their first battle. Just when things are getting worse Prince Xiang comes to help. After that the two form a bond and Xiang tells him that he should stop running away and go back to where his battles are. 


Ah Chu starts setting the whole place up with traps. Wei Shuyao is released and he attacks Yan Xun once again. Because of the traps the assassins think there is more people than it seems and they run away. With them gone, Ah Chu tells them they can do something to the royal grave yard since the three noble families are all tied to it. 


Yuwen Yue and Prince Xiang comes back to Chang’an. Ah Chu and Yu goes into the grave and steal a few things and set the place on fire. On her way out Yuwen Yue attacks Ah Chu and their sword gets switched. Yue Qi notices the switch and tells Yuwen Yue it’s Xinger. 

iiAngelx3: He knows she’s alive!!! Anyways, we know are starting to know more about what happened to Yuwen Yue’s mother and why it is used to threaten Yuwen Xi (when he was alive..) Yan Xun is going to make his come back soon and I can’t wait to see it! But I’m more excited to see what would happen to Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue, now that he knows she is alive.


44 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 28-30

    1. Haha i wondered the same, maybe just so he can have the suspicion that xinger is alive after all so that when they fibally meet, he wont be too shocked


    2. My theory is that he had the same idea as Chu Qiao and Yan Xun – he wants to attack Yu Wen Huai.. 😛 Chu Qiao said that he was there to check up on Yu Wen Huai only though!


  1. Thanks for the recaps – sometimes I scoot through the unsubbed versions so it’s nice to hear what I think happened really did happen. Although, that whole mother thing is still shrouded in too many shadows.

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  2. I love these eps!! The prince being all doubtful of ywy since he must be spoiled but ywy proved him wrong and earned his respect and friendship..wow poor chun’er, doing everything she can for yx but yx is clearly repulsed by her, even asking his servant to burn the cloth he wore that chun er touched..i loved how the 2 yrs went by with yx and achu still dreaming of their yanbei goal

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  3. I wonder if yx will follow through on his promise to achu that they will drink the wine they buried for years when they get to yanbei or will he be too consumed by revenge and power that he’ll forget


  4. Thanks! I like that YWY grieves according to his persona – not overtly at all but it’s clearly registered – from him replaying their memories and attaching the bells to his sword. It was poignant that both their memories about their time together ended with her on the floor spewing blood from his needle. It was also telling that CQ cried when she thought about their time together – while she is fairly inscrutable about her feelings , such moments do show that she cared how he thought about her and how it hurt her. It’s also clear that she has no romantic inclinations for YX – they maybe close but it’s really no more different than that of comrade-in-arms who have been through life and death.

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    1. I don’t know..for me, yx is more important to her..she spent 3 yrs with him so far!! She sacrificed her life for him numerous times now and they share the same dream = to get to yanbei

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      1. I think that CQ is with YX because she literally has nowhere to go until she reaches Yan Bei. She is technically dead as YWY killed her in front of YWH so she is hiding out in his palace which is on lockdown anyways.

        They definitely have a strong bond, borne from surviving life and death together but her interactions with YX have no romantic flavor – he is clearly interested in her but it does not seem reciprocal in any way.


      2. Brotherly love is stronger than romantic love. Regarding YX, how can he forgive And forget all those people near the King.


  5. For me, achu cares more for yx..u dont spend 3 yrs with someone for nothing..she’ll do anything for him..the transition from yx to ywy will occur when she will realize when yx will become too ambitious , that he’s no longer the man she knew and loved and this is what makes her a strong woman because a strong woman will leave the man she loves when the man will no longer live up to her expectations


    1. Up to ep 32, there doesnt seem to be any indication (to me at least) that CQ loves YX. At the moment, she seems to be his bodyguard (similar to the other lady who protects him and more than willing to die for him but with zero romantic attachment).


      1. And that’s the problem because they keep pushing for the main otp when at this point in the story, cq is all about yx..everything she does is for him..which would have made the story more poignant when she falls out of love due to his decisions when he turned too power-hungry


  6. Im excited and now we have another mystery to solve, love this!! Also Wei Shuyou, has he always had vampire teeth? Or is this new?


          1. Poor guy (Yu Wen Huai), his own mother told him not to come home, because she’s been watching the show and he’s just such a horrible person in it.

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  7. The graves Xing’er first visited belonged to Zhixiand (big sister killed by Yuwen Xi) and Linxi (fifth brother whom Xing’er thought was killed by Yue)


  8. I know according to the drama synopsis/summary, the relationship between CQ & YX is supposed a deep friendship, but the way YX looks at her feels like it’s more. Am I reading too much into it? // I came across the translated book and was surprised there’s a time travel storyline to it..


    1. YX likes her, he has always been upfront about it. The question is does she like him or is she just grateful to him?


  9. Hello, why they call ” princess agents” . She is suppose to be spy agent for ” God of the Eyes” but she is not a princess.


  10. So, these episodes were still really draggy for me. Especially ep.28-29. Anyways, I am glad that we are past these three years and something interesting will happen soon.
    I like the new Prince a lot and I am interested in his bromance with Yuwen Yue. I am looking forward to XE finding her bells on his sword.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes – it seems that there will be 68 episodes now so hopefully that would mean proper closure and not random edits.

      I am not really feeling YX at the moment. I get his pain and the rage but surely he can see that there are people on his side otherwise he would have been dead many times over ? I can understand him misunderstanding YWY (who chooses to guard silently outside and move YWH away) but what about the princess? Without her, he is screwed.


      1. Yeah, I understand he doesn’t like the princess or her brother bc of the Emperor, but they both helped him a lot. He just seems really ungrateful to their help and I think they will regret helping him. Some of Yuwen Huai’s warnings in these episodes seemed spot on. I feel like the drama didn’t do a proper job making me connect to YX. I saw his suffering and it was valid, so I was ready for him to get his revenge. However, he immediately afterwards felt like a bad guy.


        1. Why every one blaming YX. Please fill in his shoes. If only he heard his family were died without seeing their heads, the truma might not too high. He is still alive just to revenge. CQ also witness this King and his people are so ruthless.


          1. not blaming him just how they didnt really create the right environment for his character. At least for me, I don’t find myself supporting his choices even when I was expecting to support them.


            1. I am at Ep 36 and I think YX characterization is actually done quite well. He is still an entitled child taking revenge (granted he went through a traumatic event) and hence the scorched earth policy. He is being consistent with his characterization !

              Much to say but will save it for next recap to avoid spoilers! @fireflymaoh are you enjoying these episodes more?


        2. Totally agreed. Based on the 2 shows that I saw him in, Shawn Dou seems better in doing dramatic roles but not so good in doing cold, reserved and calculating – he comes off sullen and acting out occasionally.


          1. I don’t know if it is him or the writing. But I think YX was a miss opportunity. You can have a character go really dark and still make the audience support his descent into darkness. I feel like this is what they wanted to do, however it didn’t work for me. As much as I support him taking vengeance for his family, I feel like he just comes off like an antagonist right from the start (after the tragedy). The type that the audience knows they are bad, but other characters in the show have not figured it out yet and you just feel bad for them.


        3. Are you kidding me?! He hasn’t evenn turned into a bad guy yet! He’s not gonna wait for the rest to finish him off..no matter how much the princess and ywy helps him, if he doesn’t do anything himself he’s dead alog with achu! Thank goodness achu and yx know how to play the game of thrones chinese style


  11. Nah yx is smart and i support his new persona…with his brains plus achu’s, they will win the game of thrones chinese style..no matter how much the princess and his other friends will help him, if he doesn’t do things on his own with achu, he’s a dead man


  12. I think I missed out something, did Chu Qiao get back her memories completely or only partly? If she remember everything her Gongfu level must been get stronger than YY yet she steel weaker than him…


  13. The problem with princess chun er is that ever since she was a child until she got older (b4 yx family tragedy), she takes for granted the fact that yx spoils her rotten and gives her anything she wants eventhough they arent originally for her (rabbit, horse saddle)..making her blind to the fact that the yx she knew is gone and that the yx of now is clearly repulsed by her and hates her..he’s not hiding it from her but she pretends not to see it thinking he’ll be back to how he was and that makes her stupid..and she will finally realize it when yx is forced into marriage with her


  14. I like episode post-execution scene a lot better. They were snippy and fast-paced and Chu Qiao is back to being badass. I love her as a general (army person??) and she is really kicking ass. With Deng Lun’s appearance as Xiao Ce, hopefully things will speed up!


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