Rankings: First Half of 2017 (updated)



Rankings are by Vlinkage except for TV ratings, which were compiled by netizens.

Update: I decided to add ranking by Douban scores so far

Celebrities (Top 10)

  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Yang Mi
  3. Dilireba
  4. HuGe
  5. Zheng Shuang
  6. Wang Kai
  7. Li Yi Feng
  8. Yang Yang
  9. Lu Han
  10. Tang Yan

Note: HuGe hasn’t had a drama in over a year.

Ranking Dramas by Online Views (only included those that had more than 10 billion)

  1. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms >39 billion views
  2. In the Name of People >28 billion views
  3. Fighter of the Destiny >26 billion views
  4. Ode to Joy 2 >24 billion views
  5. Princess Agents >18 billion views (still airing)
  6. The General and I >17 billion views
  7. Detective Samoyeds (web drama) >10 billion views

Note: Princess Agents made the list in less than a month and it will likely move up a lot since it still has a bit over three weeks left. Also, very impressive from Detective Samoyeds. I never heard of it before, but it is a web drama airing on Youku.

Note 2: The Glory of Tang Dynasty would have made this list if it was not split into two seasons. Both seasons combined have over 11 billion views, but this ranking does not combine seasons.

Ranking Dramas by Average Ratings

Rank Drama Average rating CSM52 (%)
1 In the Name of People 3.661
2 Because of Meeting You 1.930
3 Ode to Joy 2 1.614
4 Ode to Joy 2 1.584
5 Princess Agents 1.398
6 The General and I 1.314
7 Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 1.288
8 Guardian of Beauty 1.229
9 Love, Just Come 1.167
10 Fighter of the Destiny 1.119

Note: Princess Agents is still airing so it can go up or down this list

Ranking Dramas by Douban Scores 

  1. White Deer Plain 8.9
  2. The Qin Empire 8.5
  3. Kill 8.4
  4. In the Name of People 8.3
  5. The Advisor’s Alliance 8.3
  6. Feather Flies to the Sky 8.2
  7. The King’s Avatar 8.2 (does this count?)
  8. The Legend of the Condor Heroes 8.0
  9. Surgeons 7.5
  10. Fox’s Summer/The Glory of the Tang Dynasty 6.9

Note: I only included those that had over 1000 votes just so it would be more accurate.

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14 thoughts on “Rankings: First Half of 2017 (updated)

      1. Wil you be recapping that i don’t understand chinese so i hope you can recap it and tell the cute conversations between zly and wc. Or do you know if there will be eng sub for the happy camp?


        1. It probably won’t get subbed. We don’t really do recaps for Happy Camp episodes but I bet a lot of us here will be spazzing over it. So maybe head over to this post after it airs 😉


  1. This is a very interesting post, especially the Douban ranking, thanks for putting it up! Legend of the Condor Heroes is surprisingly pretty good, well produced & directed. Costume and colors are mostly on point, the young actors deliver, it follows the book much more closely than the previous adaptations, decent cinematography with minimal CGI and the fighting choreography is terrific, way above other recent Mainland productions. Have always wanted to check some others that made it to the Douban list above, esp White Deer Plain, Qin Empire and Advisor’s Alliance. Alas, none of those are subbed (yet).

    Surprised to see Detective Samoyeds is well received. Is it the first season or the second season? Haven’t seen it, but happy for Joe Xu.


    1. Detective S. def got a lot of views, but I honestly didn’t see anything about it or even knew it was airing until now. I think it was for the first season.
      I haven’t seen any of the dramas that made the Douban’s ranking, except for the anime lol. Yes, subs have been an issue especially for the more serious dramas.


      1. I’m so pleased for Deng Lun. I’ve liked him since Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds so it’s great seeing his popularity increase so much this year.


  2. well, if you want to start include anime, don’t forget Fox Spirit Matchmaker at 8.7 and Rakshasa Street at at 8.3.



    I highly recommend Fox Spirit Matchmaker, with the caveat that you need to slug through a very poorly made first season that last 13 episodes in the Chinese version, and probably 4 episodes in the Japanese version. I personal love the ED for it. Had it on repeat for almost two weeks now.


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