July Airing Schedule

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of July. This list will be updated as more dates are announced.

UPDATE: it seems like Game of Hunting won’t air in July after all #fail

UPDATE 2: more dramas and changes

New July Dramas:

Master Healing(复合大师): starring Wang Xiaochen, Jia Nailiang, etc airs on July 2nd.

The First Half of My Life (我的前半生): starring Jing Dong, Mai Li, etc. airs on July 4th on Dragon TV.

Boy Hood (我们的少年时代): starring TFBOYS airs on July 9th at 8pm on Hunan TV

The Eternal Love (双世宠妃) starring Xing ZhaoLin (YueQi from Princess Agents) and Liang Jie. It starts airing July 10th on Tencent.

Lost Love in Time (醉玲珑): starring Liu Shi Shi, William Chan, etc airs on July 13th on Dragon TV.

My Mr. Mermaid (浪花一朵朵): starring Tan Song Yun, Xiong Dylan, etc. airs on July 24th at 10 pm on Hunan. (moved to August)

Candle in the Tomb – The Weasel Grave (鬼吹灯之黄皮子坟): starring Ruan Ethan, Xu Lu, etc. It will air on Tencent as a webdrama.

Ten Miles of Spring Can’t Compare to You (春风十里,不如你): starring Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Yishan, etc. Will start airing on Yokou.

Game of Hunting (猎场) starring HuGe, Chen Long, ZuFeng, etc. seems to finally be airing in July. No date but they are having a promotional event on June 30th. It will air on Hunan. I am sure it will get a prime slot, so I don’t know how Hunan will change its schedule to fit it in.

EDIT: So it seems it won’t be in July. They said this fall during the press conference. I guess they did the press conference so early since HuGe will be really busy for the next few months. 

New July Movies:

Our Time Will Come (明月几时有): starring Eddie Peng, Xou Zun, Huo Wallace, etc premieres July 1st


Wukong (悟空传) starring Eddie Peng, Nini, etc premieres July 13th.

The Founding of an Army (建军大业) starring Zha Ya Wen, Ou Hao, etc premieres July 28th

I think I will check out Lost Love in Times and Game of Hunting. No information that any of these dramas will be picked up by Viki or DramaFever so far.


11 thoughts on “July Airing Schedule

  1. Gosh, I hope someone picks up Game of Hunting! It sounds a bit like NIF with all the strategy stuff, so I’m not sure my Chinese will be good enough to understand 😭 so glad it’s finally coming out though! It feels like forever since the last Hu Ge drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is very highly anticipated since it has been a while since a HuGe drama and it will be a while before another one gets released. But I don’t think it would appeal to DF viewers and Viki hasn’t been picking up any big cdramas this whole year.


          1. The thing that I could never figure out is why is it mandatory to have English subs on all Chinese movies, but when it comes to dramas they just dgaf. Do they not realize there is international interest? Even though the Chinese market (in and outside of China) is big enough for them to not care about other markets, but dramas can be great for soft power. Why can’t one of the streaming sites create a Chinese dominant Viki or Dramafever?

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            1. I wish they would do that. I hope Princess Agents starts a trend for some of these dramas to be subbed on youtube. I know they are all opening their videos up to fansubs, but not a lot of them get subbed.


  2. I’m glad they pushed Game of Hunting back to fall. hahah This summer is just too packed with dramas that I want to watch! I haven’t even gotten the chance to watch Advisors’ Alliance and now Lost Love is coming out…

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