Feature: Shawn Dou


A reader made a request for this feature, and since Yan Xun is having a hard time this week I figured I should do it now.

Most of the information I got off his Baike Baidu page. I’ve never seen him before Princess Agents.

Shawn Dou(窦骁) was born in China but immigrated to Canada when he was ten so he speaks English. Let’s hope he doesn’t find this post. He debuted and rose to fame with the movie Under the Hawthorn Tree, co-staring Zhou Dongyu. Princess Agents is his first TV show, but you will see him often from now on since he has a few dramas lined up.

Relevant Movie roles:

  • Under the Hawthorn Tree (2010)

  • Dangerous Liaisons (2012)

  • Wolf Totem (2015)

  • To the Fore (2015)

  • Time to Love (Bu Bu Jing Xin) (2015)

note: funny how Lin GengXin played the 14th prince in the drama version. So Zhao Liying ended up working with both 14th princes 😛

TV roles:

  • Princess Agents (2017)

Upcoming TV roles:

  • Tears in Heaven (2017 tentative) with Li Qin

  • Tribes and Empires (2017 or someday in the distant future)

  • See You Again with Tang Yan (2017-2018)


He is really active on Weibo, at least he has been since Princess Agents started airing.

He revealed recently that Zhao Liying recommended him for the role of Yan Xun. He referred to Zhao Liying as XiaoYing in an interview. I think they either know each other through Zhou Dongyu or Ouyang Nana or both. Or everyone just knows each other in the entertainment world.

I saw a video of him doing archery and he was really good, a fan said in the comments that he practiced for years as a hobby. Overall, he seems to be really into sports.

*If anyone wants to share anything else in the comments, I will add it to the post.*

Possible IG account

P.S. I am not taking any more requests or this will turn into a Princess Agents promotion blog. =DD 



17 thoughts on “Feature: Shawn Dou

  1. The man is beautiful 😍and I like his teeth(don’t judge😂😂) now that you mentioned Tribes and Empires (when will this drama see the light of day😳) anyways, he’s doing a phenomenal jon on Princess Agent and I hope he sees this post because it was a nice post😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this post. He is so handsome, tall and a great actor! Hope the popularity of Princess Agents makes him way more famous. Can you share his weibo address please?


  3. Feels like journey of flower again where all the secondary characters all received much attention ..And became more famous


    1. yep besides both LGX and Shawn Dou getting a lot of buzz. Some of the supporting actors are getting a lot of attention. I mainly see Wang Yanlin (Yuwen Huai) and Xing Xiaolin (Yue Qi). I am sure they are happy with the success of the drama.


      1. Everyone should watch Wang Yanlin in Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. He was hilarious in that one, reminds me of a real life version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Such a wicked character in this, hope he doesn’t get a lot of real life hate. I really like Yan Xun’s sidekick, he’s such a qt.


  4. I saw him in Time To Love and he was the best thing in that show! He waa like pre tragic Yan Xun without the overdone stickiness to the female lead. Loved him there !


  5. i just started Princess Agent – been watch-skipping a lot (that Jin Zhu is so aggravating). Shawn Dou’s teeth IS nice. i still remember him from the Hawthorn Tree


  6. Shawn Dou has impressed me with his acting ability in Princess Agents. I hope that he gets the lead role in a historical drama in the near future. I think that he is capable of leading the drama cast.

    With his bilingual skills, he should have auditioned for the Mulan movie.


    1. Who got the role in Mulan? He would have been perfect as he has the quintessential Chinese face – not overly chiseled or tan !


  7. This is my first time watching him in anything. Amazing actor!! His performance really shined at the execution scene! It’s so heartbreaking to watch but that’s cause his emotions are so raw and heart wrenching there.


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