Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 58

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Note: Unfortunatly the uncut version (the one we’ve been using) hasn’t released episode 24, so this recap only contains 3 episodes.

Episode 21


Yuwen Huai is on his way to capture Yan Xun when Zhu housekeeper tells him that Xinger killed Yuwen Xi. The two rushed back and Yuwen Huai falls for the trap Xinger made and used Zhu housekeeper as a shield. Xinger gets to the place Zou told her to, but he isn’t there. At this time Yuwen Yue just came back and Yue Qi told him that Yuwen Xi is killed and Xinger, Xiao Qi & Xiao Ba are missing.


Zou comes and throws Xinger the weapons and flies away. Xinger puts them on and Yuwen Yue arrives. He asks her what she is doing and she reponds by saying “I killed Yuwen Xi and now I’m running away.” Xinger starts attacking him and he askes her why. She tells him that shes avenging for Lin Si because he killed him when Yuwen Zhou was still alive. He tries to explain to her but ended up backfiring when he called her Xinger. She shouts that she isn’t Xinger, and starts attacking him again.


Xinger tries to run away but ended up getting caught by Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue catches her doesn’t let go until she tries to stab his hand. As she falls she tells him she doesn’t want to associate with anyone in Green Hills Court anymore. With a hole in her wings she falls down but Yan Xun catches her just in time. Worried about her sisters, Xinger and Yan Xun leave. At the same time Yue Qi tells Yuwen Yue that guards are after Yan Xun and Yuwen Yue sends people to rescue.


The consort sends a letter to Yuwen Zhou telling him the Emporer wants to kill the Yan family and that Yuwen Yue shouldn’t interfer. Yuwen Zhou tells Yuwen Yue to go after Xinger but he refuses. Yuwen Zhou then tells him not to help Yan Xun, with no choice Yuwen agrees.


On the other hand, Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba are still waiting for Xinger, but ends up leaving to search for her. After they left Xinger and Yan Xun arrives. (WOW..)  Yan Xun’s people come out of their hideout and they all get surrounded by guards. Before they get attacked Xinger captures Wei’s brother and tell the guards to let them leave. (She was so cool <3) When they are far away, Wei’s brother is released and Xinger part ways with Yan Xun to find her two sisters.


Back in the palace Princess Chuner tries to excape again. She talks a servant into giving her, her clothes so she can go save Yan Xun. As she is rushing out, she is caught by the Consort once again. The servant is punished and died, and Chuner gets traumatized. Her mother tells her that the servants death will be able to stop Chuner from escaping next time so she didn’t die for no reason.


Yuwen Yue sends someone to disguise as Xiao Ba to capture Xinger, but failed. Xinger then uses the signal to call Yuwen Yue and switch cloaks with the disguiser. Yuwen Yue thought Xinger the disguiser killed Xinger at first and seemed devistated, but she turns around and points a knife at him. (They both care for each other <333) Yuwen Yue dares her to kill him but she hesitated and Yuwen Yue takes the knife away from her. As shes being attacked, Yan Xun comes to save her in time again. (Didn’t get why it was in slow motion though)

Episode 22


Xinger and Yan Xun meet up with his men in the forest. At the same time Yuwen Huai and his men finds them and starts attacking them. As Yan Xun distracts the guards, Xinger spies Yuwen Huai and attacks him. At first Xinger has the upper hand stabbing Yuwen Huai multiple times before he pushed her down and stepped on her. Xinger still manages to scratch Yuwen Huai and Yan Xun comes just in time to help her.


With Yan Xun’s help Xinger kicked Yuwen Huai into the pond and they start smiling at each other. On the other side, Yuwen Yue sees all this. As Xinger and Yan Xun are on their way, he is shoot with an ice arrow and fell from the horse. (The one who shoot the arrow was Yuwen Zhou’s subordinate) The two is caught and brought back to the capital. On their way, Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba sees them and Xiao Qi calls out for Xinger and is heard by someone so Xiao Ba drags her away. 


In the palace the prince tells princess Chuner what’s going on. Chuner wants to help Yan Xun and the Prince tells her that Bai Sheng (Yan Xun’s mother can help him). On the other hand, the Emperor is crying infront of a box with Yan Shi Cheng but then start talking about how he is suspects him of rebelling and how since he’s dead he can be at peace. (Such a hypocrite)One of Yan Xun’s men found Xiao Qi and Xiao ba and takes them to somewhere safe. On the other hand, the Princess from Liang found Zhong Yu and tells them to keep an eye on her. 


Yuwen Huai tells try to take Xinger away but Yuwen Yue pulls strings and make sure he doesn’t. In jail, Xinger digs a hole on the wall to see if Yan Xun is okay. Yan Xun tries to comfort Xinger by telling her, his father will come save them, and he will take care of her in the future. Yan Xun then takes her hand and warm it up, he asks if Xinger is her real name. Xinger tells him her real name is Chu Qiao and he comes up with different nicknames for her, they settle for Ah Chu in the end.

Episode 23


As Zhao Zifeng killed Yan Xun’s sister, Yuwen Yue arrives and attacks him. Before Yuwen Yue can kill him the emperor calls and he stabs him on the leg before leaving. (Serves him right) The emperor asks Yuwen Yue if it’s true that he sent someone to kill Yuwen Xi. (Heard from Yuwen Huai) The Emperor then asks if he was the one who shoot Yan Xun, and he said yes. As a reward for his loyalty he puts Yuwen Yue as second in charge of the execution the next day.


After Yuwen Yue leaves, Bai Sheng arrives and is kneeling in front of the palace. Back in jail, Yan Xun is telling Chu Qiao about his memories in Yan Bei. (He doesn’t know his whole family is dead ;()


The Prince tells Chuner that Bai Sheng is still kneeling outside and the Emperor is refusing to see her. He also tells her that the whole Yan clan will be executed in the afternoon. Chuner runs out holding a box upon hearing the news. She tells Bai Sheng that she will definitely save Yan Xun and then goes to see the Emperor. 


In the box is a little shoe and she tells the Emperor that it was a gift from Yan Xun and his mother. She starts telling him all kinds of things about Yan Xun trying to persuade him not to execute Yan Xun. Chuner leaves and the Emperor asks to see Bai Sheng. Chuner tries to rescue Yan Xun but is stopped by the Consort once again. The Consort let’s her see Yan Xun under the condition that she won’t do anything out of her status or else everyone in her court will be killed. 


At this time Wei Shiyao picks up Yan Xun in time for the execution. Xinger tells him he lied and he reassures her that he will bring her to Yan Bai. She ends up following him to the execution even though he tries to stop her at first. The two held hands and walked there together. 

iiAngelx3: I’m loving all the action scenes!! Can never tear my eyes away from ZLY. Also I love how Yan Xun cares for Xinger, they have so many cute scenes together in these episodes, makes me more and more fond of him. BUT I’m still on YueXing’s ship!! There is more and more misunderstandings between Xinger and Yuwen Yue, I just hope they can talk it out soon. Does any of you know if Yan Xun dies? I hope he doesn’t.



20 thoughts on “[RECAP] PRINCESS AGENTS EPISODE 21-23

  1. I felt really bad for Yan Xun these episodes and I like how they did it because now I understand how they bond together. But my XingYue flag is still flying =D

    I still had some XingYue moments even among all their misunderstandings. When she couldn’t really hurt him and was actually worried about his wound. They had so much tension and I thought Yuwen Yue was just going to hug her or kiss her, he certainly looked like he wanted to.

    I also feel bad for Yuwen Yue, he is a bad position to save his family he must pretend and follow the Emperor’s orders. His intentions will forever be misunderstood. My poor Yuwen Yue.

    These episodes were really good and time just flew by. Now we wait for more.

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    1. I feel the same, after these eps i understand how they bonded and why Yan Xun would want to go after everyone they ANNIHILATED HIS WHOLE FAM (the acting was amazing) felt bad for YY and YX and I wish they could stay friends


  2. I’m so mad for YX and everything he’s going through… The emperor smh… and it’s so frustrating how the people that want to help him like YWY, princess Chun’er and the other guy (I can’t remember his name but he’s part of the Wei clan or something and he wanted to help YX but his uncle (?) didn’t let him) can’t because of their status/duty to their households. And YX doesn’t even really know they’re trying to help him so when he turns dark he’ll want revenge on them too….

    That being said, as much as I’m hurting/mad on YX’s behalf, somehow it’s still YWY that’s stealing my heart, lol. Deciding to kill the Liang spies so Chu Qiao doesn’t have to, his obvious concern when he thought she’d been killed…. Telling his guards to ‘take’ her when he knew they wouldn’t be able to defeat her and letting her escape with YX/telling them to not go after them… When Yuwen Zhou’s subordinate shot that ice arrow at CQ/YX he looked like he would kill him if it weren’t for the fact that his grandfather probably ordered it. I’m sad because now it reinforces CQ’s belief that YWY doesn’t care about her at all and won’t let her off.

    I love that he silently tries to protect them both like when he gets the guy from the prison to stop Yuwen Huai from taking CQ away secretly, stabs Zhao Xifeng for killing YX’s pregnant sister (and covering up her body with his cape), and (SPOILER) in the preview for the next episode when he steps in front of the arrow for YX.


    1. Yeah ! YWX is genuinely the kind that doesn’t mind being in the shadows/blamed if the people he cares about (Chu Qiao/Yan Xun) are safe – I think he let CX go away with YX because he wanted him to escape too. If it was anyone else, he may have at least pretended to resist! However I also like that YWY is a realist – he didn’t shoot YWH (i.e. Outright helping YX and XE) when he was fighting YX and XE (as that would compromise all his men if found out) but neither did he shoot YX and XE when they were escaping. He does his best within his restrictions or when it counts the most (as when he saved Xing Er only when YWH shot at her after she survived) such is Life 😦 I also like that he is not besieged with petty jealousy although he definitely cares for XE – if she can escape that’s good – doesn’t matter with who!


  3. The prison scene was too heartbreaking! =( When YX cried as he talked about his happy childhood memories but we all know that all his family members are dead…..
    I watched a little of the execution scene and I couldn’t continue…. I wanted to smack Yuwen Huai and Zhao Xifeng and all those people who were sitting there and enjoying YWH taunting YX. Sigh…the next feel eps are gonna be difficult to digest…


  4. Up to Ep 24 and

    1. The confrontation scene between YWY and XE was executed well by both ZLY and LGX – probably them both at their most honest with raw emotions being reflected – XE with how hurt she was and YWY with how desperate he was to convince her after both their fake pretense / bravado stripped away. If any, I think this would be irrefutable proof that they both have strong feelings for each other.
    2. That scene where YWY tested XE by cutting his neck – she looked genuinely shocked and he secretly happy that she couldn’t bring herself to hurt him
    3. Only YWY will reminisce about the times she could but didn’t kill him as opposed to the more commonly remembered sweet times like when she warmed his bed etc! That shows how his CIA-ness is so ingrained in his blood!
    4. Poor Yan Xun 😦 he is not a stupid character and when he was in jail, he already knew that tragedy had befallen his family just that he didn’t know the extent I.e. The entire family (likely kids as well) being beheaded hence all that talk about his family and Yanbei were just last ditch self denial.
    5. I thought it was great that XE was there with him at the end – she too knew that it was end of the road for him but she went along with him saying he would protect her and that he will take her to yanbei so that he would not be alone. She is not afraid of death so her clasping him to take her with him was really more for him than for her.
    6. Love how the show gives context to the entire story wth all the supporting characters (I know some people find it draggy) but I think it gives a more complete picture of the story as in real life, very rarely nobody else is affected except the OTP. Princess Chun Er and her feeble attempts to save Yan Xun which probably made things worse by getting the King to pass the edict that he had to identify his beheaded family members in exchange for his life, Concubines wei last ditch attempts to educate her kids on how fragile their lives were (i love how realistic she is), the nobleman wei’s son and prince yuan song / princess Chun Er sudden horrible awakening to life’s harsh realities (the phrase that enjoyment of your family’s wealth/status is a double edged sword which requires sacrifice from oneself – nothing comes free- is so true) and finally as I have always believed – a weak man with power is the worst devil = the king who is obviously guilty with what he sentenced Yan Sicheng to but cannot get past his own paranoia and insecurities – typical of those who grieve while commiting unjustness/evilness/pain upon others!
    7. Shaun Dou is a great actor! And his character is definitely an interesting one. Definitely one to watch.
    8. YWY looks really good in dark colored clothes ! I do think that Shaun Dou is the better actor compared to LGX but the latter is doing a good job holding his own here in the drama !
    9. While the entire scene was heart-wrenching, I actually appreciated that there wasn’t some unbelievable rescue attempt by YWY of YX and XE at the execution grounds – that’s how Life works – sometimes there are no miracles and we just have to get through it – 😦

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Love reading your analyses too!
      hahah you don’t miss anything! I like it too that they tried to give context to the side characters. Kinda reminds me to Nirvana in the fire. But too bad they didn’t executed as smoothly as the NIF and the content are not as in-depth therefore I can see why people would rather skip thru those parts.
      Yan Xun and Chun Er are probably two characters that undergo the most character development and growth in this story. The pace is picking up now that we’re at that point!! =D


      1. Oh but one can’t watch this and compare to NiF – in completely different leagues LOL. Agree that it’s definitely touch-and-go re side characters context.

        I guess having watched GOTD and Female General, while the tragedy befalling Yan Xun’s family is terrible, it is not too unexpected – in fact, I would say that Yan Sicheng is surprisingly naive considering how tenuous the relationship with the king has become especially if his son is essentially held hostage in Chang An. If the Laing spies can pinpoint this as a potential political fire starter, the signs must all be there. Yet another life lesson from Chinese Dramas – Things change, do not live in the past and never assume that someone more powerful than you would be forever indebted to you.

        I still remember how horrified I was when the King in Female General killed his own grandson (a 6 year old child) as his daughter could potentially be a pawn in a plot to overthrow him supported by her deceased husband family! Now that, was totally unexpected for me but in the larger scheme of things (from the King’s perspective) just shows how chillingly scary the need to preserve absolute power is.


  5. how long for next episode just started 2 days ago and already finish when is ep 25 going to shown,i am seriously hooked,the acting just superb i like YanXun hope he doesn’t die


  6. It is unfortunate how YX is unaware that he had true friends who tried to help him as much they can ( ywy, yuan song, chun er, that wei guy) during his crisis


  7. I really don’t like how much Chu Qiao is misunderstanding Yuwen Yue ugh. Like the next episodes she doesn’t think that if he really wanted to kill her he would have without her surviving from his attack. And when will the misunderstanding of her brother’s death be resolved?


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