[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 17-20

2017-06-19 (33)Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 58

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 17

2017-06-19 (2)At Hong Shan Yuan, Yuwen Huai attempts to attack the princess from Da Liang but stops when she didn’t move one bit. She informs him that he will now be the owner of the court. Yuwen Xi will no longer interferes. With that, he helps her leave the court to avoid the people from Qing Shan Yuan.

2017-06-19 (4)

After XingEr wakes up from the nap, she notices that Yuwen Yue was not moving. She calls but he would not respond. She lights a fire to warm his body when Zuo returns with food and drink. He keeps talking nonstop even after Xing Er tells him to shut it. He tells her Yuwen Yue is like this because of the cold he has since he was born an. As long as his condition is maintained, he might be able to live for 10-20 years. She tells him to examine Yuwen Yue for a cure. The minute Zuo touches Yuwen Yue’s pulse, he was shocked by how strong it was. It means that Yuwen Yue is at no risk of dying and will wake up after a few hours. Zuo notices Xing Er’s pendant and his face turns serious.

2017-06-19 (8)

Xing Er pulls Zuo aside and asks him whether he has any weapon that she can buy. Zuo wanting that wooden pendant, decides to forge a trade with Xing Er. Xing Er sees how anxious Zuo is toward that pendant and refuses. Zuo turns to another method and starts asking about Luo He, the Twelve Elite Camps and Feng Yun Ling. Thinking that she can get more information out of him regarding her past, Xing Er pretends to know Feng Yun Ling. Zuo anxiously tells Xing Er that she can all any weapon she wants as long as she tells him Feng Yun Ling’s whereabout. Xing Er makes up a story and Zou figures out her lies immediately.

2017-06-19 (15)

Xing Er tells Zuo that she loss her memory but will tell him once she remembers again. Hearing this, he excitedly grabs her and tells her that finding loss memories is his specialty. He presents two bowls of solution. One will put her in a coma while he leads her to her memories. The second, just water, will wakes her up if she goes too deep. He uses the map of Ji Le Ge as an exchange for her to agree. She agrees to the trade and takes a sip of the first drink and that puts her in a trance.

2017-06-19 (16)

Zuo spins the wheel to lead Xing Er to her lost memories where she was still young and her mom telling her that she will be gone for a while. She instructed the young Chu Qiao to go look to a man named Jing and open the wooden pendant when she is strong enough. Young Chu Qiao found Jing and Jing gave her the alias Jing Xiao Liu. When Chu Qiao was older, she got news that her mom was captured. She left the Jing family to rescue her mom but the prison was a trap. She fought her way out to come face to face with a masked man who wanted to kill both her mom and her for wanting to free the slave. Before the big showdonw, Chu Qiao was rescued.

2017-06-19 (20)

Before Zuo could dig deeper Yuwen Yue stops the spinning wheel and wakes Xing Er from her trance. Zou is frustrated that Yuwen Yue had spoiled his plan. Xing Er tells Zuo to shut it before he spills anymore about the exchanges that she wanted from him. Yuwen Yue tells Zou that it’s about time he let them out. With now way to deceive him, Zuo opens the door for them to leave. Before she left, Xing Er whispers that she will be back!

Episode 18

2017-06-19 (22)Out the side back entrance, the spies from Da Liang are there to ambush Xing Er and Yuwen Yue. Not long into the battle, the spies feel overpower and flee. Xing Er got injured during the fight. Yuwen Yue commands her to head back and rest while he goes to investigate the Da Liang’s spies. The princess from Da Liang hurries back to her room to look for something important. Near her pillow is the same look bird as the one that Yuwen Yue has. She caress it with cares. By the time Yuwen Yue got to the room, she was already gone.

2017-06-19 (25)

Both Yuwen Yue’s grandpa and Xing Er are sick. One from anger that Yuwen Yue risk his life to rescue Xing Er and the other from injuries. Because of Zuo, Xing Er finally remembers half of who she is. She remembers that Luo He is her mom. On the other side, Zuo also exit from the back entrance. He meets his old “friend” Dong Fang Ji, who works for Yan Bei currently. Zou relays the information regarding Xing Er to Dong Fang Ji but with no concrete information, Zou tells him that he will continue the investigation.

2017-06-19 (26)

Zhong Yu brings a letter to Yan Xun from his dad, Yan Sicheng, stating that he must leave ChangAn with Zhong Yu. He tells her that he will be bring another person along and for her to wait a few days. They send a dove carrying a message to Yan Bei but was intercepted by Da Liang. However, Dong Fang Ji’s person saw the whole scene. Yuwen Yue also got a hold of the letter than Yan Xun’s father sent him. He rewrites it to make the content more casual. Xing Er saw the whole thing since she hid from Yuwen Yue when she snuck into the Eye of God to steal weapons. (Gah. So much spies and reverse spying…..)

2017-06-19 (35)

Dong Fang Ji brings a forged letter from Yan Xun back to Yan Bei for his dad to see. The content indirectly states that Yan Xun is in danger. Without a second thought, Yan Sicheng decides to head to ChangAn and confront the king himself. But even with the king’s suspicions, he vows that he will never betray the king.  While the king is more and more worried about Yan Bei uprising. He dreamt about Yan Sicheng killing him. Because of Yan Sicheng’s lack of desire, Dong Fang Ji decides to leave Yan Bei to find another leader.

2017-06-19 (42)Back at Qin Shan Yuan, Yuwen Yue is showing Xing Er all the cool gagets that is at the Eye of God. The next lesson after the crossbow was how to decipher hidden messages. He gives her two powder that can reveal and hide hidden message used in the spy world. With those powder, Xing Er uses it on the blank paper that is in her wooden pendant. The hidden message revealed is for her to go to Yan Bei and look for a person that will help and protect her.

Episode 19

2017-06-20 (2)

Xing Er enters Yuwen Yue’s room to look for him but seeing that he wasn’t there, she starts to snoop around. She finds a knob that opens a door to a secret room. She sneaks inside and overhears Yuwen Zhou talking to Yue Qi. He tells him his plan on using Xing Er as a suicide spy to deal with spies from Da Liang. Xing Er is shocked that the old man is still alive. That means that Lin Xi’s dead was just a cove-up. Even more so, she is heartbroken to hear that Yuwen Yue just wanted to use her as a suicide spy. That night, she lies on her bed and cried over this fact. Xing Er cried and thought to herself “Yuwen Yue, I almost believed in you”

2017-06-20 (7)

Clueless to what Xing Er found out, Yuwen Yue is planning a path to capture the three Da Liang’s spies. When he found out what his grandpa had planned with Xing Er, Yuwen Yue anxiously executes his capture. He gathers an army to purse the spies from Da Liang. At the same time, Yuwen Huai meets up with the Da Liang princess and agrees to cooperate with her for more power. When Yuwen Yue arrives at the scene, Yuwen Huai had escaped already. Yuwen Yue and his man overpowers the two Da Liang spies but before they could capture them, the third one (the guy) ambushes them and rescues the two spies.

2017-06-20 (17)

Xing Er revisits Zuo and his shop for the weapons that is needed to kill Yuwen Xi. She brings two rats as presents. Zuo invites her in and presents a variety of weapons for her since he supports her in killing that creep. He gives her 3 weapons total and tell her that he will help guides her out of Ji Le Ge once the time comes. After he reveals that he has a lot more goodies, she starts nagging him to show it to her. He gives in in the end and gives her a precious cloth. Even though she doesn’t know how to use it, she tells him that she knew at first glance.

2017-06-20 (19)

While Xing Er is practing, Yan Xun comes and asks her again if she decided. She says she has and asks if Yan Bei is as pretty as he describes. He tells her that there are no slaves there and people can just ride horses freely. She agrees to his plan. Yan Xun happily goes to buy a special horse seat for Xing Er. Chun Er overhears his remark about the horse seat and thinks that it is a present for her. She thanks him for the present. Chun Er confesses her feeling for him but before she can finish, he rejects her and tells her that he only thinks of her as a little sister.

2017-06-20 (21)

While Yuwen Huai escorts the Wei king to a temple, there are commotions among the civilians. The king curiously asks Yuwen Huai to see what the commotion is about. The civilians found a “message from god” carved on a block. The message reads “Wei king will fall. Yan Lord will rise.” Seeing the message, the king consults with his subjects. Half of them tries to convince him that this might be a scheme and that Yan Sicheng would not rebel. The other half points toward Yan Bei rebelling. Since the king is already suspicious of Yan Bei, of course he would not listen to the first half of the arguments. Because one general keeps defending Yan Sicheng, the king swiftly grabs a sword and killed him on the spot.

Episode 20

2017-06-20 (25)

After the king kills off one of Yan Bei’s support, he declares that Yan Bei is planning to rebel and for them to sent army to capture the Yan family. The consort heard the news and rushes in to convince the king not to make any rash decision. But the decided king is ready to kill the Yan family to ease his suspicious mind and would not listen to her or anybody. Sensing that, the consort backs off and leave. Worry that her children might be too emotional, she advices them about their status as Wei prince and princess (without telling them about Yan family’s situation)

2017-06-20 (26)

At the same time, Xing Er is preparing her plan to kill off Yuwen Xi at night time. On her way back to Qin Shan Yuan, Yan Xun’s trusted guard stops her and tell her to meet them at night time for the escape back to Yan Bei. She tells him that she will be there but if she’s not there on time, then leave without her. She tells her two sisters the plan and for them to meet Yan Xun at the meeting spot at the time indicated. Xiao Ba, however, is a little unsatisfied with the plan. She doesn’t want to leave Yuwen Yue.

2017-06-20 (33)

Chun Er feels uneasy regarding her mother’s attitude and tells her maid to investigate what happened in the court. The maid returns with information regarding the Yan family. She tells her that the king declares the Yan family as rebels and plan on killing. Chun Er immediately rushes to warn Yan Xun. Before she could leave the palace, she was stopped by her mom. Her mom tells her to remember her role as the Wei princess.

2017-06-20 (31)

That night, Yan Sicheng reaches the city outskirt and wants to wait for the next morning before entering the city to see the king. But before morning arrives, Yuwen Huai was ordered to lead an army to ambush them. During the battle, Yan Sicheng is killed.

Xing Er successfully infiltrated Ji Le Ge by pretending to be a slave girl sent there.  She stabs Yuwen Xi in the back with her weapon the minute she sees him. The frightened Yuwen Xi immediately calls for guards. With her eyes only on Yuwen Xi, Xing Er mercilessly kills off the guards and heads straight for Yuxwen Xi. The weakened old man tries to strangle her but she easily twists his arms off. Punch after punch, she takes revenge for her dead brother and sister and all those innocent slave girls that died. Before she leaves, she frames Yuwen Yue as the mastermind behind the murder. She tells a random girl that she is sent by Yuwen Yue. The news spread to Yan Xun and he decides to delay his escape plan in order to rescue Xing Er.


Chexmix: Finally we’re getting some progress in the story line. Chu Qiao is finally awakening. Can’t wait for her to unleash her full power!! I’m glad she’s finally gonna kill off the creep Yuwen Xi! We’re also heading towards lots of dramas in the next 40 eps! Be prepared for all the heartbreaks and angst. Hahaha. At least we’ll have Zuo to lighten up the atmosphere. Lol! His conversation with Xing Er is hilarious.

Fighting scene

YueXing arrow shooting moment

Xing Er killing Yuwen Xi

Princess Agents surpassed 10 billions views already! XD Also, it seems like the # of episodes got reduced from 68/60 eps to 58 eps so that means we’re almost half way there!


23 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 17-20

  1. First, I am glad they gave me some otp moments before all the heartbreak. I am also glad Xing’er is finally awakening to her potential, but at the same time I feel so bad for Yuwen Yue. Angsty and misunderstandings </3
    Thankfully, the plot is moving really fast and I don't think we will have a lot of time to dwell on that.
    The shopkeeper is super funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think my heart can take the misunderstanding and the separation between our OTP. I kid you not, am literally anxious.
      I think am gonna take a break then marathon through the bad episodes (when they are not together) to the good episodes (when they are back to working together).


      1. I feel you. I did that for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Here, I think their separation won’t be that long. However, misunderstandings and circumstances will keep them separate for most of the drama. I expect from previous some smexy looks whenever they see each other again, it is so obvious that they are attracted to each other.


  2. Happy that she remember half and the plot is moving yay. OMG, I enjoyed her and Zou’s moments especially the “Me and the mouses are on your side” declaration 🙂 also, glad that the princess knows YX does not like her

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Yea there interactions r hilarious. It’s funny how she gifted him two additional pet rats and then said she’ll give him a larger “gift” later – a cat to eat his rats! >.<


  3. I am up to ep18 only but I liked that they showed XE realizing that she cares for YWY – her worry when he was semi-comatose was quite real and I thought ZLY did a good job of not being overly concerned/fussy/melodramatic but more like “why-am-I-so-concerned-for-him-but-I-can’t-stop-myself-and-I-hope-he-gets-better-soon!”

    Anyone else thinks YWY was just faking it and hence able to stop XE recovering her memory at just the right moment?

    Their interactions together while fighting was also really well done – love how he reverts to his slightly lecture-y self after his obvious concern to mask his feelings!

    Maybe it’s LGX’s face but I like that how he looks not lecherous while in close proximity with XE (learning to shoot arrow scene) although clearly attracted – his calm demeanor and glances totally convey how he feels. In that scene, XE also looks happy and not pleased that she manages to twirl him around her little finger so you just know that’s the happy set up before all the OTP angst !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha. I like that YWY is keeping his cool around XingEr too even though he’s clearly attracted to her.
      I don’t think he was faking his comatoes since he is sick and was stuck in a cold cave all night. But god why does his timing have to be so spot on!!? hahah I wanted to know more about XE’s past.


  4. Im so sad for Yuwen Yue getting misunderstood all the time. And why do i feel yan xun always in the way like such a c***block haha maybe im biased. Ugh so much angst. Im so sad for Yuwen Yue right now, I feel like he knows everything. Also whats the connection between Yuwen Yue and the Liang princess?


    1. BTW– I just finished ep 22 and my heart is breaking for YWY and the future eps to come. 😭 *waaaaaaaaaaa!!*. Don’t think I can handle this.


  5. Just finished Ep 20 and:-
    1. Poor Xing Er – she only started crying when she heard that YWY just wanted to train her to be a kamikaze spy – zhao Li ying totally nailed the expression “her face crumpled into tears” when she was sobbing noiselessly in her bed 😢 Sure that old man not alive hurt, her bro died for nothing hurt too but it was clear that what hurt her the most was realizing (wrongly but she didn’t know) that YWY was purely using her and preying on her feelings I.e. All their interactions / vibes were fake. She was definitely prepared to die when she went to kill Yuwen Xi from her conversation with the shopkeeper 😦
    2. Why is Yan Xun so blithefully oblivious of how precarious his life was ? He has no spy in the court to tell him how things go? Obviously the news was not that hard to find out if the princess’ maid could retrieve it! His dad is on his way to save him and he is thinking about chicks?? Sure he didn’t know that but definitely too trusting with all the bad vibes flying around !
    3. Poor Yan Shicheng – really backstabbed by his advisor and treated woefully by his sworn brother the paranoid king – can totally understand why Yan Xun would want revenge.
    4. Love him action oriented YWY is – when he was told that his grandpa wants XingEr to rid the Liang spies, he just went ahead to get rid of them first!


  6. I just finished ep 20, but I guess I was watching the longer version? because I saw the entire killing of the old bastard. I’m confused by the two versions so I just stick with the one that I think is uncut. It was sooooo good, and she really hates YWY now seeing as how she is framing him for it.


    1. Yea. Been watching the uncut version too but then it seems like the two versions are 1 ep off now so ep 20 was from the other version. Uncut is slower by one. We’ll recap the uncut version so it’s less confusing.
      But the fight was awesome!! but yea…the angst!!!


    2. Actually I think she is still conflicted – when she was smashing Yuwen Xi’s head, she was attributing Lin xi’s death to him too and her memory omitted the sight of YWY stabbing Lin Xi. I think it’s more that she wants YWY to feel as betrayed as she feels when she thought he was just preying on her feelings to gain her trust and eventually affection.

      Yeah the subbed episodes tend to miss the first 4 mins so I had to watch the entire killing of YWX on another channel. Same for the scene where she overheard crippled grandfather saying she was just a kamikazi agent for YWY and her silently crying outside.


  7. Wow this movie awesome!!! Love it ..
    I just finished ep 24 but can’t wacth ep 25 and the rest😓😓😓when a ep 25 end the rest is come out?
    And thank you for English subtitles..


  8. Can I comment on how absolutely draggy the drama is? It has a compelling storyline and a complex main character (I am rooting for Chu Qiao so badly), but it finds the need to insert random unrelated scenes and drag out the important scenes. We had lots of cutscenes to the mad Emperor, the Concubine who keeps trying to teach the Princess, Da Liang Princess plotting and one of the gentlemen who hung out with Yan Xun feeling terribly guilty. Showing them once is enough, but when their airtime is longer than Chu Qiao and Yan Xun and Yu Wen Yue, then something is wrong. Also, they teased us with the scenes of Chu Qiao killing Yu Wen Xi but they only showed that to us like 4 episodes later? Episode 23 and 24 were also very draggy. The trailers showed us how Yan Xun was held down and shown his dad’s head and then Chu Qiao fighting to save him and his mum coming to try to change their fate. In the end, episode 24 only showed 10% of the very short trailer?

    This kind of makes me miss Ten Miles of Peach Blossom because they don’t drag out the scenes from the show and each event happens quickly. The pace of the story is fast but it did not miss out any important scenes. The period where Bai Qian is Su Su is brief and she jumped down the immortal killing terrace pretty quickly.


  9. Omg I am starting to adore c movies! Really eager to finish the episodes… Thank you so much for the summary you did every episode. 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏


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