Feature: Lin Geng Xin

We are trying something new. Every once in a while we will post a feature about a celebrity. We are still figuring out the format, so if you have any recommendations please let me know. Since I have been obsessed with Princess Agents recently, I found it only fair to do one on Lin GengXin. I first saw him in Scarlet Heart and I have seen him in another movie, but I didn’t pay too much attention to him until this role. I have to say I am impressed with his depiction of Yuwen Yue.

Update: I found this funny compilation video =D Enjoy

Lin GengXin (林更新), also known as Kenny Lin, was born on February 13, 1988, in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 2011. That year he rose to popularity as the 14th Prince in Scarlet Heart/ Bu Bu Jing Xin. His next hit was the movie, Young Detective Dee, with Mark Chao. This led to the start of a successful movie career. Right now he is one of the highest grossing male actors of his generation since he has starred in several box office hits.

TV roles:

  • 14th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin (2011)
  • Xuan Yuan Sword (2012)
  • Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin (2012)
  • Dancing Legend  (2013)
  • Zhao Zilong in God of War (2016)

  • Yuwen Yue in Princess Agents (2017)

Relevant Movie roles:

  • Young Detective Dee (2013)

  • My Old Classmate with Zhou DongYu (2014)

  • Black & White: Dawn of Justice with Mark Chao (2014)
  • The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)
  • For a Few Bullets (2016)
  • Swordmaster (2016)
  • The Great Wall (2016)
  • Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017)

Right now you can find him on Princess Agents and Baby, Let me Go (variety show).


His best friend is Mark Chao and he often goes on trips with Mark Chao and his wife Gao Yuan Yuan. They have such a big bromance that Gao YuanYuan once told him to give Mark back to her =D

Joking around with each other’s roles:

He is said to be very very shy. Fellow actors, Mark Chao and Feng Shaofeng, have mentioned in interviews that he is really shy. Most recently, Zhao Liying said that after shooting a kiss scene he ran away while covering his face. Fans of the drama also pointed out that even when shooting certain scenes you can see that his ears are really red.

and let’s not forget this behind the scenes clip:

More moments:

shy with girls

shy with boys

lol he embraces his shyness, once saying that he likes that he is so shy.

Fans often find him in local places:

He is also known for really liking spicy foods and being a good cook. In an interview, he said he considers himself an ugly, but nice guy. And calls himself 林狗 (Lin dog?) since his college years. In college, his dorm room was in such bad condition that he and his roommates just called each other dogs plus their respective surnames.

Edit: I wanted to add that he often reads Weibo messages to him. His likes on Weibo are full of fans asking him for a happy birthday message.

Anyways, Lin GengXin is doing a great job with his character in Princess Agents. And now I am curious to check out some of his other movies since none of his other dramas sound appealing to me. I think I may start with the ones with Mark Chao, I love a good bromance.



43 thoughts on “Feature: Lin Geng Xin

  1. If you want to see their bromance, plz watch Black and White 2. They are like a couple. Mark Chao did recommend him to the director after they met on Detective Dee 2. Mark Chao suggest to Director that he didn’t want girl partner. He only wanted LGX.

    Lin Gengxin is my most fav young actor. I have watched all his movies. His acting is good. I liked his personality too, He is like a bit silly, dumb and cute.

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    1. Lol Mark Chao only needs LGX 😆
      Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out. This year I have been impressed by both of them as actors.
      I have been paying attention to LGX’s interviews since Princess Agents aired and he comes off very sincere and nice.


    1. For me, he didn’t really stand out until this drama. I liked him in Scarlet Heart, but I was so into my 4th Prince ship =D


  2. Thank you for that feature! I keep hearing people call him Lin Dog and I don’t understand why. Hahaha. He is so silly. Hehehe


    1. yeah I had to look it up, everyone getting to know LGX now bc of the drama was curious about it too 😛 such a weird nickname


  3. thanks for this! This is an interesting feature – i read somewhere that he has quite a few girlfriends which seems to be a bit contradictory with him being shy unless he doesnt really date and every girl he is interested in is his girlfriend!

    I saw him in a 2016 HC episode with Yoona when they were promoting God of War and he actually comes off a bit awkward and direct (kinda like ZLY) and he wasnt gentlemanly at all to Wu Xin and completely looked kinda sad when Yoona chose Hai Tao over him when asked to pick a partner.

    An old HC episode from 2013 popped up on my YT where he and Mark Zhao were present to promote Detective Dee and he is really quite gullible and a little dumb-dumb. :)A very big change from his YWY character!!


    1. I think girls like him because he is shy, they probably find it endearing. I am guessing that is why he likes being shy 😛 But yeah probably a lot of rumors are exaggerated since he just has stand next to some girl to have a new girlfriend.

      He does seem silly and blunt to me. And his shyness makes him cute.


  4. Liked LGX with Mark Chao in their drama..Been following his career since then…Glad he is doing well and have more project. 😍😍😍👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏


    1. I am kind of new to both of them, but they both impressed me with their recent dramas. I think they are good actors. Now on to check out their movies


    1. The only movie I have seen him in is Swordmaster, I thought he did a good job. I am curious about his movie with Zhou Dongyu and others with Mark Chao.


      1. The movie with ZDY is pretty fun. It’s a box office hit too. Warning: it’s not a happy ending.

        He only has two movies as the lead, Sword Master, and My Old Classmate. Other are supporting role. Among them, I most loved him as Captain 203 in The Taking of Tiger Mountain. It’s an awesome action movie.

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  5. This was an absolutely adorable post. I’m not usually one to add comments and you’ll probably never hear from me again but i wanted to say what a fantastic blog this is – thankyou so much for posting regularly and for making it so fun (and photo heavy too), i feel like this is the only chinese drama blog worth reading really, love it …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You spoke my mind. I, too, not usually made any comments unless it was my fav one. I’m glad that this site is the whole Cent news not an actress’s fan site. I read other site but they didn’t do well to me. Most of the articles are just praising an actress and criticize other. That’s not fun to read.


  6. Dang, his ears were bright red. It’s so funny how Zhao Liying told the story of him running off covering his face after the kiss scene. She was looking at the playback and wanted to do it again so they can get a better shot of it, but he was gone already. I also hope he finds a steady girlfriend so he won’t always be Mark and Gao Yuan Yuan’s third wheel. There truly are so many rumors about him and girls that it;s hard to believe how shy he is.

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    1. yeah ZLY was so taken back hahahaha
      I wouldn’t believe them if it wasn’t for his fellow male actors being like he is ridiculously shy.


  7. Thank you for the article! I really really like him! I thought I liked him enough in Princess Agents but love him even more off screen! He seems really down to earth and hasn’t changed even though he is well known. I love how blunt he is.

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    1. Me too! I liked him in Princess Agents so I started to look into him and his other projects. He has a really charming personality. Very silly and down to earth. I love his bluntness too.


      1. I have seen the Great Wall and didn’t realize he was there with Matt Damon . I haven’t seen any of his other projects but he is the perfect Yuwen Yue! Absolutely perfect 👌🏻. Hope he will do season 2

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  8. I really love him in princess agents. He delivered his role so well that it got me so addicted to the drama. What social media does he use (except weibo, no english version so far) can I follow him and support him?


    1. He only uses weibo. He is very active there and interacts a lot with his fans, in chat groups and liking their posts, etc. I would probably just follow one of his international fansites for news.


      1. Is it an app or a website ? I adore that guy and would love to meet him and Zanilia one day in the future. Actually I am wishing they would fall for each other during the making of PA hehe but Zanilia doesn’t want to date actors. But hey everything is possible in love 😍


        1. An app. You can look for it on google play or itunes.
          I am actually shipping them too 😛 they are so cute and I think they have similar personalities.
          btw sorry it took me so long to approve your comment, it got lost in my mentions 🙂


  9. This is the very first time I have watched a C drama and totally fell inlove with the entire cast especially Zhao Liying , Lin Gengxin and Shawn Dou. Yuwen Yue’s image reminded me a lot of Legolas from LOTR. We actually call him here the Asian Legolas . How I wish I could follow him in weibo but I don’t know how to read Chinese or even have an account there. I am still heartbroken that the last episode was aired today. Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin is match made in Heaven and I think they still don’t know yet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love the cast. I like all the supporting actors and yes even Yuwen Huai.
      I have been thinking that Yuwen Yue does look like a royal elf so I am glad I am not the only one. They do have chemistry ❤

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  10. Hmnnn it’s now the 21st of August, the drama ended last August 1 and I still linger and cannot let go of Princess Agents, I watched My old classmate and me because of PA and watched Boss and me because of PA. LGX and ZLY are one of the best actors and actresses in China 🇨🇳 I heard of ZLY philanthropic activities. I hope LGX will share some of his blessings too to others in whatever way he can. Thank you for your blog.

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  11. I am so happy I came across your blog today as I have been hunting for an English one on Lin Geng Xin.

    I became his fan the moment I saw his acting as Yuwen Yue in Episiode of Princess Agents.He is the perfect guy to flesh out the cool Yuwen Yue. Just as his good friend Mark Chao did a great job in 10 Miles of Peach Blossom.

    But LGX and Zhao Li Ying’s chemistry is s good that I just can’t move on from Princess Agents. I wish they become a real couple too.

    LGX is a great actor and he is handsome in his own way. I find his charisma very appealing in Princess Agents so much so that I wish Yuwen Yue is a real person. Ha ha!

    Please keep up with news on him in this blog. Thank you for your hard work.


  12. Lin Gengyi is hot. I usually do not watch movies, never mind Chinese movies, but he is my example of a hot, sexy actor. I love everything about him and now using his name as my favorite actor. Zhao Li Ying should marry him. They look perfect together

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    1. @Jo Smith, I agree with you absolutely. I never really bothered with Chinese actors until I saw LGX in Princess Agents. He made Yuwen Yue so charmingly attractive despite his cold exterior.

      He and Zhao Li Ying have such great chemistry on and off screen, they are just perfect for real life.


  13. Hiiiii
    It’s an interesting feature on this site. Thanks for it. Usually english article on chinese actors & actress can’t be found anywhere. This site is amazing. It has all sorts of news & information. I’m glad to found this site. Regarding feature, i wanna say can you do a feature next on ma tianyu and alina zhang meng? so that i get updates of them as there is no such site or blog containing appropriate information of them. I know they uses weibo but what social media does they have other than weibo, don’t know ( anything for overseas people) so that I can follow them there. Kindly list everything in details about them individually. And regarding this feature, I wanna say this was an absolutely fantastic post. I’m not usually the one to comment but this blog was so superb that I can’t stop myself from commenting. Thank you so much for updating regularly and making this site a fun place to comment. Really, this is the only perfect chinese blog which is worth reading. I do follow some other sites also but they are not that interesting. Most of the articles on them are useless or remaining are with such bad english that it is difficult to understand. Sorry, i’m not criticizing other sites works as I know other sites persons are also trying their best to make their sites better. Still just wanna say that this site really make me happy as whatever the contents and posts are available here are new to me. Thanks for your hard work and wonderful collection of news.
    Now coming to LGX, he is a good actor. First time I saw him on PA but his chemistry with ZLY is so perfect that I can’t stop watching them. Truly, the couple is so adorable. And about Mark Chao, he also did an excellent job in eternal love. His chemistry with yang mi is unforgettable. They both are also a lovely couple but no one is as adorable, lovely, charming & appealing as like younger ice prince of ice fantasy (YKS) with fire princess(YD).


    1. Thanks for your comment. I am glad you liked it. We were planning on doing these more often, but we are all pretty busy at the moment.
      Our admins write about anything they find interesting. We follow some artists closer than others and that is why you will see more information about some celebrities and nothing on others. Out of those two you mentioned, I just know Ma Tianyu by name. I personally don’t follow him closely but I see information about him now and then. As far as I know he is filming a drama with Zheng Shuang right now. That is all I know. Maybe you want to check his tag for older news.


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