Weibo Movie Night 2017

A lot of celebrities came out to promote their movies. Congrats to all the winners.

Update: I added some pics of celebrities talking or joking around in the audience

Monkey King 3: Daughter of the King

Zhao Liying

Feng ShaoFeng

Gigi Leung

Liu Tao, she also sang a song


Brotherhood of Blades 2


Brotherhood of Blades 2 Cast:

Lin Yun, who has been killing it on the red carpet lately. I see a future Fan Bing Bing in her when it comes to red carpets, she wows me at every show.

Zhou DongYu, this is so her style (Miracle Fighters)

Ouyang Nana. She performed, I didn’t know she was so talented.


Huang Xuan (Fanghua)

Miao Miao (Fanghua)

Fanghua cast:

Li Yi Feng (Psychological Crime and Founding of an Army)

Luo Jin

Wang Kai (Devotion of Suspect X)

Zhang Tianai

Deng Chao

Every movie being promoted won some type of award, either the leads won an award or the movie won an award. I think most of the movie awards were for publicity. Deng Chao and Zhou DongYu won awards as King and Queen of Weibo Movie Night respectively, which were voted by fans. Very deserved since I think both are at the top when it comes to movies.

Winner List:

King: Deng Chao

Queen: Zhou Dongyu

*I think he told her to eat more because she is too skinny. Her face lol

Best interactive filmmakers: Feng Xiaogan, Liu Ye

Most influential actor: Wang Kai

Most anticipated actors: Yang Mi, Luo Jin

Best reputation film: Wrestling father

Most anticipate female/male gods: Li Yi Feng, Zhang Tianai

Most anticipated cooperation: Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng

Most anticipated film: Fanghua

Most anticipated Spring Festival Film: Monkey King 3: Daughter of the King

Most anticipated Martial arts film: Brotherhood of Blades 2

Most anticipated Suspense Film: Psychological Crime

Most anticipated war movie: The Foundation of an army

Best performance actor: Huang Xuan

Excellent new actors: Li Chengbin, Ren Suxi

Outstanding interpretation: Wan Qian, Duan Yihong

Most anticipated new actors: Peng Yu Chang, Li Meng

Most anticipated young director: Li Xiaofeng, Lu Zhengyu

I tried to include the movie that each actor was promoting. In some cases, I really don’t know. I was really hoping for a lot of backstage pictures, but so far nothing. Some celebrities here are really close like Zhao Liying, Zhou Dongyu, and Nana.

P.S. Let me know if you can’t see some pictures.


YangMi and Deng Chao

Liu Ye and Liu Tao

Zhao Liying and Huang Xuan


15 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Night 2017

  1. “Most Anticipated ” awards :”D, that sounds like promotion

    Yeah… love how this red carpet has a lot more colors. I love Yang Mi’s dress!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wang Kai is definitely there for The Devotion of Suspect X. It’s now one of the top Chinese movies of the year so far.


  3. Does somebody maybe know why zly and yang mi aren’t friends when i first discovered cdrama i really got confused between them bc they looked similiar. I’d love them to be friends bc they are my fav actress


    1. They are from different generations and don’t share the same circle of friends. ZLY was born in the 80’s but she got popular later so she is usually associated with early 90’s actresses and she is close with popular actresses from that generation. I also noticed that ZLY tends to be close with celebrities from Taiwan/Hong Kong or actors she met when she wasn’t popular. YangMi seems to have a larger group of friends.


  4. Is Liu Ye and Liu Tao brothers and sisters . Or husband and wife (by any chance).

    I love it that Li Yi Feng is in two upcoming moviies(and one more in the making now). Hope he will star in more dramas too. He is my most fave actor ♡


    1. I believe they are not related and they are married to different people. Liu is just a common Chinese family name. ^^
      I think Li Yi Feng will probably pick a drama soon, he usually does one drama per year.


  5. Yang Mi and our little muffin ZLY look BREATHTAKING 😍😍😍Also ZDY face 😂😂 and Wang Ki, he’s jawline is a work of art😍


  6. Do you have pictures of Liying and FengFeng together after the show? it seems like they walked towards each other after the show…I was wondering if Liying won the female god title instead of that actress, would FengFeng make this kind of face? ^_^


    1. I didn’t see any pics, but I am sure everyone was talking backstage. I wish we would get more backstage pics, those are always fun.


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