23rd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award and 20th Shanghai International Film Festival

Grouping into this post is the 23d Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award held from the 12-16 of June and the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival held from June 17-24th. One is the largest festivals for TV series and the other is one of the largest festivals for films. Both held in Shanghai around the same time. =D This is a picture heavy post with lots of pictures from the red carpet.

23rd Shanghai TV Festival 

The Shanghai Television Festival (上海电视节), abbreviated STVF, also known as the Shanghai International Television Festival is the first and one of the largest television festivals in East Asia. Held since 1986, STVF has become one of the most influential and prestigious international television festivals in Asia, strengthening the cooperation and communication between the Chinese media industry and the world.

The festival is also home to the annual Magnolia Awards (白玉兰奖). Awards are handed out to both international and national productions through voting by a panel of award-winning actors, producers, directors and writers, and are the highest industry honours given. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious television awards, alongside the Feitian Awards and Golden Eagle Awards.

The ladies from Ode to Joy. Jiang Xin and Wang Ziwen had a cool look while Yang zi and Liu Tao went for the more feminine.

The Jurors for the Magnolia Awards including Wallace Chung  and Yao Chen.

Yao Chen

Wallace Chung

Ju Jingyi

Guan Xiao Tong

Representatives for drama Midnight Diner.

Hu Jin and Zhang Zhijian from In the Name of the People

Wang Likun and Zheng Yuanchang

The cast of The Legend of Heavenly Tear and Phoenix Warriors

The 23rd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award Winners:

Best Chinese TV series: “Good Fellas”

Best Director: Shen Yan, Liu Haibo “Chinese-Style Relationship”

Best Screenplay: Zhang Lei “Chinese-Style Relationship”

Best actor: Zhang Yi “Feather Flies to the Sky”

Best Actress: Yin Tao “Feather Flies to the Sky”

Best supporting actor: Wu Gang, Zhang Zhijian “In The name of the People”

Best supporting actress: Guan Xiaotong “Good Fellas”

Best overseas TV series: “Redemption Road” (Germany)

Best overseas TV drama: “Outlander” (US)

Best Seasonal Variety Show: “Readers” Season 1

Best Weekly Variety Show: “Voice”

Best Documentary: “Farmer / Veterans” (USA)

Best Series Documentary: “The Times: The Story of Kalif Browder” (USA)

Best Animation: “Dragon Dentist” (Japan)

Best Animated Screenplay Award: “Rebellious Nursery Rhymes” (UK)

Zhang Yi and Yin Tao for Best Actor and Best Actress for drama Feathers Flies to the Sky.

Guan Xiao Tong for Best Supporting Actress in Good Fellas

Wu Gang and Zhang Zhijian won Best Supporting Actor

2017 Shanghai International Film Festival

The Shanghai International Film Festival, abbreviated SIFF, is one of the largest film festivals in East Asia. Along with Tokyo International Film Festival, the SIFF is one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. The first festival was held from October 7 to 14, 1993. Since its beginning in 1993, Shanghai International Film Festival has grown to become an A-category international film festival.

Yang Mi

Zhang Yi going from the TV fest to the film fest

The cast of Brotherhood Blade 2

Liu Yifei steals the show with her pink dress

Li Yifei with the case of The Chinese Widow

Li Yifeng

Liu Hao Ran

Ma Tian Yu and Liu Haoran

Zhu Yawen

Charlene Choi “A Sa”

Gillian Chung “A Gil”

A Sa with Chi Lam and Charmaine Sheh

Chen Bolin and Lin Yun

Chen Bolin with Zhang Yunlong

Crystal Zhang Tianai

Wang Likun

Ma Tian Yu

Hui Yinghong

Yu Nan Di

Louis Koo looking handsome still.

Zhang Liang

Huang Jinyu

Blurry picture of Wallace Huo.

Zhang Lanxin in all pink

Huang Xuan

Stephen Feng

Group picture of film Bloom of Youth with Feng Xiaogang, Wallace Chung

Zhang Jing

Liu Ye weird pose…lol.

Zhou Xun

Victoria Song Qian

Hu Jun

Cheney Chen and his tiger print silk looking suit

Cast from The Longest Shot

Cast from Genghis Khan starring William Chan and Lin Yun.

Yang Mi’s second dress with cast of Reset and two wax figures of Yang Mi..? and Wallace giving someone an ok sign..? hahaha


11 thoughts on “23rd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award and 20th Shanghai International Film Festival

  1. 3 observations: Wallace Huo looks the best even if it is a blurry picture and the picture of the cast of The Longest Shot made them look short. xP Also, do I see a lizard???

    Also, is Feathers Flies to the Sky any good? I can’t find much about it online.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you mistake Huang Xuan for Wallace Chung under SIFF part, someone above me also mentioned this 🙂 Anyway, it’s always nice to see the pictures from red carpet ^^ Yangmi’s wax figures kinda creepy though lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for pointing this out!! Honestly this is the second time that I’ve mislabeled them. hahahh They don’t even look alike!


  3. Magnolia Awards always with very serious wins. I am guessing Guan Xiaotong did a good job in that drama bc she won over some other serious contenders. I found her okay in Novoland, way better than I thought and she is still pretty young.
    I like that a lot of popular celebrities that don’t win show up to the Magnolia Awards, it makes it feel like a real award show. At the red carpet, Jiang Xin said she wasn’t nervous since she had no expectations of winning, while YangZi said she was hoping she would win. We need more award shows like this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Sad that none of the ladies from Ode to Joy won but it goes to show that it’s not a popularity vote but based on critiques of acting. (not that any of them can’t act. hahah). This is one of the few awards that actually mean something!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I feel the same way. I thought at least one of them would win, but none of them did. It really shows that popularity is the last thing taken into consideration during this award show. I really hope more award shows move a bit towards this theme, we don’t need all of them to be like this. But you can have popularity awards and acting awards, they don’t need to be the same.


  4. Everyone looks gorgeous, nice, and/or unique 🙂 Sidenote: I cried during the Mark segment on Midnight dinner–wish someone would sub it, the show’s really great and I love the cast interactions.


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