[Discussion] Rush to the Summer Dead (夏至未至) – 2017

Another hot drama this summer is Rush to the Dead Summer or Love Till the End of Summer with Zheng Shuang and Cheney Chen.  Here you can leave your first impressions on Rush to the Dead Summer. How do you like the drama so far? What do you think of the chemistry between the OTP, how’s the quality? What do you like/dislike about the drama? This post will be pinned to the Drama and Movie Thread for ease of access.


Title: Rush to the Dead Summer (夏至未至) or Love Till the End of Summer

# of episodes: 46

Release date: June 11, 2017

Where to watch: Raw on Youtube and Eng sub of Dramafever


This is a youthful story which spans the period of ten years and focuses on friendship, alienation, and one ultimate betrayal that breaks the group of close friends, each going their own way and entering society.

Despite growing up poor, Li Xia works hard and wins a scholarship into a grand secondary school where she meets the legendary Fu Xiaosi and Lu Zhiang. Love booms in more ways than one, and the group of youth quickly became good friends. After graduation, everyone goes their separate ways. Xiao Si becomes a well-known artist, Li Xia becomes Xiao Si’s assistant and other half, Qi Qi won a singing competition and becomes a famous idol, Yu Jian heads overseas to realize her dreams of becoming a singer. Everyone is still fighting for their dreams.

However, with the onslaught of adversities: the death of Xiao Si’s mother, Li Xia’s departure, imprisonment of Zhi Ang, Qi Qi’s betrayal and Yu Jian’s loss; the warm and bright summer starts to fade away. Everyone is changing and they become doubtful about the origin of their friendship. A span of ten years make them realize that other than memories, nothing can be eternal, but they learnt to love and grow.


Cheney Chen as Fu Xiaosi: A talented artist who is perceived as a legend in the eyes of others. He often takes a step back to observe and assess the situation behind the scenes. However, he is not good at expressing himself and often chooses to bear the brunt of the burden.

Zheng Shuang as Li Xi: Kind, pure sincere and charming, she is every guy’s ideal girl. Despite the pain and heartaches thrown her way, she maintains an unyielding attitude towards friendship and love.

Bai Jing Ting as Lu Zhiang: A cheerful guy who is always smiling and full of life. The pain of growing up makes him quieter, calmer while still maintaining his gentleness and understanding character. Despite everything, he keeps the promise that he made to a brother and never forgets to take care of his friends. He is like a guardian angel, always protecting Li Xia and Fu Xiaosi.



Episode 1



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