[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 9-12

 photo 2017-06-12 22_zpsejxohrro.pngPrincess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 68

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 9

 photo 2017-06-10 28_zpsk1rpwmlb.png

XingEr falls down the cliff but clings onto a rope that she had prepared in advance. Zhu housekeeper brings guards hoping to catch XingEr with the snakes only to find Jin Zhu there. Xiao Ba also brings Yue Qi to the scene to catch Jin Zhu red handed with the snakes. He orders people to locker her up. Xing Er dangles her way into a cave and unexpectedly finds Yan Xun reading there.  They climb up the cliff after everyone left.

 photo 2017-06-10 32_zpsx3kdimi3.png

When XingEr returns, Xiao Qi tells her that Xiao Ba got captured by Yuwen Huai. XingEr sneaks into the slave prison but gets captured by Yuwen Huai’s men. Yuwen Huai lies and tells her that Yuwen Yue had given up on her. Remembering what Yuwen Yue told her about not believing in what you see, she deciphers that it was a lie. Yuwen Huai orders his men to kill her but she easily defeated them. She asks to speak to Jin Zhu alone to prove her words. As they are speaking, Yuwen Huai is listening from behind and Xing Er made him believe that Jin Zhu has feelings for Yuwen Yue and had betrayed him.

On the other side, Yuwen Yue’s grandfather woke up from his coma. (surprise surprise. Knew he would be a hard one to kill!) He recalls that Yuwen Yue had rushed the antidote in time to save his life. He tells Yuwen Yue that Xing Er is not a reliable person to keep around. Yuwen Yue, however, believes in her potential to become a great agent. Grandpa orders him to keep his hand off this case and see if Xing Er can survive on her own.

 photo 2017-06-12 1_zpshsbrpkk4.png

Yuwen Huai semi believes Xing Er’s words and locks Jin Zhu up. He heads toward Xing Er and wants to kill her. Yan Xun comes just in time to knock off the sword and saves Xing Er. He rescues XingEr and gives her medicine to heal her wounds.  Yue Qi reports to Yuwen Yue that Yan Xun had rescued Xing Er (thank to his urgent request.)

 photo 2017-06-12 8_zpsutacigkh.png

At night time, Xing Er sneaks back into the prison to free Jin Zhu. She gives Jin Zhu the pass to leave the manor but half way out, Jin Zhu feels unsatisfied by the outcome. She sees Yuwen Huai’s carriage and anxiously betrays Xing Er. What she doesn’t know is that it was all part of Xing Er’s plan. Yuwen Huai kill Jin Zhu and wants to pin it on Xing Er but she is way ahead of them and is there to dispose of any evidence.

 photo 2017-06-12 11_zpsay1jtz3u.png

Xing Er returns to her room as Yuwen Yue comes to check up on her. She pretends to be sick and covers herself up. He tells her to make him tea but she asks him to leave first. Suspiciously, he flings off her blanket only to see a semi-exposed Xing Er, who had already took off her black clothes and hid it. Without evident, he could only leave. Once alone, Xiao Ba brings up what she heard regarding madame Song. Yuwen Huai knows about her death and knows that it is the Jing sisters that killed her.

Episode 10

 photo 2017-06-12 15_zpsmqec3ied.png

Grandpa, Yuwen Lie, allows Yuwen Yue to keep Xing Er around. After Yuwen Yue leaves, he tells his guard his plan to have Xing Er kill Yuwen Xi (the creepy old man). Because of the poison spider, he realizes that 16 years ago, Yuwen Xi betrayed their country by working with bordering country and caused Yuwen manor and the Eyes of God to lose the kings’ trust. He needs an outsider to kill Yuwen Xi.

 photo 2017-06-12 16_zpsit6arnjb.png

Yuwen Yue tries to stop Xing Er from writing. She flips the brush and accidently leaves a dot on his forehead. When asked about her hometown, she tells him that because of her head injury, she doesn’t remember anything anymore. Yuwen Yue continues her sense of smell training by blind folding her.

 photo 2017-06-12 19_zpsvm5bjore.png

During the training, a young prince sees Xing Er and wants to play hide and seek with her. She uses him as part of her training. She smells him and follows him with her sense. The two struggles and the prince falls into the water. He thinks XingEr is interesting and wants to have her. She teases him with a fake name and court and he happily leaves her to ask permission to have her. Yan Xun sees the who scene from above.

 photo 2017-06-12 25_zpsj0yjbpz8.png

The prince, Yuan Song, asks Yuewen Yue for permission to have Xing Er but with the name, court, and task she gave him, when strung together, becomes “This is fake, I’m teasing you.” Since Yan Xun is also asking for Xing Er, Yuwen Yue uses that excuse to keep Xing Er to himself to avoid offending both of them. Once alone, Yuwen Yue warns Yan Xun to go back home (the king does not trust those with strong military power).

 photo 2017-06-12 26_zpsuhgupvae.png

As requested, the consort gives Yuwen Yue information regarding a girl possessing strong inner power. The info points to the daughter of Lu He, the heir of Feng Yun Ling. He asks Xiao Ba for more details regarding Xing Er’s past. She tells him that Xing Er is not from the Jing family. Dad brought her home as one day but she disappeared a year later. After that the Jing parents got killed and the siblings were sold to Yuwen manor. They only met her again recently at the manor.

 photo 2017-06-12 29_zpsxirchhhb.png

At the gathering of the lords and princes, Yuwen Yue brings Xing Er along but leaves her outside. When princess Chun Er arrives a slave accidentally trips and drops poison cream on the ground. Xing Er stops Chun Er from touching it and secretly wipes some on her handkerchief. Chun Er is jealous knowing that Xing Er is the “wild cat” that Yan Xun keeps calling and asks her to serve tea. Yuwen Huai brings out a pill made using her sister’s blood and asks Xing Er to smell it. She uses this chance to wipe the poison cream on the box hoping to kill Yuwen Huai. After the party, Yuwen Huai confesses to princess ChunEr and tells her that he will get rid of the person she hates for her, indicating Xing Er.

Episode 11

 photo 2017-06-13_zpslzcri1bz.png

Xiao Ba overhears others talking about Yuwen Huai’s plan to empty the lake and worries about madame Song’s body. She runs back to tell Xing Er who is planning their escape for the night. Xing Er tells them to leave first and she will find a way to reunite with them. She sneaks into Yuwen Yue’s room to write up the slave annulment contract. Yuwen Yue enters the room and Xing Er pretends to be cleaning. He tells her to change into new clothes and they will go to the lantern festival at night.

 photo 2017-06-13 6_zpslucp0dq5.png

Xing Er and Yuwen Yue arrive at the festival on horse. She sees a cute bunny lantern and he buys it for her. He pokes fun of her for thinking the bunny is cute and she sticks out her tongue after he turned around. In a crowd filled with people, Yuwen Yue tells Xing Er to hold onto his sleeve so that she doesn’t get lost. They head toward a riddle solving competition and a man sees Xing Er and gives her sugar cane candies because she is pretty. Yuewen Yue looks jealous, takes the candy and throws it away without warning and tells her that they can buy it themselves. Xing Er solves one of the riddles and Yuwen Yue leaves to claim the prize for her. By the time he came back, she was gone.

 photo 2017-06-13 8_zpskv5rewtq.png

Xing Er takes the horse and walks toward the gate direction. She passes by two mysterious person, one man and one princess from a foreign country. The guy, Yin Xin, recognizes her glare as the heir of Feng Yun Ling and chases after her. (They fought before Xing Er lost her memory).  He cuts of her outerwear but didn’t see the flower tattoo that confirms her identity. Yan Xun intercepts the weapon but one needle got thru and scares XingEr’s horse into a wild run. Yan Xun chases after her. The mysterious guy, Yin Xin, returns and tells the princess that she is not the one. The two reveals their plan to frame Yan Bei of a rebellion.

 photo 2017-06-13 9_zpsn2e826pr.png

Outside the city, hidden men are getting to attack the two of them. Yan Xun and XingEr leave their horse and run on feet. They fall into a hunter ditch. Yan Xun tells Xing Er to use him as leverage to leave this ditch and get people to save him. XingEr is surprised that Yan Xun, a noble lord, would let a slave step on him like that! He trusts her to return and save him but Xing Er also need to save her sister. If she doesn’t meet up with them, they will be in trouble.

 photo 2017-06-13 11_zpskffpxumt.png

Half way thru, Xing Er decides to return and save Yan Xun. He believes that she would be back and didn’t worry at all. Because Xing Er twisted her ankle from the fall, Yan Xun carries her on his back. On their way back, they see a group of running slaves without written statement being killed by the Wei army. The fate of these slaves jolts Xing Er back to reality. She is a slave and Yan Xun is a prince, there will always be that status difference. Xing Er tells Yan Xun to stop following her and leaves to find her sisters.

Episode 12

 photo 2017-06-13 12_zps6htq3pxp.png

Xing Er rushes back in time to save her sisters from the rich lords of the city. She chases them away but Xiao Ba’s face was already injured at that point. Xiao Ba cries and asks to be taken back to Yuwen Manor for medicine to heal her face. They enter the manor successfully. Xing Er goes to report to Yuewen Yue but he turns off the light before she can enter.

 photo 2017-06-13 14_zpsvhi75yjh.png

Xing Er and Yuwen Yue couldn’t sleep at night. She accidentally slips from the ceiling and Yuwen Yue rushes to catch her. (random…-_-)  Yuewen Yue asks Xing Er to explain what happen on the night of the lantern festival. He wants the truth from her but she’s not telling him everything. He brings up the rat poison that she used on Yuwen Huai and tells her that her little trick is not enough to kill him. Xing Er asks, since Yuwen Huai is both of their enemy, why would he not use her to kill his enemy. She cries and tells him that she is loyal to him and asks that he saves her with madame Song’s case. He reaches for the handkerchief to wipe her tears and shoo her out almost immediately.

 photo 2017-06-13 19_zpsmrgjas1z.png

The guards arrest  XingEr and her sisters under the statement that they killed madame Song. (When Yue Qi reports it to Yuwen Yue he tells him to throw away the handkerchief then changes his mind to have the cloth washed and returned to him..). At the drained lake, Zhu housekeeper finds 3 dead bodies. The first belongs to doctor Xie and the last two belong to 2 female slaves. Madame Song’s body was not found. With no evidence, Xing Er and her sisters are free to go. Back at their room, Xiao Qi tells Xing Er that she is not their real sister. They finds a blank cloth inside the pendant that belongs to Xing Er.

 photo 2017-06-13 24_zpscjv7hdfu.png

Xing Er thanks Yuwen Yue for saving her and her sister. He doesn’t think a mere thank you is enough. Yue Qi did spent a whole night digging up madame Song’s body. Instead of showing more appreciation, Xing Er tells him that she will go thank Yue Qi. After hearing that, Yuwen Yue tells her to gift this ring weapon, which is meant for her, to Yue Qi in that case. Xing Er take the box and leave. Seconds later, she comes back and tells him that the ring fits her and not Yue Qi. She thanks him for the ring and leaves.

Chexmix: Anyone else think Yuwen Yue’s voice sounds very very very familiar? I thought I keep hearing Ye Hua from Eternal Love when Lin Gengxin speaks and lo and behold, it’s the same voice actor for both of them!! Loll. Anyway, YueXing ship is sailing strong but I think Yan Xun and XingEr ship (YanXing? What are people calling this ship?) is taking off slowly too. XingEr is just so much more at ease with Yan Xun. Especially in that scene where she laughs at him getting pooped on. But YueXing interactions are so precious too! The last scene with the ring! Too funny. Loving this drama so far!!

Lantern Festival BTS

Carrying Zhao Liying BTS

Blindfolding BTS

Yan Xun and XingEr leaving the cave BTS


24 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 9-12

  1. OMG I knew his voices sounded familiar and I agree, the ship is going slowly but we can see YY likes her a lot even though he’s trying to hid it lol when he got her the lantern or throwing away the prized meat someone gave her lol and I love Yan Xun he’s so pretty when he smiles and I really like when she’s with him because she can kind of be herself which is nice 🙂 I’m not shipping but I’m liking them together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness – I love zhaoliying here but kudos to Lin Geng Xian with his micro-expressions – so spot on! My favs:-
    1. How he blasely disparaged the rabbit lantern and her reaction – she is not immune to him either! She may banter with Yan Xun but it has no frisson unlike with YWY.
    2. The casual throwaway of the sweet that dude gave Xing Er and his stony-do-not-mess-with-me look thereafter – I am still not entirely clear why he took her to see lanterns – probably just to delay her but I suspect he was also there to meet someone- will need to park that thought !
    3. When she aegyo-ed him to say she didn’t want the sweet and wanted to play the riddle and his annoyed/you-gotta-be-kidding-me-why-are-you-acting-like-you-are-my-girl? Look but ultimately still went along and even went to get her sweet.
    4. XingEr prepping herself with some story to tell him after she got back and realizing he waited for her to return by leaving the door unlocked and her dismay/oh-crap face when the lights were turned off.
    5. How XingEr didn’t immediately remove herself from his arms after he caught her from the roof (note that she immediately pushed Yan Xun away after he fell on her in the hole) and it was him who disengaged awkwardly after they started communicating in that pose.
    6. How awkward YWY was to wipe her tears and then immediafely dismissed her in a oh-crap-WTF-am-I-doing way!
    7. I like that he knows what is going on and obviously he had already made all the arrangements to help her even before she went to ask for help after her lies were exposed. He basically just wanted her to ask for help! Even if he knew and she knew he knew that her crying was part of the act when she dried her tears and looked back at him.

    Similar to YWY, I feel that’ Xing Er is stopping herself from liking him too. Just that she knows that he is using her too and it’s a damn complicated situation!

    Liked by 6 people

    • I am loving Lin GengXin here. I think his acting is spot on, his micro expressions and eyes are the best.
      I have to agree with everything.
      I would like to add some other moments. Like when he was going to get on a horse, he told the slave he wasn’t needed. In the back you can see XingEr looking at him like she was impressed with his attitude.
      When she fell and he caught her that moment where she was looking at him you could feel the tension between them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes that was a good moment and somehow YWY doesn’t give off the vibe he is trying to impress by not stepping on the slave but he is just like that. I like Shawn Dou and he is playing Yan Xun well like a besotted little boy.

        Actually YWY’s hair can look pretty bad some days but he still looks handsome to me….


        • He looks handsome to me too. His serious face looks good on him. It is funny bc LGX laughs so much off screen.
          Yeah, YWY seems like a naturally kind person but he can only go so far. He was kind to YX trying to warn him about the emperor and refusing the emperor’s request to frame YX’s dad.
          But he doesn’t like to be kind to the point where it could affect him, except for XingEr. He takes unnecessary risks for her and he knows it.


    • Don’t forget the part where he tells her to give the ring to Yue Qi instead but secretly follows her to the door after she left just to be caught by her when she comes back seconds later. Lol! that oops-I-got-caught-glancing-face but maybe she didn’t notice on YWY was just too funny!


  3. Warming up to the YanXing ship, but I still find it hard to understand why he (or Yuan Song, for that matter) likes her so much. Yuwen Yue has seen her noble and kind side (e.g. when she refused to punish Jin Zhu), and has good reason to admire her from what he’s seen in their training sessions. But for Yan Xun and Yuan Song, she’s mostly just a sassy girl… Surely they’ve met other ones like that before?

    Really enjoyed Episode 12 because now it seems like YY has finally given into his feelings for Xing Er 😍 esp after he went to such lengths to help her and then gave her all those gifts.

    I’m curious what other people think – does she like either of the guys right now? Or both? Or is she just single-mindedly focused on her mission to get revenge on Yuwen Huai?


    • I think she is mainly focusing on surviving and keeping her sisters alive. Then her revenge on Yuwen Huai.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I think for Yan Xun it’s because he saw her at the human hunting field and was impressed with how she fought her way out – snowballed from there to the next meeting where she saved her sister. Probably intrigued because she is so different from the girls in the palace – quite typical guy! – the fact her calls her “wild cat” also seems to indicate that he senses some untamed ferocity in her which is always a challenge and hence exciting. It helps too that she is good looking I am sure !! That’s why I feel that now, Yan Xuan’s attraction to her is pretty superficial and he is kinda relishing playing hero and “slumming it” in a cool way. Also probably why Xing Er is not recipocrating romantically as well as she doesn’t have princess syndrome and needs to be saved.

      The prince? He just comes off like a child who found an interesting plaything who doesn’t do what he say so it’s a fun challenge.

      I think Xing Er is stopping herself from falling for YWY as it may all go pear-shaped having feelings for your “master” especially when you know he is using you for a purpose. But there are many involuntary moments when she is off-guard where she inadvertently flirts with him (not to achieve something) like when he bought her the rabbit lantern or when she talks back to him. I quite enjoy their interactions because it would make sense for them to be wary of each other and not acknowledging the attraction.

      However romance is not high on her cards right now which is completely understandable – surviving is key.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I loved these episodes. The plot is moving along really well and we are learning more about XingEr’s mysterious background.
    I ship Yuwen Yue and XingEr so much, they have a lot of chemistry. I feel with Yan Xun, she has more of a friendly relationship but no sparks.

    I think the voice actress for ZLY was also in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. here is the new ost introduced in these episodes, for those who are curious

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Some of the post production still rubs me the wrong way. I expect that kind of quality with some other drama, but wasn’t expecting it from this one. I think it’s kind of getting slammed for that on Chinese sites. Other than that, ZLY and LGX make a great on screen pair, it has been very enjoyable to watch so far.


    • post production is sloppy, they honestly did a disservice to the actors/story.


    • That parrot really need to go away!! they’re getting so many backlashes for the sloppy photoshop and everything. But that doesn’t stop the rating from climbing tho! =D


  7. Just saw 13-14. Love that scene where after reporting to YWY (and knowing that he rescued her) , she changes clothes and goes off to make him tea and make sure his bed is warm WITH a smile ! That’s totally over and beyond if one has no feelings for the other – she does have a thing for him too. Also liked that he spied it through the window and broke into a full smile but then changed tack to teach her fight moves !

    Liked by 2 people

    • oh yes that part was very telling. She feels something for him alright. The long stares when he was playing, etc. Her face every time he saves her, etc.


      • P.S. I love how we are trying to figure out if the girl likes the guy and not vice versa. Usually is the girl head over heels for the guy and we have to find hints on his behavior that he likes her =D

        Liked by 1 person

    • Me thinks that all those fights that Yuwen Yue is initiating is just an excuse on his part to hold her. Fighting? Psst. Dancing more like it!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I know some people don’t like the parrot because it looks false but I actually think it looks quite cute:)) In Hua Qian Gu, there was a caterpillar that was equally false looking but also very cute!


  9. AHHH this drama has me on edge. This upcoming week will be full of heartbreak.


      I think they’re pushing XE toward YX via misunderstandings of YWY’s intentions. Sigh…I’m not prepared for this…


      • yeah ;( but it doesnt seem like she is romantically interested in YX, it is just out of convenience. But, I feel so bad for Yuwen Yue. He is doing all of these stuff to help everyone and he is just being misunderstood by all of them.


  10. I feel sorry for yuwen yue not loving xing’er becaus of status difference


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