[Discussion] A Life Time Love (上古情歌) – 2017

Since June is such a busy drama month, it is impossible for us to watch them all but we still wanted to provide a platform for people to discuss, rant, and spazz on these awesome new dramas. Here you can leave your first impressions on A Life Time Love. How do you like the drama so far? What do you think of the chemistry between the OTP, how’s the quality? What do you like/dislike about the drama? This post will be pinned to the Drama and Movie Thread for ease of access.


Title: A Life Time Love (上古情歌)

# of episodes:54

Release date: June 12, 2017

Where to watch: Raw on Youtube

Where to read the novel: English Translation here


The story takes place in a mythological world with demons, gods, and humans cohabiting, set during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period. The world is split into three kingdoms ruled by three immortals – Ruo Jiang’s Emperor Yan, Xuan Yang’s Emperor Huang and Ling Yun’s Emperor Shun.

Chi Yun is a war god from Ruo Jiang Tribe, a wild beast-turned-man driven by revenge, who wants to dominate and unite all living things under one ruler. His resolve is immovable until he meets Mu Qingmo, a princess from the Xuan Yang Kingdom. However, Qingmo is betrothed by her family to Prince Sheng Lun from the Ling Yun Kingdom. Nonetheless, her heart belongs to Chi Yun. The two made a promise to meet annually under the peach blossoms of Jiu Li, where Chi Yun made Qingmo a promise of love, that he will give up everything, and stay by her side for the rest of their lives.

Complications arise when Qingmo’s father, the Yellow Emperor, invades Ruo Jiang in order to attain world domination. Torn between family and love, Qingmo is forced to make some difficult choices when her kingdom clashes with Ruo Jiang numerous times, resulting in world chaos.


Huang Xiaoming as Chi Yun: A beast god who lived in the wild and was tamed by the Ruo Jiang Emperor hundreds of years ago. Intelligent, courageous and invincible on the battlefield, Chi Yun has an immovable resolve to dominate and unify the three worlds. He is also sincere and unwavering toward his love for Mu Qingmo.Victoria Song as Mu Qingmo / Xuanyang Ruo: The princess of Xuan Yang kingdom. Intelligent, kind and noble, she is a highly skilled healer who wishes nothing but world peace.Peter Sheng as Sheng Lun: The prince of Ling Yun kingdom, known for both his looks and talent. He is cold and indifferent, wanting nothing else but to make Ling Yun the most powerful kingdom. He has an arranged marriage with Mu Qingmo, but vows to only treat it as a form of alliance.Zhang Li as Yun Sang: The elder princess of the Xuan Mu tribe, and childhood friend of Mu Qingmo. She is gentle, understanding and loyal toward love and friendship. She fell in love with Jing Shi but their relationship goes through many hurdles.



Episode 1



10 thoughts on “[Discussion] A Life Time Love (上古情歌) – 2017

  1. I think I might skip this one (will read reviews/recaps though) because I tried like I got to the opening and lost interest and I also started laughing idk HXM just made me laugh for some reason.


  2. I gave it a try, watched one episode and dropped it 😦 HXM’s appearance feels strange for some reason… Also, the special effects are pretty low. I think I won’t give it a second chance.


  3. It’s actually not that bad, it gives me older drama feel.
    The CGs in some scenes is better than others.
    But I wonder why it had very little promotion with the cast. HXM and SQ is quite popular.

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  4. Saw a few scenes in the first 3 eps and the CGI was too much for me to stomach. Pretty tho. hahaha
    Not really feeling HXM and Victoria chemistry either. I was so confuse with the names and countries. Maybe it was more understandable for those that read the book.


  5. Eh it wasn’t as bad as I thought, likely because I had low expectations of it in the first place. It’s a typical fantasy drama and imo, it’s at least more interesting than fighter of the destiny.
    HXM should really stop overacting. I feel like all his characters so far are the same. And somehow watching him trying to act cute(?) is abit uncomfortable.
    Victoria, on the other hand, is quite okay here. I think she suits A’heng that’s why.

    I pity this drama though. The crew/actors couldn’t promote it much because of the controversies with the novel + all three leads have bad reputation in acting + it’s going against Zhao Liying’s PA. Hopefully both HXM and Vic would have better luck next time.


  6. Playing this drama in the background. Got through 6 eps. Feel like both the story and characters were simplified. Nothing is done all that well.

    I’m planning to read the novel, which seems to be about a rather complex world. This drama can serve as sort of a detailed outline.


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