[Recap] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 28-55 [End]

Title: Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂 第二季)

# of episodes: 52

Release date: May 11, 2017 Monday – Friday 2 episodes and Saturday 1 episode.

Synopsis: The continuation of this simple story on 5 different women sharing the top floor of an apartment building as they each go through family, financial, relationship, and career related struggles. Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season: Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Shengmei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping end up together? Will Qiu Yingying and Ying Qing be in a relationship? One thing is sure: these questions will be answered in season 2!

Where to watchYoutube (raw) or Dramafever  (eng sub) – airing 2 eps/day starting May 15.  Thread (for more info, pics, and trailers)

Episode 28-49

Starting with Guan Guan. She and Xie Tong finally got together after letting doctor Zhao go. The two were as sweet as ever and Xie Tong opened up a whole new world for Guan Guan who was so enclosed in her little world. Her parents found out about her relationship and wanted to meet the guy.

Yin Qin finally realized that the fiancée was not right for him and kept asking Xiao Qiuying out to meet. The fiancée took Xiao Qiuying as an affair and gathered a group of people to beat her up. Yin Qin protected her thru the ordeal. The two ended up in the hospital but Yin Qin and his mom was monitored by the fiancée’s people. Yin Qin’s mom wanted Xiao Qiuying to help but does not accept Xiao Qiuying as a daughter in law. Xiao Qiuying decided to help them by contacting the dad but decided not to be with someone who doesn’t respect her. Once a little better, Yin Qin came to apologize to Xiao Qiuying and told her he loves her and wants to be with her. She decided to get back together with him. When she went back to work, she got promoted by the boss.

Xiao Qu gifted doctor Zhao a high end speaker for his car but that backfired and doctor Zhao was laughed at by her friends. They decided to break up because of their differences (I was so bumped out here! =( But after the whole drama with Xiao Qiying in the hospital, Doctor Zhao decided to ignore their differences and to follow his heart in the end and get back together with Xiao Qu.

Bai Quan collaborated with a business partner to invest a lot of his company’s money into the project. He thought that he was getting good returns and told Xiao Mei that he has enough money to buy now. The two lovebirds blissfully went to look for houses. The investment faile and Bai Quan’s company went bankrupt. He broke up with Xiao Mei but Xiao Mei decided that she loves him and want to get thru this together with him however, their relationship was strained. While out with Mr. Chen, Bai Quan spotted them and yelled at Xiao Mei. After being yelled at by Xiao Mei, Bai Quan got it together and looked for Mr. Chen for a business opportunity. Xiao Mei, however, started questioning her relationship with Bai Quan.

The fluctuation of BYF’s mom causes Andi and BYF to break up and get back together. However, she got news regarding Xiao Ming and went to Dai Shan to investigate. When Andi heard of this, she went ballistic and threatened her to stop her investigation of she will cause her investments to lose money. BYF’s mom backed off but the dad used this opportunity to cause BYF’s mom to collapse. While she was in a coma, the dad freeze the company’s asset and forced her people to back off. BYF was so angry that he wanted to battle against his dad and transfer all power to himself (to avenge his mom). To do so, he lied to Andi and plotted a scheme against his dad. He won and took power over the company.

Episode 50

Xiao Qu’s brother was found to be in a large amount of debts. In order to save him, her dad used company’s money and that caused lots of arguments between the parents.

Yin Qin surprised Xiao Qiuying at the coffee shop and proposed to her in front of all the girls on the 22nd floor. She said yes!!! (YAY! They’re getting married)

Guan Guan’s parents found out about Xie Tong and wanted to meet up. When they found out about his background (no education and unstable job), her mom immediately switched gear and hinted that they are not right for each other. Xie Tong left. Guan Guan got angry at her mom’s attitude and yelled at them saying that he’s the one she want to be with! She ran after him and they made up. Xie Tong got a new gig and invited Guan Guan to the after party. The drunken band mates caused a ruckus and got into a fight with some strangers. The crew got locked up at the police station except for Guan Guan and she needed a large sum of money to bail them out. On the other side, Yao Bin’s investigation on Xie Tong turned up new info about the suicide of Xie Tong’s ex-girlfriend. The reason is still unknown.

Episode 51

The girls bailed Xie Tong out. Back at home, they asked Guan Guan to reconsider her relationship with Xie Tong. She might not know him as well as she thinks she does. Guan Guan got angry that they were not supporting her. She recounted the time she supported them. Xiao Qu burst out the info regarding Xie Tong’s ex-girlfriend. The bewildered Guan Guan left for her room.

Xiao Mei and Bai Quan met up after his work. She seems uninterested in the stuff he said until he brought up the news that he saved enough for a house! (from the business with Mr. Chen). Her eyes lit up immediately. Bai Quan noticed the differences but silently endured.

Xiao Qiuying finally told her parents about Yin Qin and his marriage proposal. After the shocking news, they immediately packed up and went to Shanghai to visit this new son-in-law of theirs. The family met up. Xiao Qiuying’s parents were please with Yin Qin but not his mom’s attitude.

Episode 52

Xiao Qu’s grandmother asked the dad to split half of the family’s money to her brother. When her mom found out, she felt betrayed and heartbroken. But because she knew that this might happen one day, she had already converted most assets into Xiao Qu’s name and gave it to Xiao Qu. Now Xiao Qu is the richest person in her family! But when she told doctor Zhao, he suspected that her mom might want to suicide and the two rushed home. Funnily, the mom was no heading toward that route at all!

Xie Tong cornered Guan Guan after days of ignoring him. They talked it out at a café. When he asked why she has been ignoring him, she brought his ex-gf. He finally told her that the ex was a childhood friend of his. They were in love and moved to Beijing together for his music career. But after his career picked up, he started spending more time with friends and business potentials instead. They started arguing more and more to the point that he said to break up. When he went back the next day, she had already committed suicide. Guan Guan was shocked after hearing that, she told him to give her time to digest this info. As she was leaving, he told her he will wait for her.

Episode 53

Bao Yifan’s mom finally woke up from the hospital. The first thing she asked was whether it was Andi or not who caused the big loss in the Bao’s company saving. Bao Yifan told her about his father’s plan and how Andi helped him pressure his dad while she was in a coma. His mom asked to see Andi. Alone in the room, the two finally got closure. BYF’s mom finally realized that it was time to let go the power and her control over her son. Andi also accepted her controlling aspect. Outside the hospital door, BYF was worried about their convo. When Andi came out pretending to be angry, he chased after her and asked what his mom said. She told him that his mom asked for the impossible: To take care of him for the rest of her life! XD

Xiao Mei and Bai Quan’s plan to buy a house is finally happening. However, Bai Quan was hesitant throughout the process. When she handed her ID to the sale lady to put both their name on the paperwork, BaiQuan snatched it back and told her to put his name on. He said that, with her family’s issues, his mom doesn’t want her name on the house. Shocked, disbelief, and sad, Xiao Mei walked away.

Xiao Mei explained the situation to Guan Guan and Xiao Qiuying regarding the house issues but they don’t get her insecurity. Why does a name of the house deed matter? Isn’t it okay as long as Bai Quan loves her? The next day, Xiao Mei carried her emotions and walked all over Shanghai experiencing the things she loves but never had the chance to do. She stuffed her face with cake which she never dared to eat before to keep fit.

Episode 54

Guan Guan went to see Xie Tong after their long cool down. She told him that she loves him no matter his income, his past, and his background. She wants to be with him. He was estatic and told her that he loves her too. He will be going to the US for his career and he asked her to go with him. She thought about it. She wants to but don’t want to at the same time.

Xiao Qu’s dad found out about the money that Xiao Qu’s mom gave her and was angry. The parents fought about money and who has the right to it. Xiao Qu’s mom told her that they might file for a divorce when it comes to it. Xiao Qu was shocked and cried to the girls on the 22nd floor that she doesn’t want her parents divorce. She rather not have money than to have her parents split. Since young, all she wanted was her parents and their love. Andi suggested that she gives the money back to them. That might solve the split problem. (Awww…..this part was so touching!)

Guan Guan decided that she will not go to the US with Xie Tong. She likes her current lifestyle. Her family, her work, and her friends are all in Shanghai. She doesn’t want to give that up for him. She told him that even apart, she will still love him and wait for his return. A relationship that can survive hardship is a relationship worth cherishing.

Episode 55

Xiao Qu decided to give all that her parents have given her back to them. She quit her position in the company and returned the money, the car, and the profits back to her parents while begging them not to split. All she wanted was some love, some attention, and some acknowledgement from them but even so, they decided to split. She went to doctor Zhao and bawled. She’s an orphange with nothing now. Doctor Zhao told her that she still has him. He will be with her no matter what.

Xiao Mei’s brother found her new company and came to make a big scene. Xiao Mei was timid at first but found the courage to argue back. She had carried the family on her shoulder far too long. If he wanted to fight with her in court, she will challenge him till the end. No matter what it takes, she will no longer support him and his lazy way. The brother was shocked by Xiao Mei’s courage and left with his head down.

Xiao Mei apologized and thanked Bai Quan for all that he did for her. It is just that she is not sure whether she was in love with him or just used him as an outlet and a savior from her family’s problem. She wanted to stand up on her own to feet, by herself, and then maybe talk about love. Just like that, the two broke up. Even so, he gave her information regarding laws and cases to prepare to fight against her brother. He really loves her and cared for her.

Xiao Qiuying decided to host a hotpot party to cheer everyone up. Andi’s brother is getting better. He now has friends and is more open. Her and BYF’s relationship is going strong. She is now thankful that her brother is in Shanghai. Xiao Mei received news that her brother dropped the case against her. Xiao Qu happily ran toward doctor Zhao and told him that her parent decided to try to work things out and will not be splitting anymore!! Xiao Qiuying is getting married next year!! Guan Guan and Xie Tong’s relationship will face some obstacles but she is confident that they can work things out!

Chexmix: Do I smell a season 3!!!??? There has been rumors about it for a while now but seeing how season 2 ended…It’s more believable now. Guan Guan finally found her man and now they’re splitting up already!!? Xiao Qiuying’s and her mother in law…definitely a new drama in her life right there! Xiao Mei’s life is taking a really big turn. I don’t even know what’s gonna happen if they do have a season 3. A new man? Xiao Qu and doctor Zhao are the cutest funniest and sweetest!! I wish them happiness! Her brother, however, is a looming bad omen waiting to happen. Andi must be the happiest out of all 5 of them right now. Everything is going to well for her. But that crazy gene is going to forever haunt her. And how about Lao Tan!? That subtle but not so subtle feelings he has for her. One of my feet is still on that ship! XD

Now for season 2: standing ovations for the whole cast in the drama!!!! Jiang Xin and Wang Ziwen stood out the most for me this in this season. Xiao Mei’s desperation. Xiao Qu’s haughtiness. Xiao Mei’s timid yet courageous personality. Xiao Qu’s façade breaking down when her parents split, Jiang Xin and Wang Ziwen delivered it all!! More importantly, I like really like how these ladies do not only live for love. Guan Guan didn’t give up her whole life to follow Xie Tong. Xiao Mei found confidence through work and not love. Xiao Qiuying insisting on splitting the cost with Yin Qin no matter. Xiao Qu choose to break up with doctor Zhao than to conform her and his personality. And Andi, she will fight even against the mother of her love to protect herself and her freedom.

What is your impression/rating/ranting for this drama? How do you like it? I know it’s different from your typical drama, so what do you like and don’t like about it!? And how would you feel if they do have a season 3?


14 thoughts on “[Recap] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 28-55 [End]

  1. I am worried about season 3. I totally love the Wang couple, but what will happen to them if there’s season 3? They have already gone through the rollercoaster of breaking up and getting back together, and at the end, they decided to be together despite their differences and fight fate, so I’m not sure if there’s anything more there is to see. I’m not going to complain if they show how cute they are together because that’s the main reason I’m watching the show. Xiao Xiao fighting!


  2. By the way, something I wanted to point out, from a guy’s point of view, which maybe female viewers didn’t pay that much mind to:

    In episode 40 at about the 38 minute mark, Qu Xiao Xiao is dead drunk, lying on the couch in 2202. AnDi comes in, picks her up and carries her back to 2201! I’ve watched the clip in extreme slow-mo and Liu Tao really did pick up Wang Ziwen and carry her quite a good distance, with just one cut. I realize Wang Ziwen is dainty, to say the least, but still, is this not just way too cool?


    1. Yay for season 3!!
      Lol! You noticed that? Liu Tao is really strong! I think that’s why she fits the female general role really well.


  3. I so want Andi and Bao to get married in season 3 qnd we found out she doesn’t have the crazy gene in her. Just depression or emotional breakdowns. The biggest obstacle will be her father. Lao Tan loves Andi and Bao noticed it in Ep 31. He even spoke about it in Ep 32 which is why she stopped asking for his help so much when she realized that her and Bao are one. It is disrespectful for another man to be doing his job.I want her to find out about her past and for Fang Jie to receive her happy ending.I hope a S3 comes and each couple makes it strong .


  4. This is a life lesson drama. I love I can learn everything from these 5 girls esp friendship, relationship, and family. I feel like I can learn from every word they spoke. Their up and down is just so realistic.

    I found my personality is 80% similar to Guan Guan, too much thinking and afraid of this and that.

    Wang Ziwen should win best actress. She portrayed Qu Xiao Xiao perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally 100% agreed! Don’t get how the one person that Andi trusted implicitly and who’s got her back every single time and yet she’s got no clue he’s in love with her? His eyes betray it every single time. Pulling my hair out 😦


  5. Yeah, another recap!! 😀 As a whole, I found the second season disappointing. Not that many character development and very repetitive? I am not sure if I will watch a third season. My favourite character is Qu Xiaoxiao… I love how she is able to stand for herself, for her friends, and how she reacted about the break up. Her lines are hilarious. Another character I really love is the brother of Fang Shengmei, the actor is really good in The Disguiser so I am happy to see him here too.
    How FSM acts around WBC is very similar to how her own mother reacts around her. She is always using his emotions to make him do things for her. I am glad they broke up. Hopefully, he can move on. I wish Ying Ying didn’t go back to YQ, hopefully her life after marriage won’t be too harsh. Everything else seems to be very peaceful 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yup agree! It was less interesting than the first season for sure. But at the same time, only a year had passed…we can’t expect to much character development/changes in such a short period of time. hahah
      Xiao Qu is by far my favorite character too! =D Her story is interesting and how she interact with others is hilarious.
      I didn’t connect the two before but you’re right how Xiao Mei is just like her mom….except for she realized it in the end and let Bai Quan go.


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