Dior’s “I Feel Blue” event

The event took place in Shanghai’s West Bund Art & Design.

Angelababy (Dior’s brand ambassador), Zhao Liying, Wang Ziwen, and Wang Luo Dan are promoting Lady Dior’s new limited edition handbags.

Other celebrities also attended the event.

Each actress gives a different feeling to the handbag:

Wang Ziwen

Wang Luo Dan

Zhao Liying


Red Carpet for the Event


Zhao Liying 


Wang Ziwen 

Wang Luo Dan

Huang Xuan

Wang Likun 

Huang Jingyu

He Sui

Li Shiying

Zhang Huiwen

Miao Miao

Seventh sister and XingEr reunite, Miao Miao plays Xiao Qi in Princess Agents

I have seen a lot of these dresses before since it seems Dior is really pushing their collection in China. A lot of popular Chinese celebrities have been wearing Dior to events or during photo shoots. Anyone knows the price of these handbags? I did a quick search, but I couldn’t find it. I am really curious, but I bet it must be a very hefty sum.


6 thoughts on “Dior’s “I Feel Blue” event

    1. yep she does I think this is more her style or the image she is trying to create. She always looks very edgy when wearing Dior.


    1. I think Angelababy is the first ambassador in China, but Liu Yifei modeled for them before. I think some people felt like Liu Yifei fit the image better, but for the most part, the complaints are mostly from people who just don’t like baby.


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