[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 39-45 (END)


Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Episodes 39-45

Ep. 39:

Chief Zhang discovers some information that starts connection Zhou Yuhao to the docto, who they suspect is a communist. Manna covers for Zhou Yuhao, but Chief Xiandao Feng suspects she is covering for him. He tells her to transfer Li Jie to the Japanese hospital for further experiments. When they are transferring him, he wakes up and leaves a message of where he is being taken to. The Shanghai branch start distributing fake bank notes and this leads to General Oshima suspecting that Lan Changming is a spy for them. Manna goes and searches his bank, but is unable to find anything. After hearing this, Yanzhi gets mad and starts taking off all the recording devices in her house. She takes it up with Chief Xiandao. This forces Manna to confesses to be the one who gave the orders. to spy on Yanzhi.

Ep. 40:

Chief Zhang is put in charge of stopping press releases about the use of chemical warfare by the Japanese army. He sets out to find, who is informing reporters. After torturing a reporter, he gets a sketch of Mr. Peng, who knows the identity of Zhou Yuhao. Manna is worried that Zhou Yuhao is the spy, but is tasked with observing his behavior.

Chief Xiandao takes Yanzhi for a drive in the area, where they are looking for Mr. Peng to observe her. She sends Zhou Yuhao a secret message informing him of of what is happening and proving a solution to get Mr. Peng out of Huxi. She plans to get Mr. Peng out by hiding him in the trunk of Chief Xiandao’s car. This plan succeeds. After they leave Huxi, Mr. Peng gets out of the car but is spotted by a reporter, who tells Chief Zhang of his location. He is immediately captured by Chief Zhang.

* I had the same idea as Yanzhi to get him out of Huxi 😛

Ep. 41:

Yanzhi finds a clue about the current location of where Chief Zhang is interrogating Mr. Peng. Zhou Yuhao rescues Mr. Peng and kills Chief Zhang. Chief Xiandao figures out that Yanzhi was the one that got Mr. Peng out of Huxi. Reporters from all the world show up to write about Mr. Peng’s experiences. As a result, the Japanese army decides to disband the headquarters and get rid of all Chinese members that know too much. Chief Xiandao gets a list of people he needs to kill. At the top of the list is Manna, whom he likes.

The Shanghai branch wants to use Yanzhi again and they plan to get Tianmu to convince her. She meets Yanzhi and tells her that she thinks Song Mian liked her. She also tells her about the mission the Shanghai branch has for her. The next day, Zhou Yuhao makes dinner for Yanzhi and asks her to leave with him as soon as possible.

Ep. 42

Yanzhi agrees to leave with Zhou Yuhao. He gives her information on how to get her parents out of the city. Her dad says that he will think about it. Shanghai branch knows that Manna found out about Lan Changming helping them and feel like they need to leave. But before they leave they need to convince Yanzhi to help them so they decide to go after her family. Meanwhile, Yanzhi convinces her mom and dad to leave Shanghai. Before leaving Yanzhi decides to complete the last mission given to her by the Shanghai branch and gets caught by Chief Xiandao, who forces her to travel with him the the Japanese hospital. She is taken to the room where they do experimental drug procedures and sees Chief Xiandao interrogate Li Jie. Even under the influence of the drugs, Li Jie refuses to give any information and bites his tongue off.

Chief Xiandao informs Yanzhi that she is the only Chinese member that the Japanese army wants take with them back to Japan. BaYe under orders of Manna is pursuing Lan Changming. He finds him, but Zhou Yuhao rescues him at the last minute killing BaYe. Zhou Yuhao and Lan Changming make it to the meeting place but no one else is there. It turns out the Shanghai branch kidnapped Yanzhi’s mom. Zhou Yuhao goes back to get Yanzhi and her mom. Meanwhile, Chief Xiandao’s butler is killiling everyone in the Shanghai branch to get to Yanzhi’s mom. Right after he is done, Zhou Yuhao comes in and kills him.

Ep. 43:

Tianmu uses herself as a distraction to help Zhou Yuhao and Yanzhi’s mom escape. They reunite with Lan Changming, who decides to stay behind. He tells them he has unfinished business. Zhou Yuhao also goes back to help Yanzhi, so in the end only her mom and maid are able to escape. Tianmu is accused of killing everyone and asks to be taken to see Manna. When Manna arrives Tianmu is being tortured. She tells Manna that she is on a list of people that need to die. After convincing everyone that she will cooperate,Tianmu asks to take a shower and kills herself. Lan Changming goes to where the Shanghai branch are mass producing fake money and makes some changes to the money molds. He writes “Down with Japanese Imperialism” and prints it. The next morning he starts throwing the money off the rooftop of his bank, it is his way to clean up his family’s name. Before being caught, he jumps off the rooftop. People on the streets start chanting “Down with Japanese Imperialism”. Manna runs into Zhou Yuhao, who gives him the list with her name on it. It seems that she is ready to take a different path. Chief Xiandao takes Yanzhi to see her dad’s body and tells her that the Shanghai branch has her mom and that Manna is responsible for her dad’s death. Her new orders are to kill Manna.

Ep. 44:

Yanzhi seems to follow his orders and shoots Manna. Afterward, she asks for a reward to marry Zhou Yuhao before leaving. Chief Xiandao refuses at first, but eventually agrees. Yanzhi resuscitates Manna (let’s just ignore the logic of this). In a flashback, we see that Manna asked Yanzhi to let her redeem her wrongs and that Yanzhi planned to fake her death. Yanzhi contacts the doctor and tells him to save Manna. Afterwards, they all gather to discuss their plan.

Some time late everyone is preparing for the wedding, both sides ready to kill each other. The bride arrives but it is not Yanzhi, but Manna. She takes her veil off and kills General Oshima.

They have a shootout and after a while Manna runs off on her own to allow Zhou Yuhao to escape. At the same time, Yanzhi and the doctor are carrying out their mission to find papers with information about the next chemical attacks. She memorizes all the classified information, undercover agents, etc. While trying to get away, the doctor sacrifices himself to help her escape. She gets to the place where Chief Wan told her she could use to escape.

Ep. 45:

Yanzhi meets up with an old spy , Boss Qiu (fruit stand guy, I forgot his name). She tells him she wants to go with the communist party since they will be able to save more people with the information she has. He reluctantly agrees to help her escape, but she wants to wait for Zhou Yuhao. At that moment, Zhou Yuhao sets off fireworks as a message for Yanzhi to leave. Later that day, Chief Xiandao has Manna and the doctor tied up inside a church. Obviously, a trap for Zhou Yuhao. He arrives and tries to save the doctor, who tells him to save Manna.

He shoots pretty much everyone and in the shootout the place falls apart. Manna’s subordinate is shot and as he sees Manna about to die, he grabs her rope. However, Chief Xiandao kills him.

As Manna is about to fall again, Zhou Yuhao grabs the rope. He is also shot by Chief Xiandao.

But Zhou Yuhao does one of his hard to belief stunts and is able to kill Chief Xiandao.

He is still unable to save Manna as she is tied to a bomb. Manna pushes him away at the last moment to save him and dies happy. However, it seems that Zhou Yuhao is unable to escape the explosion. A heartbroken Yanzhi reunites with her mother.

She gives all the information she has to the Communist party and officially joins the Communist party to help accomplish Zhou Yuhao’s ideas. Ten years later, when the war is over, Yanzhi is still looking for Zhou Yuhao. She goes to the place where she met him.

A girl approaches her and tells her, she looks just like the girl in the drawing. She takes her to a street vendor selling a lot of drawings of her. This leads her to Zhou Yuhao, who lost his memory after the explosion and has been living as a teacher for the last ten years. They finally reunite.

~The End~

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Tianmu is such a pure good soul, her suicide was really sad. It was especially hard on Manna. Tianmu was the only person who always saw her in a good light. I think she made this decision after learning about how Song Mian died. Tianmu was a very tragic character. Yanzhi’s dad dying was also very sad, but I understood why he felt like he had to do it to save his family. Sadly, everyone but the OTP had a tragic ending.

I give this drama an 8. Its best quality was how it connected me to its characters. I understood where they came from and that they were not black and white. Almost everyone was just trying to survive in their own way. It also did a good job on selling the communist party, which it set out to do. It showed how unforgiving war is and how it changes people.

My problem with this show was the low quality production, probably due to a low budget. I was really bothered with how I could tell blood was red paint or how cheap some scenes looked. At points, the writing was also weak. It had a tendency to exaggerate at times, even when it wasn’t necessary. And some things just made no sense. If Manna had a healing gunshot wound and she is hanging from a rope wearing a white dress you would think this would would leak a little. Also, Yanzhi is a genius but not even a genius can count rose petals while they are falling. There were a few scene continuity issues that I was able to pick up. Finally, I wish there was more passion between the main couple, I didn’t really feel that they loved each other that much. Overall, I enjoyed it.

How do you rate it? 



4 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 39-45 (END)

  1. I really really like spy dramas, you know. But after The Disguiser, I find it very hard to fall in love with one again 😦 I might try to watch Sparrow after this. Is there any other spy drama you’d recommend?


    1. I havent seen any others. Sparrow and Rookie Agent are the only ones I have seen. I want to watch The Disguiser next.


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