Ady An’s wedding

Picture heavy ^^

Ady An got married to Chen Ronglian in Hawaii. They announced their engagement back in March. Some celebrities attended, but I only recognize Joe Chen, who was the maid of honor.

The night before there was a banket.

Wedding Day

awww a really emotional moment, she must have been so happy

Guest who ended up with the bouquets

Joe Chen!

the moment

Congratulations to Ady An and her husband. She seems really happy. I wish them a successful and happy marriage. I am also anticipating Joe Chen’s wedding 😛

Of course no celeb wedding is complete without HuGe trending.


8 thoughts on “Ady An’s wedding

  1. Omg I’m so happy for her esp after *tears* anyways she looks breathtaking, the pics don’t do her beauty justice, gorgeous and then we have Hu Ge and Eddie and OMG is Joe getting married? Is that who caught the flower??

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  2. Oh My God, that train…WHAT?? There will be 10,000+ comments under that Hu Ge pic on Weibo saying poor Hu Ge, still alone, haha


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