[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 31-38


Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

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Episodes 31-38

Ep. 31:

We start off with Manna warning TianMu that she is not fit to be a spy. And that she is controlling herself from killing her this time, so to not let it happen again. Zhou Yuhao runs into another member of the Communist party, Jiang Shuyi, who is in charge of taking care of Li Jie. They agree to meet when necessary at the hospital. Yanzhi receives orders to obtain the other two money molds that the Japanese have in their possession. At the same time, Manna goes to ask for the molds in a plan to lure the Communist spy inside their team. In exchange for the molds, Manna offers to help carry out a cruel Japanese plan. Chief Chen has been spying on Manna, but this is raising suspicions. Manna lays out her trap by showing everyone that she has the molds in her office. Meanwhile, Yanzhi and Zhou Yuhao come up with a plan to break into Manna’s office. Yanzhi plans to use Chief Chen’s bathroom to get into Manna’s office and makes a copy of his keys.

Ep. 32:

Manna fights it out with Chief Chen over some illegal contraband that he had in a bank. Meanwhile, both Yanzhi and Zhou Yuhao get into Manna’s office on their own way. Yanzhi through Chief Chen’s office and Zhou Yuhao through the chimney, but the alarm goes off. They have time to take pictures of correspondences between Manna and her spy. They go up the chimney and hide the evidence and money molds there. Zhou Yuhao and Yanzhi hide in a room and pretend they were sleeping together when soldiers arrive. Manna is visually upset over this and it clouds her judgement. Chief Chen gets blamed of trying to steal the money molds. Yanzhi and Zhou Yuhao pretend to be dating to keep their covers.

Ep. 33:

Chief Chen confesses to killing the bank owner, but nothing else. Manna and her boss get reprimanded for her failed plan. Fearing that he will be next, Old Wang invites Watanabe, Zhou Yuhao, and another guy to play cards so he can bribe them to take it easy on him. However, Zhou Yuhao devices a plan to get rid of him first by planting evidence in his house. When Old Wang invites everyone including Qing Mu to his house for a game of cards, Qing Mu believes that Old Wang was trying to kill him so he kills him instead. Manna and her subordinates get a confessions from Chief Chen and kill him by faking his escape. During the commotion, Yanzhi retrieves the money molds.

Ep. 34:

Yanzhi puts the molds underneath a car that came into the facility to retrieve the body of Chief Chen. Manna and Qing Mu are given 120 hours to get the money molds back. The secret service facilities go on lockdown. Eventually, Manna finds the hidden box within her chimney, but the money molds are not longer there. The Shanghai branch gets orders to retrieve the money molds, protect Yanzhi’s cover, and assassinate Qing Mu. Wan Zhichao makes a plan to sacrifice himself to accomplish this mission. Yanzhi manages to transfer the location of the molds. Wan Zhichao is captured and he sets his plan in motion.

After pretending to confess to the Japanese for asylum, he walks outside and signals Song Mian to shoot him.

The next morning Song Mian and TianMu are out for lunch. TianMu is really worried that something will happen to Song Mian since they are out in the open. He promises that he will take her away. After slipping the money molds in her purse, he takes her out of the city while he plans to go back.

Ep. 35:

Song Mian tells TainMu that her mission is to deliver the money molds. Yanzhi  continues to carry out Wan Zhichao’s plan. She gives false intel to Qing Mu. Watanabe takes Zhou Yuhao on a mission to capture some spies with the information Yanzhi provided. Song Mian is at the same location, when the fighting breaks out Zhou Yuhao covers for him. This exposes his identity to Watanabe, who shoots Zhou Yuhao. Now he needs to get rid of Watanabe and he does. To help Zhou Yuhao, Song Mian puts himself in danger and gets shot.

Song Mian is gravely injured and as he sees Yanzhi approaching, he grabs Zhou Yuhao’s gun and shoots himself. Yanzhi runs to his side. He tells her that he was the one who shot the gun and asks her to take care of TianMu. He asks for her forgiveness for dragging her into the war and takes out the compact brand she uses from his pocket. As he dies he tells her to kill Qian Mu. Yanzhi cries while holding onto the compact and remembering their moments together.

Meanwhile Qian Mu is at the train station looking for the money molds. Yanzhi arrives and spots her contact. He signals that he will cover her and goes off to start a shoot out with Qian Mu and his men. Qian Mu men run after him while Yanzhi approaches Qian Mu from behind and shoots him. Manna is informed of his assassination and seems happy about it. We are introduced to Qin Ge, who is in charge of the Subei branch. He informs Tianmu of the death of her husband.

Ep. 36:

The Secret Service Headquarters gets a new leader, Xiandao Feng. TianMu goes back to Shanghai with Qin Ge, who wants her to be part of a new Shanghai branch. He tells her that is what her husband wanted, which is a lie. They want to take a money printing machine out of Jin Xin’s bank. Tianmu contacts Yanzhi’s dad with instructions. Yanzhi and Zhou Yuhao are on one of their fake dates, and she tells him that she is tired of being a spy. On her way home Yanzhi sees Tianmu and follows her to a new location. There she meets Qin Ge, Yanzhi asks him why he brought Tianmu back when that was against Song Mian’s wishes? Yanzhi tells them that she is quitting. To lure her back, he tries to give her a badge and money.  Yanzhi asks him if all those lives lost were just for money. He suggest teaching her a lesson by going for her family. The Communist party find Manna’s spy using information gathered by Zhou Yuhao. Meanwhile, the new head of the Shanghai branch wants to spread fake banknotes to attack the Japanese financial sector. He threatens Yanzhi’s dad to cooperate with them. When he goes back home, Lan Changming tells Yanzhi how citizens are the ones suffering from this counterfeit money war. Yanzhi is completely disillusioned.

Ep. 37:

Yanzhi goes out for a drink. She walks out with the bag of money that she got for completing the mission that costed all her friends their lives. As she walks around, she starts throwing money all over the streets. She walks all the way to where Song Mian died and asks if everything was worth it. She feels that everyone who had her same beliefs in the organization died. Zhou Yuhao runs into her and tells her to go find a friend of his, who can help her find new beliefs. She comes home with books with secret Communist messages. She reads them all night and in the morning she feels with a new sense of purpose. She meets Zhou Yuhao and tells him she is willing to join his side. The headquarters new leader, Xiandao Feng, arrives. He is pretty creepy, but really smart. The Japanese plan on using a poison bomb to experiment on their enemies. A flashback shows that the cholera was caused by Manna’s spy at her orders. They Communists capture him, but are unable to overcome the chemical attacks by the Japanese army. In the mists of the battle, Manna’s spy escapes. He goes straight to Manna with proof that a communist spy is still among them.

Ep. 38:

Chief Xiandao Feng is told that there is a spy in the headquarters. They also learn about De Liang and plan a trap for him. They invite everyone including Zhou Yuhao and Yanzhi to attend a dinner while they wait for De Liang to show up. It is their way of testing Zhou Yuhao, who they suspect. Yanzhi puts on a show and gets alcohol poisoning.(I don’t know how since I have seen her drink a lot more before) This forces them to ask the hospital to send a doctor over, giving the heads up to De Liang. Yanzhi recognizes his name and warns him that there is danger and that he should leave. Everyone else keeps waiting for the spy to show up until they get tired and declare the operation a failure. Zhou Yuhao goes to the hospital to see Yanzhi, who tells him she took such a risk because he is really important to her. At headquarters, they still manage to suspect the doctor and will investigate him from now on.


Very emotional episodes. Zhou Yuhao is using his charms to take advantage of all the girls in this show. He obviously cares about Yanzhi, but it still feels that most of it comes from his bigger plans for her. I don’t feel any pity for Manna because by now she has been willing to do cruel things to innocent people.

The scenes between Wan Zhichao and Yanzhi felt very emotional. But, I was not prepared for Song Mian dying. I didn’t realize I was so emotionally attached to his character, I cried so much when he died. Song Mian was imperfect, but his goals were just. He just wanted to defend his country and he was willing to pay the ultimate price. I think he truly cared about Yanzhi, I don’t know if his attachment was romantic or something else. I think he had some romantic feelings for her since he carried the same type of compact that she uses and he was greatly affected when he thought he had killed her, scrubbing his hands to the point of blisters. Also, before deciding to die he gave her a longing look.

That scene where Tianmu gets a medal after being told he died was also very emotional. I felt just like Tianmu, what is she suppose to do with that medal? Then later that same officer tries to give Yanzhi money and a badge and I honestly wanted to slap him.

These episodes were a turning point for the plot. They followed the previous disenchantment with the National Salvation Army. And Just like Yanzhi, as a viewer you feel disenchanted with them. Maybe, it was just Wan Zhichao and Song Mian, who shared her ideas for a better country not the association as a whole.


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