[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 25-30


Can a young woman prove her loyalty to her country and her family? Lan Yan Zhi (Zhao Li Ying) is privileged banker’s daughter in Shanghai and a student activist who mistakenly comes into possession of a letter from the Japanese Army in 1937. She gets misunderstood for a spy by Song Mian, an upstanding officer in the Chinese Army. To prove her innocence, Yan Zhi agrees to infiltrate the home of her best friend, Feng Man Na (Tao Xin Ran), and help track down a mysterious spy.

I am finally finishing this =D

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Episodes 25-30

Ep. 25:

Manna does some experimental test on Yangzhi that gets her to tell her locations of where her comrades are hiding. Yangzhi reveals locations her superior told her to reveal when the time was necessary to prove that she was cooperating. However, he lied to her since the locations are still active. A few of her comrades die while Manna informs them that Yanzhi betrayed them.

Ep. 26:

We deal with the consequences of Yanzhi’s apparent betrayal. Her comrades are angry and afraid of her betrayal. Manna is reprimanded for conducting experiments on Yanzhi. Yangzhi is very depressed about being responsible for so many of her friends’ death. Zhou Yuhao passes her a message giving her strength to keep up pretending that she is cooperating with the Japanese forces. The Japanese start focusing on attacking the Communist party this time, they will use a mole placed by Manna’s father. We are introduced to the mole known as Yan, whose real name is Zhang Qi. Zhou Yuhao receives instructions from his supervisor to figure out who is the mole and how fake money is being distributed by Yanzhi’s father’s bank. Yanzhi’s father refuses to accept any more fake currency until Yangzhi is released, the chief agrees to do so which angers Manna. Manna creates a plan to lure the National Salvation Army to kill Yanzhi while taking her home. As predicted the NSA ambushes Yanzhi on her way home.

Ep. 27:

While trying to escape the ambush, Yanzhi runs into Song Mian who asks her if she really betrayed them. Yanzhi tells them that she did and he shoots her in the head. Zhou Yuhao is visually shaken by this while Manna enjoys it. Manna is reprimanded by her superior and told not to get close to Yanzhi. Meanwhile, Song Mian tells his superior that he shot Yanzhi. Obviously he gets upset and tells him that all of them need to sacrifice themselves for Yanzhi and implies the true purpose of her mission. Yanzhi survives but is left in a comatose state.  Manna moves forward her mission to apprehend members of the Communist party and captures Zhou Yuhao’s boss, Li Jie. Zhou Yuhao warns the other member of his team, Ah Chun, but Manna manages to capture him too. He reveals that there is a spy from the Communist party working in the special headquarters.

Ep. 28

The chief returns from Japan and gathers all the officials up to tell them that one of them is from the Communist party and that he can find who they are by using Ah Chun. Sh Chun starts pointing to Zhou Yuhao, but Li Jie grabs him and throws himself with Ah Chun over the balcony. Ah Chun dies and Li Jie is gravely injured. Meanwhile, Yanzhi wakes up but seems to have lost her memory. Manna suspects Chen Jialun to be the Communist spy. She contacts her spy for further information. Zhou Yuhao seems to find comfort in looking after Yanzhi, who he feels a real connection with due to their similar situations. Yanzhi regains awareness and agrees to join the Imperial army. She changes her hairstyle as a symbolic gesture. She joins the Zhou Yuhao’s division, which infuriates Manna. Meanwhile, Manna bugs Yanzhi’s house since she is sure she is a double agent. Yanzhi manages to lose her tail and meets with Song Qian.

Ep. 29:

Song Mian gives Yanzhi the mission to retrieve the money printing molds from her dad’s bank. We find out that Shen Lanlan actually survived the ambush when they tried to kill Yanzhi and that Manna has her captive and doing drug experiments with her. She gets information about the printing molds being in a bank’s safe, but doesn’t know which one. Zhou Yuhao kind of breaks up with Manna by telling her he can’t help her anymore.

Yanzhi gets on the move to retrieve the printing molds. She hides inside a coffin to get inside the vault, there she finds the money molds and hides them inside a bow with money that is suppose to be taken out the following day. While Yanzhi is inside the vault, her dad is covering up for her at home. He plays a recording of her voice and makes the maid sleep in Yanzhi’s room. The next morning the dad switches the coffins again, he really is doing a lot of work. Of course her mom ruins all their work by letting the spies know that Yanzhi was not home all night. Manna informs her spy at the bank.

Ep. 30:

Manna has a good instinct of Yanzhi’s plans and sets up a trap. Manna searches all boxes of money being transported. Zhou Yuhao can sense something and decides to inspect the last box. He uses his knowledge of the counterfeit money being mixed in with real one to throw Manna off. Yanzhi makes fun of Manna for failing to find anything. Yanzhi tells Zhou Yuhao of her mission and he puts in action a plan. Lin Tianmu was suppose to pick up the money mold, but she does a really bad job not looking suspicious and is exposed right away. Zhou Yuhao is forced to take out all the people that are spying on her. She was on a spy mission with a baby, whom Zhou Yuhao tries to rescue but it is actually stopped by Song Mian. They work together to rescue Lin Tianmi. Zhou Yuhao exposes Song Mian for using his wife and a child for an operation. Zhou Yuhao returns unharmed and Yanzhi seems really happy to see him well. They go out for dinner and get to know each other better. Meanwhile, Manna goes to pressure Lin Tianmu.


I am sorry. After six months, I finally picked it up again. I was busy at first, then not in the mood for a Republican drama. But I already finished it and will finish posting my recap/review this week.

Zhou Yuhao looked a bit creepy when he was taking care of Yanzhi. At least it creeped me out how he was touching her while she was so out of it since they were not that close before. This whole scene was so weird, both acting and story from both of them. I think Yanzhi and Zhou Yuhao got Song Mian right, he uses others even his wife and he knows it.

What this drama has over other spy dramas I have seen, is that it does a good job on making you understand the sentiment behind the Communist party and the National Salvation Army. However, it is lacking on the execution. It is probably a budget issue, but I can tell the blood is paint, etc. Also, some scenes are bit too ridiculous. These episodes were okay, I did feel that Yanzhi and Zhou Yuhao’s relationship feels a bit forced at times, I understand why they need each other but I don’t get why he is so affectionate.


4 thoughts on “[Recap] Rookie Agent Rouge Ep. 25-30

  1. I had such severe second male lead syndrome here – especially as it was clear that Song Mian had feelings for her too. Why isn’t he more famous??

    Lu Yi is not a great actor I would say – hence his character feeling a little off to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. me too! Yuan Wen Kang did such a good job and there was so much chemistry between him and Yanzhi that I couldn’t help it. I am kind of hoping he gets casted in ZLY’s new dramas since he does a lot of serious historical dramas. He is good.

      There was a weibo poll about which was your favorite OTP and they won so we are in the majority. Idk if acting or just lack of chemistry between him and ZLY, it got better later but still not that believable.


  2. Lol I personally like Lu Yi as an actor but I think the problem here is that the storyline didnt build up the relationship between Yan Zhi and Zhou Yu Hao enough and it was too sudden how Yan Zhi came to like him romantically.


    1. I agree with you. I think it was just out of nowhere we were not taken through a smooth transition of why they liked each other. I get why they needed each other, but how it became love and such a deep love did not make sense.


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