[Recap] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 21-27

 photo 2017-05-27 17_zpsk1mcvdin.pngTitle: Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂 第二季)

# of episodes: 52

Release date: May 11, 2017 Monday – Friday 2 episodes and Saturday 1 episode.

Synopsis: The continuation of this simple story on 5 different women sharing the top floor of an apartment building as they each go through family, financial, relationship, and career related struggles. Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season: Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Shengmei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping end up together? Will Qiu Yingying and Ying Qing be in a relationship? One thing is sure: these questions will be answered in season 2!

Where to watch: Youtube (raw) or Dramafever  (eng sub) – airing 2 eps/day starting May 15.  Thread (for more info, pics, and trailers)

Episode 21

 photo 2017-05-26 25_zpslsdkoqio.png
While everyone is in their blissful happiness, Lao Tan broke the news to Andi that BYF’s mom is investigating her. Guan Guan continued her belly dance lesson though not as smoothly as she had hoped. Xiao Qu and doctor Zhao is in their honeymoon stage of the relationship. They went to eat noodles and disgust each other with nasty stories for those noodles. Xiao Qiuying continued to be depress with her break-up. photo 2017-05-26 28_zpseitksdkq.png
While everyone was learning belly dancing in Xiao Qu’s apartment, Guan Guan decided to give herself a make-over. She came back and surprised everyone with her changes! She looked so much more feminine and beautiful. The crew dragged her to belly dance for them. =D Once the fun is over, BYF’s mom called and told Andi that she wanted to meet. Andi agreed and sent her the location.

Episode 22 photo 2017-05-27_zpsx8jug12a.png
BYF’s mom all of a sudden showed up at the lunch meeting that Andi told her about. Andi was a little annoy at the situation and told her to wait outside. She got angry at Andi’s attitude and called BYF who got angry that she did that. Andi called BYF afterward and told him that she is only civil with his mom because of him. Stuck in between, BYF was stressed that the two women in his life cannot get along. photo 2017-05-27 3_zpsxhamtygz.png
Wei Guo Qian called and asked Andi to meet so that he can hand over the rest of the inheritance. They met at one of the houses she inherited and he told her that his wife had gotten arrested. He started describing all the objects that he’s handing over but she did not want to hear. Before he left, he told her that he investigated the Bao family and they are clear. BYF’s mom came to the company to reconcile with Andi. During the drive, Andi told her that she had no intention of marrying BYF. Their finance is too complicated and will get more complicated once they’re married.
Episode 23 photo 2017-05-27 7_zpsivwsvunp.png
Xiao Qu’s brother brought his dad to Xiao Qu’s apartment hoping to catch her and doctor Zhao in action. However, all they saw was Xiao Qu and doctor Zhao reading books. The dad flipped the table and yell at the brother instead. After seeing the good influence doctor Zhao had on his daughter, he was encouraging him and Xiao Qu to spend more time together.
 photo 2017-05-27 10_zpskqxyakni.pngXiao Qu’s dad accidentally spilled to the mom about doctor Zhao. She decided to visit him as a patient. Pulling the same trick that Xiao Qu did, she pretended her shoulder hurt. (Lol! He probably an older Xiao Qu is there to hit on him!!) After she approved of him, she went to Xiao Qu’s company and tell her to spend more time with doctor Zhao. Doctor Zhao found out later that the weird lady turned out to be Xiao Qu’s mom and laughed at her weird family members. He asked again when does she have time to meet his parents. Xiao Qu pretended to not hear him and walked away.
 photo 2017-05-27 11_zpsnenprnbn.pngXiao Qiuying snuck out in the middle of the night, took the bus and went to a bus station to wait for the night. The next morning, she saw Yin Qin and kept following him as he wait for his new girlfriend. He saw her and called Xiao Mei and told her that Xia Qiuying is stalking him.
Episode 24 photo 2017-05-27 12_zps8yazvaen.png
Xiao Mei called Guan Guan to check on Xiao Qiuying. When she got their, a guy was around and Xiao Qiuying was bawling. She misunderstood and started yelling at the guy. (Yay!! Guan Guan’s guy finally showed up!!) After the guy left, she found out that she had misunderstood him. She found his wallet in Xiao Qiuying’s bag and attempted to return it to him. She left him a message and he told her to come to a bar in 2 days to return in.
Xiao Qiuying went to ask Xiao Qu for advice on how to win Yin Qing back. She told her to stop stalking Yin Qing for the time been and lured him in slowly 1/2 month later with a text. Xiao Qiuying was determined to win him back but later at night, she saw news that he is planning on getting married to the girlfriend already. She broke down and cried!! =( photo 2017-05-27 18_zpsjp42wjbx.png
Guan Guan went to the bar to give back the wallet to Xie Dong. She saw him singing on stage and was mesmerize. However, others were not as receptive to the song as she is. When they saw another group, they all ran toward them. She gave him back the wallet but after they left, he ran back to give her his umbrella since it was pouring.

Episode 25 photo 2017-05-27 24_zpsodwjmnal.png
BYF’s mom pretended to be sick and lured BYF home. She tried again to convince him to break up with Andi but he won’t listen. It got to the point that they started yelling about Wei Guo Qian and BYF burst out that he’s Andi’s father (not lover!). The mom finally calmed down. When BYF told Andi that he told his mom, Andi was not happy. She felt betrayed by him and told him to leave.

Episode 26 photo 2017-05-28 1_zps2fldupxs.png

Xiao Qu asked doctor Zhao to accompany her to meet her client since he cured him before. During lunch, doctor Zhao couldn’t stand Xiao Qu who kept putting up a front and pretended to be busy and left. Doctor Zhao is starting to see the different side of Xiao Qu that he does not approve of. He told Xiao Qu not to drag him to her business events from now on.

 photo 2017-05-28 3_zpszvpbksm5.pngGuan Guan went back to the bar to return the umbrella to Xie Dong and saw him arguing with his bandmates. She told him that his lyrics are good but the song might be too old style. They went out to eat and talk music afterward. Xiao Qiuying is still depress but at least she’s no longer crying. Xiao Mei realized that the only person that can help her thru this is herself.

Episode 27 photo 2017-05-28 6_zpsyzehn8gn.png

BYF apologized to Andi for “betraying” her. The two made up. Andi thought of asking Xiao Qu for help on how to deal with BYF’s mom. She suggests turning the table on his mom and pretend that they broke-up already. This way her mom will let go a little bit. BYF went home and started acting. The mom got really worried and wanted him to chase Andi back.

 photo 2017-05-28 8_zps7bil3o1u.pngOn the other side, Bai Quan and Xiao Qu signed a business agreement contract. After Bai Quan got news that his product did not pass thru BYF’s company’s inspection. Bai Quan wanted to go out with Xiao Mei but she was too eager to earn money and move up that she rejected him. While Guan Guan and Xie Dong are getting along well thru music.

Chexmix: So happy that Guan Guan finally meet her man! Next week will be the drama finale for this and I”m curious how they will wrap this up. Be warned, I saw previews of the later episodes and it seems like things will get more intense and more dramatic from here onward. I just hope the girls will have a happy ending….

P.S This will probably be my last recap for this drama since Princess Agents will be airing in a few days!!  I’ll come back to Ode to Joy 2 when time permit.


11 thoughts on “[Recap] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 21-27

  1. YEAHH!! A new recap! I was dying to talk about the drama with someone after catching up with all the episodes :D… I am enjoying most of the current plots in the drama… except the one of Sheng Mei. The whole scenrio is so “last year” and I have this impression she will break up with Wang. I know a lot of people are bashing Qiu Ying Ying but as someone who also get overly attached to people… I know how tempting to do the wrong thing and succumb to your own feelings. Hope she has a good ending and move forward 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaah this is why I like writing these recaps. It’s such a great space for people to vent about the dramas =D
      lol. Yes Xiao Mei’s problem has been lingering in a limbo since last season. Awww…nooooo…you think they will? Wang likes her sooo much tho. But I can see her “growth” in the break up. It’ll make her stop relying on him to solve her family’s problem and give her the stable future that she longs for. Hopefully she’ll start relying on herself for all these things.
      Ying Ying’s character seems weak to most but at least she has that insight and work to improve herself. I just hope she doesn’t have to face more obstacles when it comes to Yin Qin. But the previews say otherwise. hahah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😀 Yeahhh (btw, since you read One Piece, what do you think about the most recent chapter?? I am still shocked haha xD)
        Idk, I feel like, since they can’t even fix a family problem by teaming, it is hard to see a long term future between them? Like Xiao Xiao was the one who solved everything for them. Also, I think Sheng Mei does not appreciate him enough :P. The commenters on Youtube see a lot of unsolvable conflicts between the two and I have to agree with some of them.
        Yeah… I also think more sad things are waiting for her 😦


        1. Ooh no! Did something bad happened? Haven’t caught up yet. Hahah Just passed the dressarosa arc. More shocking than when ace died!?
          True true. Their relationship is so unstable that once Wang fails everything will fall apart. I feel so bad for her but…I think she also need to rely more on herself and be more cold hearted toward her leeching family.


  2. It took nice Guan Guan to finally get somewhat through to Xiao Qiuying, who was extra irritating these episodes. It seems like the show will still push that love line for her. It frustrates me to no end, because she should love herself more and she should be a bit more considerate to her friends.

    Xiao Mei was also frustrating. I feel bad for Bai Quan, he loves her so much but feels so insecure in their relationship. The fact that he feels that he needs to make more money or she will leave for a rich guy is horrible. How can their relationship just rely on his bank account? She doesn’t do anything to calm his fears, in fact she fans them by mentioning his weaknesses. I dont understand why she wants a house so soon, isnt it better to find someone who loves for who you are? He has seen her at her worst and still loves her, however she just keeps asking for more. She cares about him so I don’t understand why she keeps acting this way. I have a feeling he will go bankrupt trying to make it big to please her.

    Yay! Deng Lun finally showed up. I am looking forward to their relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Xiao Mei is very realistic in her thinking. With her family situation, what she needs is security and a house is what give that to her. Sadly, I think her priority is the house then Bai Quan. That’s why when Xiao Qu was talking about love her expression tells me that she was questioning whether she really love him and just see him as a rescue boat of an isolated island. Yup Yup. I think so too and the bankruptcy will be the ultimate test to their relationship. Whether she will abandon ship or try to save it.


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