Princess Agents Opening Theme song MV

Well, here it is the full opening theme song MV for Princess Agents, that some of you may have already caught a glimpse of from the live performance.

There’s a lot more new scenes in this MV and it includes other characters in the drama besides the four leads. If you have read the novel, there’s quite a few scenes you can spot in this MV.

Note: Hello everybody! I’m Peachilyme, a newly recruited admin and I’m a total newbie at blogging so hopefully I didn’t make too make mistakes. This is quite a short post but I’ll be updating later with some screen caps~

Update: Screen caps from the MV

The emperor
Deng Lun as Xiao Ce, Crown Prince of Southern Liang. One of my favourite characters in the book.

Pretty but sad ChuQiao~

Oh My, this seems like a heart-wrenching scene already.
Hahah, I almost didn’t recognise Shawn there.
hmmm, Is this ancient ballet?


15 thoughts on “Princess Agents Opening Theme song MV

  1. Welcome onboard @mypeachtreeblog ! The MV is just the right amount of teaser without showing all the important scenes – poor Li Qin looks sad, Shawn in equal parts fun and fearsome, LGX stoic and ZLY – totally badass !! Please be good!

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    1. Thank you, I felt that it had the right amount of teasers too! I for one doesn’t like it when a drama reveal too much of the plot in trailers as I feel it kills the excitement of watching the drama.


  2. Yay!
    I am starting to get second lead syndrome from this MV. And I have a feeling that we wont get much romance ;;;;
    I love Li Qin’s outfits, they look so pretty. ZLY looks so intense, what a complete 180 from ShanShan or Hua Qin Gu

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      1. I could get third lead syndrome since I adore Deng Lun. This is bad already. How was the romance in the book? I dont think this will be a romance centered drama, but I like a decent amount of romance 😉


        1. Yeah, i felt that the main focus was not really romance in the book but more on QC’s belief in freedom and equality and her trying to achieve that, ( which i hope they keep as it’ll be something different from usual dramas) there are some very memorable scenes between the two leads though.


          1. as long as they do have some scenes here and there. I do like the fact that it is a story about fighting for equality and freedom, but I like romance too 😀


  3. That’s a lot of companies there at the end. I see Croton which I assumed had a licensing deal with DF, because of all the previous dramas they picked up, but that might not be the case. Also, ZLY in a stache looks ridiculous, as if anyone will believe she’s a man.


    1. hmmm, I hope a company pick it up as I see alot of oversea fans anticipating it but like you said there’s a huge chance that Croton has a deal. But they seem to have plans to distribute it overseas from all the use of english in their promotion but who knows, time will tell.
      Lol, the mustache does look ridiculous but at least she has some sort of facial hair, instead of just tying her hair back and lowering her voice lol.


  4. OHMYGAHH! This drama sure know how to tease! I just barely got over the trailer and now they release this!! The whole cast looks amazing! So intense! The desperation and despair! The determination and beliefs! I can see it all on their face.
    Lol to the ballet comment. I thought that was funny too. and Shawn and the white rose and the stache on Liying. hahaha I’m glad at least there are some humors in this drama.

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  5. after watching this like a million times, I just have to add that I have never seen either Shawn or Li Qin, but they impressed me with their scenes in this MV/trailer.

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  6. Thank you for this post! I am very excited to see this drama coming out soon! I was wondering where you can read the book of this drama and whether do it have English translation?

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