Princess Agents Press Conference

Today was the press conference for Princess Agents and they also released the theme song. In case you didn’t know that my hype is real for this drama, I went overboard with pictures.

Theme song sang by Zhang Bichen and Zhao Liying


Zhao Liying 

Lin Gengxin

Shawn Dou

Li Qin 

Her shoes are so pretty

Xing Zhaolin

Niu Chunfeng

Deng Lun

Deng Lun gave a rose to Zhao Liying

Maggie Huang


Wang Yanlin


More cast members: Jin Han, Xing Zhaolin, Peng Duo Duo, Wang Zi Jie




17 thoughts on “Princess Agents Press Conference

  1. I am so distressed by the fact that this drama has not been licensed yet. Can someone please tell the Chinese gov’t or big Chinese companies that are involved in entertainment like Alibaba or Dalian Wanda that there is a demand for translations of Chinese entertainment abroad and that it will only grow bigger? There needs to be a Chinese Viki or Dramafever.


    1. I know! A lot of the good dramas dont ever get licensed, which is really sad. They sub their movies so I wonder why not sub dramas too. I think companies like Tencent, Hunan, etc should invest in providing their own subs. They have been opening their videos to fan subs recently, which is an improvement. I just think there is not a lot of revenue for their effort so they focus on the international community.

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      1. Croton and other channels started subbing their own dramas but unfortunately a lot still get doesn’t get picked up…=( One day! C-drama will get there!!


  2. I like the themesong (melody makes it sounds heroic) but I could barely hear Liying’s voice at all! Liying and Lin Gengxin looks really cute together. hahah I’m so excited! 10 more days!


  3. OMG so excited. Summer doesn’t start until the first episodes drop. 8D There are rumors that Liying may go on Happy Camp and Run Brothers to promote it, not sure if it will actually happen though.
    I think this is going to be such a great drama. Zhao Liying is taking this one so seriously and promoting it a lot heavier than say Zhu Xian and Rookie Agent Rouge. From the interview, it really sounds like she put a lot of thoughts into playing this character. She said that she identifies herselft with Chu Qiao a lot. Brief, I can’t wait!!

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    1. The HC one seems pretty sure. Not sure about Run Brother, but I really hope she shows up. I think she likes how Chu Qiao is really independent.


  4. I just realised what an attractive cast this drama has, hahahas.
    I’m kinda envious of the bouquet of snacks LGX got but that’s just my foodie side coming out. 😀


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