June Airing Schedule


This month is the real Game of Thrones. A lot of anticipated dramas make their debut in June and most look really good. What will you be watching?

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of June. This list will be updated as more dates are announced

New June Dramas:

Best Arrangement (最好的安排) starring Ying Er, Fu Xin Bo, and David Wang airs on June 4th on Shandong TV. It is expected to have 40 episodes

Princess Agents ( 特工皇妃楚乔传 ) starring Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Li Qin, Shawn Dou, and Deng Lun. It starts airing June 5th on Monday through Thursday at 10pm on Hunan TV. There are 68 episodes and it is expected to finish airing the first half of August

Advisor’s Alliance (军师联盟) starring Liu Tao, Wu Xibou, Li Chen, and Tang Xinyi. It will start airing on Youku for VIP members on June 8. Its tentative TV release is June 22th on Jiangsu TV. It is 50 episodes long

Stairway to Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨) starring Thai actor Kasetsin Puttichai (Push) and Song Yi. It is set to air June 9th on Tencent as a web drama. It seems like a workplace romance in showbiz. Orlando Bloom and Wang Ziwen will cameo


Midnight Diner  (深夜食堂) starring Huang Lei, Chang Janine, and Mark Chao. Set to have 40 episodes and star airing June 11th on Beijing and Zhejiang TV

My Ruby My Blood (一粒红尘) starring Nicky Wu and Ying Er. It is supposed to start airing June 11th, but no specifics yet

Love ’til the End of Summer (夏至未至) starring Zheng Shuang, Cheney Chen, and Bai Jinting. Licensed by DramaFever. I doubt DF will pick up any other big drama this June since this one was pretty expensive. Before it airs, it already made more money than Three Lives Three Worlds, which says a lot. It is supposedly 46 episodes long and will start airing June 11th on Hunan TV *I am using the title given by DramaFever*

 A Lifetime Love (上古情歌) starring Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song is rumored to star airing on Dragon TV June 12th. What I saw was three episodes per day, Monday and Tuesday at 10PM. They have been putting out July and June dates, but it seems they have decided on pushing it before Lost Love in Time. There is no trailer and they just released stills this week


Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way (一路繁花相送) starring Wallace Chung, Jiang Maggie, Aaron Yan, etc. Tentative date is June 25th. However, I don’t think it will air in June since I haven’t seen any promotion. It is supposed to air on both Jiangsu and Oriental TV

Siege in Fog starring SunYi and Elvis Han seems likely to start airing June 25th

I also saw some rumors that For The Holy Guiguzi airs in June, but it doesn’t seem likely

New June Movies:

Beautiful Accident (美好的意外 ): starring Kwan Lun Mei and Chen Kun. It will be released June 2nd.

Reset (逆时营救): starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo will be released June 30th.

Do you guys prefer a poster or a trailer if available?


29 thoughts on “June Airing Schedule

  1. Gosh, 2 out of the 3 chinese dramas (Midnight Diner, Rush to the Dead Summer, Legend of Ruyi) I have been anticipating since months ago are going to be released on June 11th! I have no idea how am I going to find time to watch them, especially since I have a whole list of reality shows to catch as well.

    And… Aaron Yan is now doing dramas in China? I don’t want to miss him and Maggie Jiang but…… June’s schedule is so packed I don’t think it’s possible to fit that in 😡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yep, a lot of really anticipated dramas are coming out in June. I think they should have spaced them out a bit more. And then a lot of other highly anticipated dramas will be released in July.


  2. OMG!!!! This is exactly what I was dreading! WHAT TO WATCH!!!??? I’m super excited for PA but watching Ode2Joy2 right now. Been anticipating Advisors’ alliance for the longest time now. Still gotta pick up dragon pearl again at some point. hahaha If only they had spaced these dramas out!!! GAAHH! PA is a must tho!!! So excited to see Liying slaying!! >.<


  3. There’s also A Life Time Love airing on June 12! Personally looking forward to it because I love historical fantasy dramas.

    Wow I didn’t realise Advisors Alliance is airing on the same month. Looking forward to that as well. With A Life Time Love, Princess Agents and Rush to the Dead Summer and Lost Love in Times in July, it’s impossible to catch up! I wonder why all the popular dramas have to be released in the same month when previously it was like a barren land…


    1. Last I saw it is set for July 4th. I had it here at first, but the July 4th date made more sense since they have not release a trailer or any official date yet.
      Advisors was a late addition, they just announced it this week.
      A lot of dramas coming at us and they all look good, it will be so hard.


  4. For June…I have been excitedly waiting for RESET Movie by our BQ/ YANGMI…and for Drama…STILL on TMOPB/ETERNAL LOVE fixation…ReWatching the drama, the behind the scenes, everything on YouTube re Yang Mi and Mark Chao and reReading the book and FanFics…😭😭😭


    1. Me too! Some productions create such nice posters that look completely different from the actual drama, so I need a trailer to actually decide whether or not to watch a drama.


  5. OMG So many dramas to watch but it will take some time to wait for the subbed ones orz

    Looking forward to Princess Agents! Liying, my love ^^ and I am all for youth romance so Love til the End of Summer. Quite surprised that this one is more expensive than 3L3W10M…

    Super impressed with the camerawork for The Advisors Alliance so this one will be included in my to-watch list. I’ll just hope any sites will pick this up for sub ;;


    1. idk if more expensive but I think it was cheaper to make so it made back more money that 3L3W before it even airs. I think it was the third most profitable drama in the first quarter of the year and it will air in June. So it probably increased its price tag. It is very highly anticipated.


      1. Don’t forget most people didn’t like 3l3w before it aired based on the posters visual etc… It’s the profit one of the main productions sold to the channels, not how make the dramas actually made when they aired… With the hate they got before it aired it’s actually good news that they made that much. Hunan didn’t even pick it up even it’s YM’s drama.


        1. you are right, I was one of those people that had zero hype for the drama. I am glad it proved me wrong. Hunan not picking it up probably ended up being a good thing tbh.


  6. Just saw the teaser for A lifetime love. Hmmm not sure how I feel but I like the OST already.
    So many dramas but where are the subs?
    I’ll take Reset because I’m still not over 3l3w and YM did well there. Plus she got an award for this one right? Hope it turn out well


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