Feature: C-ent Celebrities in Madame Tussauds museums

I was curious after reading a comment that Luhan had a really bad wax figure and ended up looking for pictures. Which celebrity has the best wax figure and who sadly ended up with the worst?

He Jiong

Wallace Huo

Jay Chou

Lang Lang (pianist)

Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying is reunited with her TV dad



Liu Tao 


Wang Kai

Nirvana trio

Jackie Chan

Carina Lau

Chen Yao

Liu ShiShi

attacking her husband

Nicky Wu

Huang Xuan

Wang Lihong

Yang Yang 

William Chan


Lin Bing Bing


Huang Xiaoming


here he can’t believe his wax figures looks this bad

Chen Kun

Li Yuchun

Yang Mi

Liu Yifei

Sun Li 

Deng Chao

Kris Wu 

Fang Bing Bing


While looking for pictures for this post, I found an article questioning why the wax figures in China are so bad. Some celebrities are spot on, while others…

I give my wins to Yang Yang, William Chan, and Fan Bing Bing. As for the worst, I don’t know there are a lot of contenders.


20 thoughts on “Feature: C-ent Celebrities in Madame Tussauds museums

  1. Huang xuan wax figure is so real! William Chan, mei Chang su and nihuang is also similar
    Luhan’s wax figure is the worst LOL


    1. I think Huang Xuan got a good one too, forgot about him when making my list.
      poor Luhan, he deserved something better.


  2. Fan Bing Bing’s looks AMAZING, Yang Mi’s own looks older, Lang Lang is a no-no, it doesn’t have his charm, poor Luhan(that child does not deserve that). Wallace and Hu Ge’s own look just like them so does Chen Kun’s and G.E.M WOW!


    1. yep Fan Bing Bing’s figure captured her aura imo
      G.E.M was really good to. I think Yangmi, LSS, and ZLY all got older looking wax figures.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It seems like all the ancient/costumed ones are better made than the real life one.
    YM Huang Xuan and YY looked the most realistic to me!
    Lol to LSS trying to strangle her husband. I hope LY get another costume one in the future. OOOOH it would be so cool if they made a general one for her PA drama!! 0.0 >.<


    1. yeah I hope LY gets another one in the future. Some celebrities have more than one if they get really popular, but I think Sun Li is the only female celeb with two and they are both from Zhen Huan. A lot of popular male celebs have two one for a character and another one for real life.


      1. oooh wow! really? I did not know that! boo that’s not really fair. I hope she gets one too! A COSTUME ONE PLZ! hahah


    1. lol I saw them when looking for pics, really horrible. They are extra bad at making wax figures of western celebrities. The Lady Gaga one was unrecognizable.


  4. Wallace wax was done well, I almost thought why in the world would they wax him bald?

    Worst and unrecognizable ones were He Jiong, Huang xiaoming, Liu Shi Shi, and Chen Kun.


  5. WINNER for me is Yang Mi’s…Her stunning face and body is awesome craftsmanship. In fact my family and I are going to China this July and one of agenda is to visit Yang Mi’s Madam Tussauds display. 💗💗💗


    1. we had some issues where we were hosting our pictures and a lot of the older articles lost all or most of their pictures :(( I need to go back and re-do them but it will take time


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